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Download Images | PactInteractive

Download Images | PactInteractive

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Download several images in bulk, anyone? Discover Image Downloader, a free tool.

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Image Downloader

Downloading an image online is relatively easy and with a simple right click you can save an image to your device. But it gets a bit tricky when your goal is to upload multiple images at once. Most people looking to download multiple images at once go through bulk downloading tools like Image Downloader. This is an open-source tool that you can use for free to download multiple images at once from various sites. Through this description, I suggest you discover the Image Downloader tool and how you can use it to download images in bulk.

What is Image Downloader?

Image Downloader is a plugin that helps you browse and download images from the web. It is essential for those looking to download many images at once. Indeed, downloading images in bulk from the internet has never been an easy task. In the past, you had to use a paid tool to be able to perform such operations. The Image Downloader tool solves this problem and allows you to download images in bulk, but for free. With this extension you can explore all the images available on the page you are on. It also offers some features for bulk downloading that make it particularly interesting. Image Downloader allows for example to filter the images to be downloaded according to precise characteristics. You can filter the images you want to download by width, height or URL. Also note that downloading images with this extension is simple and is done in one click. Although the tool allows for downloads in March, it also gives you the option of opening a single image in a new tab. Image Downloader also supports background downloading, so you are able to perform other tasks while your images are downloading. Unlike other bulk upload tools, this extension allows you to save the images in a subfolder. You can also rename downloaded files easily.

How to use Image Downloader?

Image Downloader is an easy to use extension and users only need toinstall it in their Chrome browser. Once the installation of Image Downloader is complete, all you have to do is go to the site where you want to download images and click on the tool in the list of your extensions. Image Downloader immediately loads all the images available on the site. To use the filter options, it is up to you to set them according to your preferences. The next step will be to select the images you want from the images retained by the tool after the filters. Simply clicking on a tool allows you to select it. You can also download the images individually or open them in a new tab. The last settings consist of defining the sub-folder in which you want to download the images and renaming them if necessary. To download the images, you will have to scroll completely down in order to click on the “Download” button. Note that Image Downloader may download images that are smaller than expected or omit some images altogether. This is because the tool is only able to extract images that are currently visible on the page. Also, some images are actually smaller thumbnails of the full-resolution images you’d expect to see when you click on a photo. Additionally, some websites like Instagram offer carousels that contain multiple images, but only load a few at a time to save bandwidth.

Benefits of Image Downloader

Image Downloader can help you save time and money by allowing you to download many images from the internet at once for free. Despite being free, this tool features a user-friendly interface and does not overwhelm its users with advertisements. That said, you won’t have to close popups every second when using this tool. It should also be remembered that Image Download is an open-source project and without targeted advertisements or tracking algorithms, which will mean that your data is not sold to third parties. So information about what websites you visit after using it, when you visit them and where you visit them from is all information that Image Download keeps completely confidential.

Cons of Image Downloader

The first problem you may face when using Image Downloader is the target folder function not working properly. In fact, even when you choose a sub-folder for saving images to download, it may happen that the images are downloaded in the browser’s default folder. It should also be noted that not all images download when you initiate a large number of downloads. Sometimes, browsers cannot support a large volume of downloads. When you want to upload a large volume of images to a site, the ideal is to upload them several times. For example, it would be much easier to download 20 images 5 times than to launch once. Finally, Image Download is a productivity tool that will allow you to very quickly download all the images available on a web page.

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Pact Interactive is a company developed by the PACT structure (People, Activities, Contexts, Technologies) which allows you to easily and quickly download images from the web. This company has developed an image downloader tool named Image Downloader which can be found on the Google Chrome store. Through its platform, its users can make the most of these services. Among these services, we can cite among others:
  • The exploration of the images of a web page;
  • Downloading images from a single click;
  • Opening an image in another tab;
  • Saving many photos in a subfolder;
  • Etc.
All this allows you to pull images from a web page, display them in a pop-up window and download them in the background.

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