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Short description : Audit SEO

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Search engines rely on many factors to rank a website. SEOptimer is a website SEO checker that examines them and more to help identify issues that could be holding your site back from its potential.

Long Description : Audit SEO

Description SEOptimer

The SEO audit remains the first step in an SEO strategy. It consists of diagnosing a website in order to evaluate its performance and identify its untapped assets to obtain better results.  There are several tools on the market today that automate the SEO audit process, including SEOptimer.  Presentation, functionalities and user guide… Here is a description of the tool! 

What is SEOptimer? 

SEOptimer is a free website auditing and reporting tool that analyzes over 100 SEO metrics in just a few seconds to assess the performance of the audited site.  The metrics taken into account by the tool basically covers the important ranking factors for search engines and the factors for a good user experience. Once the audit is complete and the analysis report generated, SEOptimer also provides a list of relevant recommendations to follow in order to correct the problems encountered on the site and improve its overall performance.  In its early days, SEOptimer was created by Paweł Rabinek in 2012 and was only used to audit individual web pages. Even back then, the tool was already popular and heavily used.  In 2016, the tool was taken over by Adam Krzywda and enhanced with other great SEO audit features. This earned it rapid expansion.  Today, SEOptimser is indisputably one of the best free audit tools with: 
  • More than 100,000 visitors per month
  • More than 800 customers worldwide
  • 9 reporting languages
  • ​​And millions of audits generated. 

Who is SEOtimser for? 

As a website owner and concerned about good online visibility, SEOptmiser is an audit and reporting solution for you.  At the same time, the tool remains particularly useful for two user profiles: 

1. Small businesses 

Small businessescan use SEOptimser to regularly audit their website and improve their position and visibility on search engines.  Thanks to SEOptimer’s DIY SEO tool, it is possible to take charge of optimizing your website yourself to occupy the top rankings on the SERPs.  The tool explores all of the pages on your website to identify the issues that undermine its performance and prevent it from obtaining a good ranking on search engine pages. Source: SEOptimer  Then, it provides a list of relevant recommendations proposed on the basis of remarks and observations made on the site. These are small, simple and easy to perform optimization tasks that the wizard prompts you to perform, step by step for a complete SEO strategy.  Additionally, SEOptimer monitors your current rankings for better tracking of your results. You can then continually adjust your SEO strategy to maintain current performance and aim for even better results. 

2. Digital marketers 

As for digital marketers, they can also use SEOptimer to produce detailed analysis reports in PDF format for the websites they manage.  For this, the platform offers them the possibility of offering SEO audit creation services by integrating a version of the SEOptimer tool on their own site.  Source: SEOptimer  Customers will then be able to request a website analysis directly from the marketers’ site.  SEO audit reports white label. That is, audit reports can carry the logo and name of the marketing agency without mentioning that of SEOptimer. 

SEOptimer: Other tools from the same brand 

SEOptmer is not limited to a free SEO audit tool. The company has also developed other free SEO tools that all help to facilitate the optimization of websites for search engines:  Find hereall the free tools developed by SEOptimer. 

Why use SEOptimer? 

Whether you are an SEO specialist, a webmaster or simply a site owner looking for online visibility, SEOptimer has several advantages for you, namely:  Save time: SEO is a fairly large field and the manual SEO audit d a website usually takes at least hours of work. SEOptimer saves you valuable money by automatically auditing your websites in seconds.  Present simple and attractive audit reports : Impress your clients and prospects with superb reports worthy of expert work at hand. Increase your customer base: The embeddable version of SEOptimer and the ability to generate white label reports is a great way to prove your professionalism in creating SEO audits and generate new customers on your website. 

How to use SEOptimer? 

SEOptimer (Web version)

The easiest and fastest way to use SEOptimer is to use it in its web version. To do this: 
  • Go to the official SEOptimer website
  • Then enter the domain name of the site to be audited and simply click on the “Audit” button. 
After a few seconds, the tool generates an analysis report for you to have an overall overview of the state of your site:  By scrolling down the page, you can discover a more detailed report on the important aspects of your site to know: 
  • The referencing of the site 
  • The ranking of your main keywords
  • Your backlinks profile 
  • The usability of the site
  • The performance of the site 
  • Your presence on social networks
  • And a list of recommendations to improve each aspect audited
Apply all these recommendations then come back on the tool to re-audit your site. This will allow you to ensure that the changes made have indeed improved the performance of the site.  In case of difficulty, you can call on an SEO audit expert to help you navigate and apply this list of recommendations.   Furthermore,although SEOptimer is free, the tool only allows you to analyze 10 links per day. Which should be enough for you, but if you want, you can subscribe to a premium version to access more features. 

SEOptimser DIY SEO

SEOptimer also has a Do It You SEO tool that allows you to optimize your site for search engines without the direct help of an SEO expert by generating a list of SEO tasks ranked in order of priority.  To use this feature of the platform, go to the official SEOptimer DIY SEO link. You have 14 days to start.  

SEOptimer Chrome Extension

SEOptmser also exists as a Chrome extension to allow you to quickly and easily audit any website directly from your browser.   To install the Chrome SEOptimer extension:  Source: SEOptimser 
  • Click on the “Add to Chrome” button to start installing the extension; 
  • Then use your Chrome browser and go to a page you want to audit; 
  • Click on the SEOptimer logo located in the right corner of your screen; 
Source: SEOptimser  The extension will automatically run a full on-page SEO audit.  Also find the functionalities of SEOptimer in the form of an extension on other browsers such as:  SEOptimer for Firefox SEOptimer for Opera

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SEOptimer is a company located in Hong Kong. It is made up of a dynamic team that meets regularly in the premises of Cyberport. The said team is known worldwide because of the effectiveness of the SEOptimer audit tool which they have improved since the year 2016. started in 2012, SEOptimer was actually a simple on-page audit program designed by Pawel Rabinek. In 2016 it was taken over by Adam KrzywdaIl. In his hands, the program has grown to become one of the best-known free auditing tools on the web.  Its evolution is noticeable considerably through its different functionalities.
  • White label reports;
  • integrable audit;
  • SEO crawler;
  • keyword research and tracking;
  • bulk reports;
  • APIs.

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