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SERP Analyzer | Thruuu

Short description : SERP Analyzer

Thruuu features
Analyze the SERP of Google and understand the positioning bases of your competitors to better reference your site thanks to the Thruuu tool.

Long Description : SERP Analyzer

Description thruuu

Thruu SEO is a free SEO and web content optimization tool. It is based on the analysis of the SERP and provides an estimate of the first 100 best search results on Google. Thruuu allows you to preview data like titles, meta descriptions and many more meta data of any keyword.

Thruuu and its features

To develop a good SEO strategy and create content that meets Google’s requirements, it is essential to analyze and understand each content that appears on theSERP (Search Engine Result Pages).  By analyzing these pages, you manage to find the right answer to the intention behind the user’s request. Discover in this article a SERP analyzer, Thruuu SEO, which will now allow you to automate the work.

What is Thruuu ?

The original purpose of thruuu is to facilitate the analysis of search results pages to optimize the creation of web content and better position a site.  The tool allows you to have a detailed and comprehensive overview of Google’s top 100 results for any keyword.  For each SERP, the thruuu data important from the page.  These are mainly:
  • The date of publication;
  • The titles ;
  • metadata;
  • Theimages ;
  • Thenumber of keywords, etc.
Thruuu also provides access to additional analytics to determine keyword frequency and topics covered by the SERP.  You will thus have important data to improve the writing of your future content. Here are roughly the different features of Thruuu:
  • Search for content ideas and frequently asked questions;
  • Searching for data in the titles and content of competing sites;
  • Spying on the structure of competitive pages;
  • Local and international analysis of very fast results pages;
  • Comparison of descriptions and keywords;
  • Exporting SERP content to an Excel file.
  • A well-detailed overview of the top 100 results for a target query;
  • Analysis of the keyword density of each result.
In addition, Thruuu allows you to do all the analyzes while saving time.  When you do a SERP analysis manually, you spend enough time and energy to end up with unreliable results. Thruuu, on the other hand, allows you to automate your analysis and get results in a very short time. Thruuu is intended for anyone who wants to position a website on one or more keywords in the SERPs. This tool can help SEO consultants, web editors, copywriters, and bloggers in particular.

How does the Thruuu tool work?

Researching keywords and topics is a very important step in developing an SEO strategy.  Indeed, you will have to search for keywords with an excellent Search Volume (VDR) in order to position your site on the web. Then, Thruuu allows you to analyze the SERP contents of your different keywords.  Here’s how to use Thruuu to create unique content and get good SEO.

The analysis of the SERP

The objective is to draw inspiration from sites with good content in order to better work on the quality of your articles. Thruuu’s analysis results will allow you to discover interesting information to develop your content creation strategy. To do this, you will take into account the topics developed by your competitors. These are the topics that arouse the most curiosity among Internet users.   In this image you will see a preview of the SERP for the query “how to use thruuu?”. But that’s not all ! On the left, in the blue circle, you will find the button that will allow you to export all the data you want into Excel. In addition, the tool has an orange horizontal bar that gives access to several options such as:
  • Subjects;
  • Descriptions;
  • The titles ;
  • Related research;
  • Sources and images, etc.
For my search term “How to use thruuu?”, the first data I will analyze is the total number of results.  270,000,000 results is certainly high, but there is a good chance that my article will rank on the first page of the search results. The average word count and the number of images on the ranked pages are also very important information to take into account for your analysis. They will allow you to know the optimal number of words and images to include in your content to outperform competitors.

Keyword Research

The goal here is to find the most searched trends or topics in your niche. You can find its topics by analyzing the content of your competitors. To do so, simply click on the “Scrape” function and enter your theme in the search bar. To perform an optimal analysis and have good results with Thruuu, you can deploy the three small lines to the left of the search bar. Several options are available to you. To customize your keyword research, you can choose:
  • A specific country and location;
  • A language for research;
  • A local database (search engine);
  • The type of browser (desktop or mobile);
  • The number of results you want to analyze (you have up to the top 100 results).
The tool may take about 2 minutes to display the scan results. You will find important details on these results that should not be overlooked. This is why you must necessarily know the performance criteria of Google.


Thruuu will allow you to get complete information about your competitor’s items. You will know why their pages are positioned and you will also discover their weakness.  With Thruuu, you will be able to choose high-engagement keywords and write remarkable content that will propel your web pages in the Google SERP.

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Created in 2019 by Samuel Schmitt, who has had a career in the field of software and digital marketing for 15 years, Thruuu has enormous advantages for natural referencing. It is a free and fast SEO tool used by webmasters in positioning and optimizing content to outperform the competition.  Thruuu offers its users several functions such as: SERP analysis, optimization of the contents of your blogs. More precisely, webmasters have access to data such as:
  • The in-depth and detailed study of the elements present on the pages appearing in the first results resulting from a request (on a given subject). 
  • An overview of the presentation of the pages in the first results. 
  • An overview of the keywords present on the pages better ranked by a search engine. 
Thus,thanks to it, you have the possibility of having an idea of ​​the criteria and elements involved in the ranking of Google search pages following a request launched by an Internet user.

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