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sh404SEF | Joomla (Plugin)

sh404SEF | Joomla (Plugin)

Short description : sh404SEF

sh404SEF Joomla Mise en avant
We created sh404SEF® for Joomla with SEO in mind. sh404sef helps you improve your search engine rankings and drive more traffic to your website. Meet many Google recommendations for search engine optimization with just a few clicks.sh404sef also includes many security features.

Long Description : sh404SEF


Among the 54% of sites that use CMS in the world, only 3.5% rely on Joomla. However, several studies have shown that Joomla represents almost 4.3% of all websites hacked, which of course is alarming. This is one of the major concerns of Joomla site owners. Added to this are the SEO problems that require a lot of effort in a context where optimization rules are constantly changing. Fortunately, the Joomla developer community offers many solutions to these problems in the form of extensions. SH404SEF is one of the most popular Joomla extensions and in addition to helping with SEO issues, it also helps take care of security issues. Through this description, I will introduce you to the Sh404SEF and all of its features.

What is Sh404SEF?

SH404SEF is an extension designed to help Joomla site owners improve their search engine rankings and get more traffic to your website. It will allow you to meet many of the optimization recommendations of most search engines with just a few clicks. It provides several tools that automatically take care
  • of: Duplicate content management;
  • Audits;
  • Connection to social networks;
  • 404 error pages.
Unlike other SEO plugins, Sh404sef also includes a lot of security features.

Features of Sh404sef

Among its features we have:

SEO-oriented URLs

Sh404SEF helps you create short URLs automatically and with just enough keywords for most elements of your site.  Note that you can also manually customize any URL on your site.

Metadata Management

The Metadata Manager can be used to manually customize all metadata for all pages on your site, regardless of the component used.

Social SEO

The SEO feature automatically inserts OpenGraph metadata or Twitter card tags. It is possible to customize them per page and display buttons from other social platforms such as Facebook and Pinterest on all or only certain pages. The tool also tracks clicks for each of the configured platforms from their icons.

Anti-Spam and Security

This is the security feature and you will be able to block some common attacks. Using this function, you will prevent attacks by a large number of requests per second. With the Project HoneyPot integration, you’ll keep spam away from your site automatically, for free.

Built-in Analytics

The tool allows to automatically insert Google Analytics or Google Tag Snippet. Sh404SEF can use standard or universal scans and optionally anonymize the IP address.  You will be able to view the different reports from your site.  

Page 404: keep those lost visitors

In general, error pages cause you to lose visitors. To avoid this, Sh404SEF helps you display an easily customizable 404 error page using your site’s normal template to maintain visitors. This is to prevent them from going back by automatically displaying links to similar pages on your site at their request or by automatically redirecting them to the URL that best matches. 

Redirects under control

This feature allows you to create redirects or insert a canonical link when URLs change. You will be able to redirect a group of URLs with a single click or override complicated .htaccess rules. Sh404SEF automatically creates redirects when you manually customize a URL in the URL manager. 

Built-in URL

shortener With this tool, you will be able to shorten a URL and create short links to any URL on your own domain or on the internet. Indeed, the more really short links you have, the more users can trust them.

Canonical Links

When you have duplicate content on your site, this feature allows you to add canonical tags to indicate the main URL to search engines. This helps to avoid duplicate content issues on your Joomla site.

QR code.

Sh404SEF allows you to generate QR code on your Joomla site. This is a matrix barcode that stores data and it can be used on your site to redirect visitors to social profiles or landing pages.

How to install and configure SH404SEF?

SH404SEF can be downloaded from the address You can install it in the Joomla administration panel by going to:
  • Extensions;
  • Extensions manager;
  • Browse to download;
  • Download and install.
To access Sh404SEF in Joomla, go to the Components menu after installing it. The different configurations can be done from the control panel, choose the link you want in the Components menu.

URL Rewrite Mode

To enable URL Rewrite Mode, go to the Control Panel page and choose Rewrite Mode, then click Start. It can be complicated to know which rewrite mode to choose, but it is advisable to start the .htaccess file. Then preview your website to see if you have chosen the right mode. Indeed, if you have chosen the right mode, you will see that your home page and all the links in your menu will work. But if you chose the wrong option, you will see your homepage, but it will not work when you click on it and you will get a page not found error. In this case, change the mode.

Configuration options

From the three points of the control panel, you can access three tabs: Analytics, Management, Configuration. The Analytics connection is set up as the configuration progresses. This will involve connecting Google’s Webmaster Tools. For this you need:
  • Web Property ID: It looks like UA-XXXXXX and if you don’t have it yet, you can register at Google Analytics;
  • Username ;
  • Password.
The Management tab has the same links as the menu bar at the top, and is just an alternate way to navigate to the same sections.  As for the Configuration tab, although there are a lot of things you can configure here, the defaults work fine. Ideally, modify them as you learn more. In general: 
  • Configuration of the sh404SEF: works with default values.
  • Configuration of extensions: The default values ​​will work.
  • SEO Setup: Defaults will work. On the other hand, there is a new feature to switch the template to a mobile device template you might want to visit.
  • Analytics Setup: You will need your Google Webmaster and Analytics information to enter this level.
  • Security Setup: You will need your Project Honeypot ID to enter here. To do this, register your site on the site Project Honeypot to get your access key.
  • Error Page Setup — Defaults will work. However, we recommend reading the default message to see if it matches your style.
 It should be remembered that sh404SEF takes care of both SEO issues and security issues on your Joomla store.

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Joomla is a content management system also called CMS (Content Management System). Created in 2005, the project allows companies and individuals to create high quality professional websites. This CMS is used by many web developers for the design and management of sites. The software has a large user community across the globe. It should be noted that it is multilingual and can be translated into 64 different languages.  Joomla has a very easy-to-use content editing system. Content optimization is a task that this platform allows you to perform without difficulty. The CMS also provides users with various tools, sometimes available in the form of extensions. Each of them constitutes a real solution to solve problems encountered by the majority of people in the management and optimization of the content of their sites.

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