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Press Relations | JustReachOut

Press Relations | JustReachOut

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Educate yourself knowing that a blogger, podcaster, or journalist is a perfect fit for your pitch. Our software gives you a specific reason why a particular podcaster would have you as a guest or a journalist would link to your website.

Long Description : Press Relations

Description of the Just Reach Out platform 

JustReachOut is defined as the ideal awareness tool that can help you get a lot of mentions and strengthen the authority of your backlinks. It was launched in 2014 by Dimitry Dragilev and since its creation has had thousands of customers around the world. 

Who is the Justreachout platform intended for? 

As I have already mentioned, this platform aims to help those who decide to trust it to make themselves known and better manage their public relations.  Therefore, it will be perfectly suitable for the micro entrepreneur as well as for large entrepreneurs.  It can also adapt to all types of profiles and people, whatever their field of activity and who wishes to have online visibility. 

Why use the JustReachOut platform? 

An exploration of the platform will allow you to understand its importance and the reasons why using it would be an advantage for your online presence.  Beyond the stated goal of helping clients gain exposure, the Just Reach Out tool offers a package for anyone to learn the basics of public relations.  It not only displays reviews and testimonials from users who are mostly satisfied, but also, you are entitled to interviews with experts who have succeeded in the marketing industry. 

What are the features of the JustReachOut platform? 

The JustReachOut platform provides you with a set of 6 tools intended to allow you to: 
  • Obtain mentions; 
  • Create authority backlinks;
  • And to appear in the first results of Google search. 
Tools include:  A serious press opportunities tool where you have the opportunity to: 
  • Instantly find journalists who are looking for expert quotes; 
  • And search by category or keyword for almost endless results.
A podcast outreach tool that lets you:  
  • Find podcasts in your industry that want to interview people; 
  • To have a pitch model to use during podcasts to be more effective and get invitations to other shows; 
  • Obtain backlinks for each show to which you have been invited. 
The backlinks creation tool allows you to: 
  • Identify broken links on your website; 
  • Check for broken links on websites that also rank for the keywords you use. 
a public relations management tool that helps you: 
  • Build a list of journalists and influencers who can help you; 
  • Find tips for making your awareness campaigns successful; 
  • Ensure the management of all your awareness campaigns. 
A guest post outreach tool. This tool should allow you to:  .
  • Set up a personalized conversation for each pitch you send from the platform; 
  • Get the subject lines that guarantee your emails get replies; 
  • To write effective arguments by e-mail. 
Finally, the last tool put in place by the platform helps you manage mentions of your brand through: 
  • Searching for blogs that have mentioned your brand; 
  • The possibility of contact to request corrections to the way in which the mentions were made and to obtain links to your website; 
  • The implementation of a fairly easy system to quickly improve the authority of your brand.

How much does the JustReachOut platform cost? 

In terms of cost, it must be said that the JustReachOut platform offers both a monthly and an annual subscription plan.  It is a set of three plans namely: 
  • The Solo plan: The solo plan is billed to you at $99 for a monthly subscription against $79 per monthly payment if you opt for an annual subscription. The features offered here are quite limited. 
  • The Simple Outreach Plan: This plan is billed at $199 per month versus $159 per month for an annual subscription. This plan is more suitable for medium-sized businesses. 
  • And the advanced plan: This is the last plan offered by the platform. It is billed at $399 for monthly installments and at $319 when it comes to an annual subscription. 
If you want to engage with the JustReachOut platform for the first time, it is important to note that it provides a free 14-day trial offer that you can use.  To do this, you just need to create an account beforehand and then provide your credit card information.  Now that you have all the information you need about the tools for managing and improving your public relations that the JustReachOut platform offers you, do not hesitate to take advantage of it to further increase the authority of your brand. 

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JustReachOut is a company that was founded in 2014 by Dmitry Dragilev. He created it to help entrepreneurs, startups, small businesses, etc. to do public relationsand make themselves known.  JustReachOut is also the outreach software they use to gain mentions and backlinks from authority sites and in the press. This suite consists precisely of 6 tools which are as follows:
  • Press Opportunities;
  • Podcast Outreach;
  • Broken Link Building;
  • DIY PR Mastery;
  • Guest Post Outreach;
  • Unlinked Brand Mentions.

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