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Magento 2 SEO Extension | Mirasvit – Magento (Plugin)

Magento 2 SEO Extension | Mirasvit – Magento (Plugin)

Short description : Magento 2 SEO Extension

Magento 2 SEO Extension Mirasvit Mise en avant
The best SEO suite for Magento 2 to improve the visibility of your Magento 2 store. Meta templates, Rich Snippets, SEO rewrites, crosslinks and other features will improve your store’s SEO.

Long Description : Magento 2 SEO Extension

Mirasvit Advanced SEO Suite

Optimization is of crucial importance for all e-commerce sites and SEO techniques are constantly evolving. In this condition, stopping to improve your Magento store SEO often is a mistake that can be fatal to your growth. Mirasvit Advanced SEO Suite is designed for this purpose to enable site owners to regularly update their Magento 1 and Magento 2 stores according to recent Google requirements. Through this description, we discover Mirasvit Advanced SEO Suite and its features that improve the SEO of a Magento store.

What is Mirasvit Advanced SEO Suite?

Mirasvit Advanced SEO Suite is a set of SEO tools that will allow you to tailor your Magento website to visitors, through multiple automatic SEO settings. This way you not only save your time, but also the need to hire expensive SEO specialists. Indeed, this extension performs an in-depth SEO analysis of the pages and simplifies the optimization process thanks to an excellent toolbar. In addition to Rich Snippets, it facilitates the optimization of category pages and CMS pages. The extension has a very ergonomic backend, as well as a transparent front-end interface. Key features of Mirasvit Advanced SEO Suite for Magento include robots meta headers, canonical URLs, H1 tags, metadata and image alt tags. The suite’s admin interface gives you the ability to create advanced SEO templates for each of your e-commerce site’s sections (e.g. products, categories, layered navigation). You can also rewrite your content in line with current SEO requirements and deal with the redirections present on your sites or those that you wish to set up. Now let’s see the features of Mirasvit Advanced SEO Suite.


The templates window shows you a grid of all available SEO templates which includes filter columns such as:
  • ID;
  • Internal name;
  • Model (parameters);
  • Rule type;
  • Is active (status);
  • Sort order;
  • Store ;
  • Action (Edit or Delete).
If you want to modify a template, select an appropriate option in the Action column. Template information is divided into four tabs:  In General Information : One can set parameters such as internal rule name, store view, sort order, meta title, meta keywords, the meta description and the H1 title. Product Description : Text can be entered for meta description, short and full product descriptions. Mirasvit Advanced SEO Suite automatically strips unnecessary HTML tags and whitespace from the description. Conditions : It allows to add additional conditions based on product attributes, or leave it empty. Rule Processing : Allows you to enable or disable the Stop further rule processing and Apply to child categories functions.


window also presents a grid allowing you to perform certain actions in a group, such as quickly modifying the status or deleting redirections.  To start setting up a redirect, you need to specify the request and target URLs. Note that it is possible to use wildcards in the case of the request URL.  Then, you must select a type of redirection and click on the checkbox so that a visitor is redirected only if the URL of the request is not found. In this section it is also possible to leave comments, set a status (Is active – Yes/No) and choose a store view.

SEO Rewrites

This feature allows adding a new rewrite or modifying the existing rewrites. The purpose of the feature is to configure meta tags, H1 headers and SEO description for all store URLs. On the edit rewrite page, you can specify a URL pattern or action name, enable or disable rewrite, or modify keywords.


rewrite There may be times when you need to use canonical rewrite when you want to add exceptional canonical links to certain pages of your store. To add a new canonical rewrite, you must specify the URL and enable it in the information. Then, specify regular conditions or use regular expressions for the pages that should use the canonical link defined in the Canonical URL field.


This autolinks feature will help you organize your site by adding links that allow users to access specific services, such as your email address. To add a new link, it is necessary to specify the keyword, URL, URL title and choose the period during which it will be active on the store.


This interface shows the sitemaps available on your site and you can also add or remove a sitemap. Indeed, the sitemap contains the plan of your online store, which allows crawlers to see how to explore your site, hence its interest for SEO. Additionally, a properly organized sitemap greatly improves user experience. Using Mirasvit Advanced SEO Suite for Magento, the ability to automatically optimize Google XML Sitemap. The tool helps you hide specific CMS pages, add custom links and product tag URLs, and split the sitemap into multiple files.  


This interface includes the general settings of the Mirasvit Advanced SEO Suite extension for Magento.  The SEO tab offers settings for canonical URLs for meta headers, configurable products, and cross-domain canonical URLs. It also allows to use the longest product URL as canonical and to add ‘?p=’ to the paginated content. For example, you can enable Link Rel=”next/prev”. In the SEO Rich Snippets and Opengraph section, you have access to many settings allowing you to configure Rich Snippets for your store. You are also entitled to extended settings which offer options such as image settings. These will allow you to make your images more SEO-friendly by replacing their URLs and adding the HTML Alt attribute.


Advanced SEO Suite for Magento allows you to fully exploit the potential of crosslinking. Indeed, you can create a list of pages where the extension will automatically add links. All in all, Mirasvit Advanced SEO Suite makes SEO easier and you can take charge of optimizing your store. This extension includes a whole host of features designed to make your pages stand out from the competition. It will allow you to earn a better place on Google’s SERPs and save you precious time.

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Mirasvit is a company that provides Magento extensions. It was founded in 2007 by two Ukrainian developers, Vladimir and Alexander.  From 2009, Mirasvit started designing extensions for Magento e-merchants. Dozens of modules have been developed and are serving more than 50,000 customers worldwide. Indeed, the company has paid full attention to the needs and challenges of merchants over the past few years. This has allowed it to provide relevant, useful and profitable solutions thanks to its extensions.  These allow companies to:
  • Boost their Google search ranking;
  • Improve search results with rich snippets;
  • Make their URLs SEO friendly;
  • Generate an advanced sitemap for Google;
  • Check the SEO health of their pages in real time.

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