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Performance monitoring | Site24x7

Performance monitoring | Site24x7

Short description : Performance monitoring

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Site24x7 is a cloud-based monitoring system that allows website owners to track users’ experience as they interact with their websites or apps from a specific device.

Long Description : Performance monitoring

Description Site24x7 

Monitoring your website on search engine pages is a major challenge that web marketers often face. And since the number of websites as well as servers are growing exponentially, this task becomes more and more difficult to accomplish. Fortunately, there are monitoring services like Site24x7 that allow website owners to accomplish this task without any special attention. So let’s find out in this description how this tool works.

What is Site24x7?

Site24x7 was specifically created to help small and medium businesses track the performance of their assets such as websites or applications in terms of responsiveness. The tool was created in response to the shortcomings in terms of monitoring the experience that users have with software. At its core, it’s a tool that you can easily use without doing any complicated setup first. In addition to the permanent monitoring of user behavior, you can also take advantage of features such as usability testing, analysis and reporting in seconds. Here are some of the features of the tool in detail!

Availability of site or application

Site24x7 has quite a rich data center that allows website owners to check if their website or application is available and can be accessed by anyone and anywhere around the world . This feature is especially a great advantage for websites that target multiple demographic groups around the world. The tool gives you the option to trigger an automatic check according to a specific period. This will allow you to quickly discover failures or difficulties experienced by users in a specific environment using your product. Another detail you should note is that monitoring can be performed for web servers that are on both IPV4 and IPV6 networks.

Website Security

In terms of security, Site24x7 also takes care of most secure authentication protocols.  The security feature allows it to monitor secure resources using OAuth 2.0 authentication protocols, client certificates, or the basics, i.e. username and password. When you use this feature for your website, here are some tasks the tool can afford to do:
  • SSL/TLS certificate management: This feature helps you monitor certificate expiration dates, keep certificate owners sites and applications aware of any revocation, etc;
  • System level service monitoring: The tool uses the HTTPS, FTP, POP, IMAP and SMTP protocols to confirm the availability of the site or application and its response time, all of this reported on a report.

Real User Monitoring

One way for website owners to understand the experience their product provides is to focus on user feedback. Thanks to this feature, the tool relies on several other user interactions such as comments to indicate points for improvement on your product. Here are just a few metrics the tool uses to monitor real people on your website or app:
  • Browser Metrics: Logs, charts, and reports show details about browser performance metrics such as web transaction times , page load times, availability and outages;
  • Application Performance: This is testing done from hotspots around the world to gain insights into the app experience so that errors can be caught before they cause problems such as crashes or data loss;
  • Platform compatibility: Shows cross-platform performance comparisons of applications when run from various platforms such as .NET or Java or mobile operating systems such as Android and iOS. With this information, it becomes easier to find the perfect combination for the optimum performance of an application.

Web page speed The page

loading time is relevant information that website owners should seek to know and master. Page response times are important for user experience and search engine optimization (SEO).  The faster a page responds, the happier the visitor and the higher the page rank. The best way to test these times is to try to access a page from different places. And that’s exactly what Site24x7 does. The tool shows page load times by location and devices used by searchers to access your website or product.

Server monitoring

If you have a website online, it means that you are served by a DNS, FTP, Mail, IIS, etc. server, which are somewhat critical. The Site24x7 tool helps you in this case to monitor your server to ensure that they are running without interruption and with optimal performance.

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Site24x7 is a service provided by Zoho Corporation. The latter is a company founded in 1996 in the United States and more precisely in California.  Currently, its headquarters are based in Chennai, India, but Zoho Corporation is also present in seven locations. It is a company that operates in computer programming and digital services. Better specialized in the production of Saas software, the company was founded by Sridhar Vembu and Tony Thomas. Among said software is Site24x7. Basically, it’s an all-in-one website monitoring tool. It allows a complete and in-depth analysis of the pages of your websites. Likewise, it helps you understand the user experience in order to refine your marketing strategy. It is a tool that is aimed at companies of all categories and at marketing professionals as well as SEO specialists.

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