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Monitoring Tool | Monitor Backlinks

Monitoring Tool | Monitor Backlinks

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The best backlink and keyword monitoring tool, period. Check the good and bad backlinks for you and the competition. A must-have tool for SEOs, marketers, and entrepreneurs!

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Description Monitor Backlinks Backlinks 

are a must-have important ranking factor for an effective SEO strategy.  Monitor Backlink is a backlink monitoring tool to follow the evolution of your site and keep an eye on the competition.

What is Backlink Monitor? 

Monitor Backlinks is a modern tool with a friendly user interface designed primarily tomonitor incoming links.  For this, it provides a detailed analysis on your existing backlinks with the ability to quickly disavow low quality links on Google Webmaster Tools. You also have the ability to monitor all mentions about your brand and disavow them when they come from a spammy or untrusted source.  Monitor Backlinks also provides an overall report on your site’s SEO metrics i.e. your keyword rankings, anchor text reports, etc. It’s a great tool to detect suspicious backlinks and remove them before they don’t affect your search engine rankings any more. You may also decide to monitor the backlink profile of third-party sites, including those of competitors.  For convenience, the tool orders all of this data on a spreadsheet to make it easier to compare important factors. 

What is the use of monitoring your website’s backlinks? 

In your SEO approach, it is important to have a backlink tracking strategy in place. This allows you to: 
  • Earn quality backlinks from relevant sources with high domain authority
  • Monitor mentions about your company’s brand to spot opportunities that can lead to successful collaborations with influencers
  • Recover your valuable lost backlinks 
  • Track the ranking of your keywords on Google pages 
  • Keep an eye on your competitors’ backlinks strategy in order to offer better 
  • Stay safe from Google penalties by immediately disavowing any suspicious backlink 

Backlink Monitor: How can the tool be beneficial? 

By choosing Monitor Backlink as your backlink tracking tool, here are the benefits you can get:  Easy-to-learn, user-friendly dashboard: Monitor Backlink’s dashboard consists of attractive visuals and a streamlined user experience that presents an overview of your SEO metrics. A way to easily understand the evolution of your website.  Automatic monitoring of your backlinks and those of your competitors: By drawing its data from reliable sources such as Moz and Majestic, Monitor Backlink keeps you informed automatically and at any time on the status of your links and those of the competition. Tags, filters, notes and import/export capability available.  Monitor the rankings of your keywords and those of your competitors: Monitor Backlink generates the history of your rankings (local packs included) on Google with filters to facilitate the management of keywords. The tool also allows you to monitor the top keyword rankings of your competitors.  Spot backlink patterns with useful, customizable reports: Monitor Backlinks generates easily customizable backlink reports through a series of handy filters.  An effective and easy-to-use link disavow tool: A website generally gets backlinks, both good and bad. Backlink Monitor allows you to easily spot those links that could be affecting your SERP rankings and quickly create a disavow list to submit to Google for removal.  Save time with reports and e-mail alerts: Monitor Backlink sends its users daily and weekly reports to keep track of the progress of their site, without even having to log in. 

Monitor Backlinks: The different features available 

Monitor Backlinks comes with a series of tools that allow you to: 

Follow the evolution of your website  

With Monitor Backlinks, you can track your website’s performance and easily measure your SEO efforts. The tool allows you to assess the impact of newly acquired links on your keyword rankings. How much traffic are the links bringing you exactly? Do they really improve your positions on Google pages?   Source: Linkbuilder You will find the answer to all these questions in the form of detailed reports that will be sent to you each week by email. This way, you can easily compare your results on a weekly scale and better assess the effectiveness of your SEO strategy. For positive results, you will have to strengthen your strategy and aim for new challenges. In the case of a drop in efficiency, you will then have to readjust your SEO approach.  

Email alert when your website gains or loses backlinks 

Monitor Backlinks checks the activity around your backlinks and notifies you daily when you gain or lose a link. Since you are immediately alerted, the advantage is that you can quickly make the appropriate decision depending on whether it is a spam link or a link that could lead to a fruitful collaboration. Source: Monitor Backlink As for your best existing backlinks, you will be immediately alerted if they are deleted and try to recover them as soon as possible. A simple and convenient way to track activity around your backlinks. 

Competitive backlink analysis 

A good backlink strategy should also allow you to keep an eye on the backlink profile of your main competitors. Monitor Backlinks also crawls your competitors’ domains on a weekly basis to report to you the new links they have earned. You can then sort out the most relevant backlinks and try to get them yourself. It’s an effective SEO technique that can help you stay ahead of the competition. 

Check the SEO metrics of your backlinks profile 

For each backlink acquired, Monitor Backlinks also allows you to access all SEO information in order to weigh the importance of the link from an SEO point of view.    SSource:  Crozdesk Essentially, here is the SEO information that Monitor Backlinks allows you to collect on each link obtained: 
  • The status of the backlink (nofollow, meta nofollow, meta noindex, blocked robots.txt file, 302 redirects, bad anchor, pages not found, server errors)
  • Anchor texts
  • PageRank and MozRank scores
  • Google index status of the page and referring domain
  • Top-Level Domain and server country of origin
  • Social media shares 
  • Quantity of external links

Track your keyword rankings on Google 

Source: MonitorBacklink With the Google Keyword tool in Monitor Backlink, you can know your best keyword rankings on Google and those of your main competitors. 

Disavow poor quality links Backlinks 

can significantly improve your site’s ranking on the SERPs, but only if they are good quality links.  Backlinks from unreliable or low domain authority sites can have the opposite effect. With Monitor Backlinks, you can easily spot suspicious backlinks and order the removal of links that you consider low quality. 

Monitor Backlink: Pricing 

Monitor Backlink offers several pricing plans:  Start $24.90 per month 
  • Monitor 1 domain
  • 500 referring domains
  • 2 competitors/domain
  • 50 keywords
Plus $49.90 per month
  • Monitor 2 domains
  • 2,500 referring domains
  • 4 competitors/domain
  • 200 keywords
Professional 99.90 $ per month 
  • Monitor 4 domains
  • 5,000 referring domains
  • 4 competitors/domain
  • 400
5D4C keywords $124.90 per month
  • Monitor 5 domains
  • 6,250 referring domains
  • 4 competitors/domain
  • 500 7D4C keywords
$174.90 per month
  • Monitor 7 domains
  • 8,750 referring domains
  • 4 competitors /domain
  • 700 keywords
Backlink Monitor also offers a free backlink checker tool Monitor Backlinks pricing may see slight changes over time. Visit the official page for current prices. 

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Monitor Backlinks is one of the best keyword and backlink tracking tools. It is very useful for entrepreneurs, SEOs and also for marketers. Indeed, you have the possibility to do a backlinks audit with Monitor Backlinks to determine which ones are good or bad, both for you and for the competition.  With this tool, you have access to a certain number of functionalities:
  • the creation of good links;
  • monitoring your brand;
  • collaborating with influencers;
  • recovery of lost links;
  • tracking keyword rankings over time;
  • your competitors’ backlink and keyword strategies;
  • simplifying and managing all your backlinks data in one place.

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