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Google Algorithm Changes | CognitiveSEO Signals

Google Algorithm Changes | CognitiveSEO Signals

Short description : Google Algorithm Changes

Cognitive SEO Signals Mise en avant
Learn to understand the data of Google updates and be informed of each of them thanks to Cognitiveseo Signals.

Long Description : Google Algorithm Changes

Description Cognitiveseo Signals

Cognitiveseo Signals is a new feature of the Cognitiveseo tool, a fairly sufficient tool for SEO. The feature lists all the information around Google updates in real time through an easy to read graph. In today’s web marketing where fluctuations vary exponentially, it becomes more and more necessary to keep an eye on every Google update for the sake of an online website. And to help you in this task, Cognitiveseo adds to its tool a feature called Cognitiveseo Signals. Indeed, Cognitiveseo Signals is a good option when you want to be informed of all Google updates and know how to interpret the data. We are going to give you more details about the features of the tool in this brief description.

What is Cognitiveseo Signals ?

Cognitiveseo Signals offers great ease to users when it comes to understanding data around Google changes. First you can read and immediately understand what each fluctuation means thanks to the distinct colors:
  • Green to mean that the fluctuation is normal;
  • Yellow to indicate that the fluctuation is average;
  • And red to signal that the fluctuation is quite high.
Additionally, when you hover the cursor over a change bar, is presented in a small box that tells you how dense that move is on the chart. This is also a great feature to track your keywords without any restrictions. Thus, you can easily deduce whether a problem that has arisen is due to Google’s change to a natural trend. They have reported on the page that they monitor over 170,000 keywords to help you identify any malfunctions. Thanks to Cognitiveseo Signals, it is also possible to consult the volatility on an international level, even for Desktop and mobile separately. Since its release until today, Cognitiveseo Signals has already provided data on 51 Google algorithm changes. 

How does Cognitiveseo Signals work?

The main features of Cognitiveseo Signals can be summarized in these points:
  • updated data
Cognitiveseo Signals works with an hourly graph that is automatically updated in order to allow users to easily visualize and follow changes from Google to the time they occurred. Even if you are not alerted to see a new update, when you go to the Cognitiveseo Signals feature, you can read all the information about this update as well as the date it occurred. The feature is designed in such a way as to make it easier to identify Google’s changes thanks to the volatilities marked in different colors.
  • Granular data for full interpretation 
Cognitiveseo Signals is particularly designed to answer the doubts of webmarketers during changes in the sense that it allows them to base their analyzes on a fairly precise graphic variation and a period of time. When you can control the SERPs, it will be even easier for you to discover trends over the period of an update in order to deduce if your downgrade is related to an update. For this, you can get a detailed report of fluctuations from Google for 10, 20 and 50 positions only. If you want to restrict your analysis circle, you can also customize the ratio to 3, 5 or 10 positions. Once you set them, you can actually understand if your website has been affected by an update.
  • Alerts sent to email inbox
If you think you’re really committed to being notified when an update happens, you can opt-in.  All you need is a valid email address, then fill in your full name and country of residence. You can keep up to date with all the updates and keep your marketing bar high. 
  • Updates for 12 countries on mobile, desktop and also locally
If you have a website a long time ago, you should know that Google algorithm updates do not have the same impact on all websites worldwide.  It can happen that an update has a strong influence on websites in America without having a major impact on websites in France.  But, since web marketing offers you the opportunity to present yourself to a global audience, it would therefore be important for you to take an interest in the impacts of updates in each country around the world.  Although it is a little difficult to be able to collect data for each country, Cognitiveseo signal organizes the analysis report in a way that makes it easy for you. As this is a new feature in the market, you can only get analytics data for 12 major countries in the world at the moment.  These are essentially:
  • Australia;
  • Germany;
  • United States ; 
  • The United Kingdom ; 
  • Spain; 
  • Canada ; 
  • Italy; 
  • France ;
  • The Netherlands ; 
  • India;
  • Turkey ;
  • And Romania.
This means that in addition to being able to consult global data, according to users of mobile devices and computers, you also have the possibility of monitoring the SERPs for each country in order to see the impacts of an update. Thus, you can understand if an update has taken effect in your locality. Being a feature specially designed to inform users about Google updates, Cognitiveseo Signals delivers the data with high accuracy.  If you would like to be regularly alerted when there is an update to Google’s algorithm or if you want to be able to easily read the data on these updates, Cognitiveseo Signals is a very effective feature for you.

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CognitiveSEO is a relatively old search engine optimization toolkit. It was launched in 2012 by Razvan Gavrilas, developer and CEO of the company of the same name, which is headquartered in Romania. Cognitive SEO emphasizes backlink analysis and link building. It also helps with content and site audit analysis, as well as keyword research and tracking. It also has a suite of SEO tools for digital marketing agencies, SMBs or web professionals. The main purpose of CognitiveSEO is to detect and repair problems that may reduce traffic to a website, as well as to optimize its content. The CognitiveSEO team is also constantly working on managing and improving the software, being regularly connected to the latest updates from the digital marketing industry. 

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