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Google Lighthouse Budget Generator | Aymen Loukil

Google Lighthouse Budget Generator | Aymen Loukil

Short description : Google Lighthouse Budget Generator

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Do you have difficulty managing your website’s performance budget? Use the Google lighthouse budget generator

Long Description : Google Lighthouse Budget Generator

Description of the Google lighthouse Budget generator tool The Google lighthouse budget generator 

is an SEO tool developed by SEO consultant Amel Loukil It is available on its website and aims to help you create your Google lighthouse performance budget file (budget.json).   Indeed, when we talk about the performance budget, we are referring to a set of limits that you put in place at the level of the metrics that affect the performance of your website.  These metrics can relate to elements such as loading time, loading size or the number of HTTP requests to be sent, etc.  Google lighthouse is an extension available on the chrome web store. It allows you to view detailed reports on the operation of the pages of your website or those of third parties.  Rapports detailles sur le fonctionnement des pages de site internet You can use it to display information relating to: 
  • The performance of your website; 
  • The problems encountered by the site; 
  • Accessibility; 
  • Best practices; 
  • To your SEO strategy; 
  • And aspects related to the progressive web app. 

Who is the Google lighthouse budget generator for? 

The budget code generator is a purely technical tool that allows you to have a look at the evolution of the performance of your website.  As such, it allows you to define real performance objectives and monitor their achievement over time using KPI indicators.  It is therefore quite naturally that it is intended for webmasters as well as all those who deal with the implementation of SEO strategies at the level of websites. 

Why use this tool? 

If you are looking to find out the different reasons that can justify the fact that you use a performance budget for your website, here are some reasons:  The performance of your site is linked to the KPI indicators Setting up a budget performance serves as a benchmark for making certain decisions and adding new features.  The existence of a performance budget allows you to better appreciate the impact of the actions you carry out on your website. 

What are the features of the Google lighthouse performance budget generator? 

The performance budget as proposed allows you to define three types of performance budget. These are: 
  • Time Budget: Time Budget lets you set the threshold for time-based performance metrics, such as First Contentful Paint, Maximum First Input Delay, and Speed ​​Index; 
  • Resource Size Budget: Set thresholds for the transfer size of resources on a page. These thresholds can be set per resource type or for the page as a whole; 
  • Resource Budget: Assert thresholds for the amount of resources on a page. These thresholds can be set per resource type or for the page as a whole.

How to use the Google lighthouse budget generator? 

To use the Google lighthouse budget generator, you must first define the different types of budget, which are: 
  • The time budget: The information to be entered here takes into account, for example, the speed index, the inactivity budget, blocking, etc.; 
  • The resource size budget: This involves defining, for example, the size in kilobytes of the budget for documents, fonts, images, m style sheets, scripts, etc.; 
  • The Resources budget: Here, the limits to be defined may concern the number of requests to be considered for the request of documents, images, scripts and others. 
Budget Ressources Note that first of all, you must indicate in the appropriate field, the path on which you want the budget you are defining to apply. Anyway, once you finish setting the various budget limits, you need to copy or download the generated code in order to run it on lighthouse. But before, you must first install node by following the different steps recommended on the Google developer.

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Aymen Loukil is an independent entrepreneur who offers SEO consulting services. He has skills in web development and more generally in IT.  Aymen Loukil’s main objective is to help companies optimize their presence in search engines. To do this, he devoted himself to the creation of tools that can help them with the referencing of their site.  As an SEO consultant, Aymen Loukil works with several companies. Especially since he has a team of digital experts who help him in his various works.  In addition, Aymen is particularly known for his tool: Google Lighthouse budget generator. This is a tool created by the SEO consultant to help generate Google Lighthouse performance budget. 

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