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Outlines Nofollow | Igorware

Outlines Nofollow | Igorware

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Would you like to tell search engines not to follow links on your website? Try the NoFollow extension

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Description of igore War’s nofollow extension. 

NoFollow is an extension developed by engineer Igor Jeromic and available on the Igore ware. It’s about of a platform developed since 2009 and which provides users with a whole range of applications, extensions and online tools.  Applications et extensions d IgorWare Almost all the tools and apps you will find on this platform are portable. They therefore do not require any additional installation or libraries.  As for the extensions that you will find for example on this site, they are numerous and can be installed on several browsers such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox or even Opera mini.  This is the case of the NoFollow. NoFollow is an extension that allows users to display nofollow links that are present either on their websites or on those they visit.  Literally the expression “NoFollow” means “not to follow.” Extensions de navigateur d IgorWare In reality, the URLs of a website can behave differently depending on the attributes you insert in their syntax. For example, adding a “real=NoFollow” prevents search engines from indexing them and displaying them later in search results.  These properties are generally used at the level of URLs which are not created naturally on the website or which are not of real interest to it.  Different tools are used to set up and control these links. Still others allow them to be displayed. This is the case of the NoFollow extension offered by the igore ware website and which I invite you to discover. 

Who is the NoFollow extension intended for? 

The NoFollow extension is primarily aimed at webmasters.  They allow them to check whether the NoFollow attributes they have implemented on their various websites are well integrated.  They will thus be able to check thanks to the NoFollow extension to have an idea of ​​the links that Google does not link and to make the necessary adjustments. 

Why use the NoFollow plugin? 

Using the NoFollow extension will benefit you for several reasons.  First, it will allow them to have an idea of ​​the links that the Google search engine does not follow whether its links are on your website or not.  Then it allows them to check the NoFollow links they have set up on their own site to make sure they are working properly.  Finally, the use of the NoFollow extension can allow them to better understand the functioning of a website.  As far as ordinary users are concerned, the NoFollow extension will allow them to have an idea of ​​the content of a site that does not appear in the SERPs.  Indeed, through the NoFollow extension, they could consult the pages of websites that do not appear in the SERPs. 

What are the features of the NoFollow extension? 

The NoFollow extension developed on the igoreware platform provides itsvarious users with several features.  Caracteristiques de l extension NoFollow These are just as interesting as they are useful. More concretely, the features offered by the NoFollow extension include:  
  • Identification of nofollow links present on the site;
  • Identification of “dofollow” links as well as external links;
  • Display of HTML <noindex> tags and CSS style sheets.
In addition, it should be noted that this extension supports NoFollow, UGC and sponsored links and supports most search engine meta tags.  Similarly, once installed on your browser, you can define the sites on which it can be disabled or enabled.  Now, let’s look at how it works

How does the NoFollow extension work?

Once you install the extension, just open a webpage and if there are any nofollow links, they will be described.  If the extension is annoying you on a website, you can simply temporarily disable it from the extension menu and select “Temporarily Disable”. To customize the NoFollow extension, you just need to access the options and customize them.  To do this, you just need to click on the extension icon and go to the “options” section.  You will then see in the new window that appears the configuration panel of the NoFollow extension.  Panneau de configuration de l extension NoFollow This panel contains several menus, namely: 
  • The general menu : This menu allows you to activate or deactivate the default extension; 
  • The information box : This feature allows you to display an information box indicating whether or not permanently whether the NoFollow and noindex links are described on the web page you are viewing; 
  • CSS style sheets : In this tab, you have a plurality of information on the presence or absence of NoFollow, dofollow, noindex links as well as external links. You also have the option of previewing them; 
  • Websites on which you do not want to use the extension : as you will see, at this tab, you can add various sites by simply entering their domain name. Once these sites have been added, you can enable or disable the operation of the extension on each of them. 
If after installing the NoFollow extension you are having trouble using it, don’t worry. Just press the “Help” button at the bottom of the various tabs to land on a help page for the extension.  This page informs you about the smallest facets of the NoFollow extension. So you can use it without any prior knowledge or fear.

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IgorWare was developed in 2009 by software engineer Igor Jerosimic. It is a hash generator software, mainly used for some operating systems like Windows. It is available in two versions: the 64-bit version and the 32-bit version. IgorWare is portable software, which does not require installation or additional libraries. It is used for checking the integrity of files present in operating systems. In addition, IgorWare also allows generating a checksum for files. It usually works with verification software generated in turn by Total Commander. These include “.sha”, “.md5” and “.sfv” files. Besides, IgorWare has created a special extension for webmasters. This is “Nofollow”. This tool instructs search engines not to follow a link on a given page. This is usually done through a meta tag.

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