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Quick Indexing | IndexMeNow

Quick Indexing | IndexMeNow

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Meta description: Indexing your URLs in 24 hours, anyone? Discover IndexMeNow, a fast URL indexing service.

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Search engines crawl web pages, evaluate them and add them to their index before serving them as search results. No matter how good your page is, then it has to go through this indexing process before it appears on the SERPs and brings you organic traffic. In other words, a page that aims to drive traffic to your site and does not appear in Google’s index is completely useless. But it is clear that indexing pages is becoming more and more complicated and sometimes even exceptional pages that meet Google’s quality requirements take weeks or even months to be indexed. Faced with this problem, the IndexMeNow service offers to help you index your pages more quickly. Through this description, you will discover this indexing service and how it works.

What is IndexMeNow?

IndexMeNow is a service that helps website owners index their pages so they appear in search results. It’s a powerful indexing tool that’s easy to use. For many webmasters, IndexMeNow is one of the best solutions to index your links on Google in 24 hours. This tool is developed by Stéphane Medaleno, a French SEO who also developed, a tool that checks the indexing of URLs in bulk. Like other tools that work in the form of credit, this tool allows you to index 1 link against 1 credit. IndexMeNow works in a simple way and you just need to buy credits to index your URLs on Google. To understand the usefulness of this tool, note that search engines use their algorithms to organize information on the web. Since there are many sites that publish content daily, the workload to index all the web pages is significant. IndexMeNow ensures that your URL is indexed within 24 hours of publishing your content. It then turns out to be an essential tool to index your links more quickly instead of waiting days and weeks before your URLs are actually indexed.

How to get your URLs indexed via IndexMeNow?

IndexMeNow is the solution when you don’t have great technological experience and you need to get Google to index a page. This service fully supports the indexing of your URLs so that you no longer need to resort to technical skills. Your first step with this tool starts with creating an account. Then you will only need to log in to your IndexMeNow account and click on “Add project”. In order to better follow your indexing project, consider giving it a name. The next step is to paste the URLs you want indexed. IndexMeNow tells you below the project the number of credits required. Simply save the project to start the indexing process. You have nothing more to do and the IndexMeNow team takes care of the rest of the process. What you have to do is follow in “My Projects” the URLs you have submitted for indexing. You will find a summary of each project with the characteristics of the URLs, in particular:
  • Those which are already indexed; 
  • Those that are in progress; 
  • Those that are not indexed after many attempts.
Below the summary, you’ll see a list of URLs that have been updated along with proof that your URLs are indeed indexed. When you click on the proof, you will be taken to a search results page which indicates that your URL has been added to Google.

What are the benefits of using IndexMeNow?

Indexing your links with traditional methods can take a lot of your time. Webmasters use many solutions like the robot txt file to tell Google which pages you want it to index. These solutions, even if they allow to index your URLs, they are not fast. It is in your interest to use the IndexMeNow service to index your links, because the service promises indexing of your URLs in 24 hours. The following statistics show how fast this service is in indexing your URLs:
  • 80% of all URLs processed by the service are indexed within 24 hours;
  • +10% of URLs processed by the service are indexed after 24 hours;
  • +5% of URLs processed by the tool are indexed after 48 hours;
  • 5% of processed URLs are indexed within 10 days.
What makes IndexMeNow even better is that it refunds all credits to you when certain URLs are not indexed after 10 days. This shows how transparent the service is with its users. Furthermore, it should be noted that the IndexMeNow service does not offer a subscription and the credits you buy do not expire. In addition, your credits are only consumed when your URLs are actually charged. The service also offers an API that allows you to check if URLs are actually indexed.

The disadvantages of IndexMeNow

The main disadvantage is related to the fact that the price of the small pack of this service remains high. This may make it difficult for individuals to take advantage of this service. Also note that the indexing check is charged for URLs that are not subject to indexing.

IntexMeNow Pricing Plan

IndexMeNow offers three pricing packs to its users.


This first pack costs 49 dollars and gives you 60 credits, which means that each credit costs you 0.8 dollars. With this pack, you will be able to have access to the verification of the indexing, to the history of treatments with results as well as to the free API on


This second pack stands out for its price and the number of credits to which you are entitled. It will cost you 399 dollars and you get 600 credits. This amounts to 1 credit ≈ $0.66, which is cheaper than the previous pack.


This last pack is the most expensive, but also the most advantageous. It provides you with 2000 credits for $999, which means that each credit costs you $0.49. Finally, IndexMeNow is a service that will be of great use to index your links as quickly as possible. This will allow your pages to appear faster in search results and generate traffic.

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IndexMeNow is a company developed by Frenchman Stéphane Madaleno, an SEO expert. It was designed to facilitate and monitor the indexing of a web address on search engines.  This company has created an indexing tool that bears its name and which allows SEO experts as well as site editors to control whether or not URLs are indexed on search engines.  In addition, it helps its users to improve the positioning of their web page on Google. In other words, these pages will be present in the top results of Google. IndexMeNow offers options like: 
  • Creating a project with indexed URLs;
  • Automatic processing of your indexing requests;
  • Permanent control of the classification of the web address;  
  • The recrediting of the indexing if the URL is not indexed on a website after 10 days. 
Thanks to these features, you can easily optimize your web pages while having an idea of ​​the indexing of your web address on your website.

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