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Excel | SEO Tools for Excel

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With connectors, you can extend the functionality of SeoTools and easily integrate APIs into Excel. SeoTools comes with several connectors that contain a host of useful features.

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Description SeoToolsForExcel 

As an online marketer, you are called upon to store data on different tools and services: web analysis reports, SEO metrics, CRM data and many others.  SEOToolsForExcel offers, in addition to its own functionalities, an extraction solution that allows you to bring together in a single space, all this data collected from your usual tools. 

What is SEOToolsForExcel? 

SEOToolsForExcel is an add-on solution that allows you to gather and use in Excel, SEO data collected from third-party sources.  Source: Jyvsoft  Clearly, thanks to the SEOToolsExcel tool, you can perform an SEO analysis of your website, retrieve content, optimize your pages, monitor the progress of your competitors and many other SEO tasks without ever needing to quit the Excel interface.

SEOToolsForExcel: The different features available 

With SEOToolsForExcel, you have access to certain features that may be useful for optimizing your website: 

On-Page SEO 

To optimize your web pages, SEOToolsForExcel provides you with on-page optimization tools. -page such as:  Source: SEOToolsForExcel
  • HtmlH2 : To optimize the H2 tag of an 
  • HtmlH3 : To optimize the H3 tag of a page
  • Keyword Density : To obtain information on the keyword density of a page 
  • Etc. 
These different tools from SEOToolsForExcel allow you to ensure that your pages are well optimized. 

Off-Page SEO 

SEOToolsForExcel also offers a tool, CheckBacklink, to help you monitor your site’s off-page SEO factors.  Essentially, the tool allows you to: 
  • Check the backlinks that point to a given page   
  • The status (Follow, Nofollow) of the backlinks 
  • The anchor texts used 
It is a handy tool to ensure the quality of your links and also to check if your already acquired backlinks have not been lost in the meantime. 

Possible integrations with SEOToolsForExcel

For more practicality in carrying out your SEO optimization tasks, SEOToolsForExcel comes with certain integrations to allow you to find and use data from your usual tools in a single workspace.  For example, you can integrate Google Analytics into your SEOToolsForExcel dashboard and customize your own metrics.  If you are also accustomed to using Majestic, you can continue to use it for the analysis of your backlink profile directly on the SEOToolsForExcel interface.  Source: Medium  A way to extend the functions of the tool by integrating data from other sources. Find here the complete list of possible integrations with SEOToolsForExcel.

Connectors on SEOToolsForExcel  

In case you want to complete something else, SEOToolsForExcel also offers you the possibility to customize your own connectors.  Source: SEOToolsForExcel  With its XML format, you can easily create connectors and integrate them into the tool via an API. 


tool Spider allows you to manage the different features of the connectors available on your dashboard.  For this, you will just have to provide a list of URLs or a root URL and the tool will take care of combining the functionalities into a web page crawler. 

Other Tools 

SEOToolsForExcel is an invaluable tool for improving your brand’s SEO online. However, the tool could be supplemented with other functionalities for greater efficiency.  For this, SEOToolsForExcel offers more than a hundred other helper functions such as XPathOn Url , Regexp Find , DomainAge , SpinText and Url Property

How to install SEOToolsForExcel? 

The recommended way to install SEOToolsForExcel is to use the official download link Once the download has started, the wizard automatically detects the version compatible with your machine (32 or 64 bits). Then follow the instructions to complete the installation.

SEOToolsForExcel: Upgrades 

The SEOToolsForExcel installer also supports automatic upgrades from past versions. For that, please tick the option “Keep settings from previous version” to keep the features of the earlier version. 

SEOToolsForExcel: Pricing 

SeoToolsToolsForExcel licenses are currently sold for 99 euros per machine per year.  Discounts possible under conditions:  30% discount on 10 licenses purchased

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SEO Tool for Excel was developed by Niels Bosma, Founder and CEO of It is a software designed to serve SEOs to scale their SEO work. It also contains many tools that provide access to other features when doing digital marketing. If you are an entrepreneur and have a website, SEO Tool for Excel facilitates the work of integrating your site’s data.  It also assists in the SEO analysis of the pages of your sites. The tools that make up the SEO Tool for Excels software amply complement your SEO or content marketing strategy. 

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