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Keywords Amazon & Etsy | Keyword Tool Dominator

Keywords Amazon & Etsy | Keyword Tool Dominator

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Free keyword tool for Amazon, Google, YouTube, eBay, Etsy, Walmart and Bing searches.

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Keyword Tool Dominator

While keyword research remains one of the most important aspects for sites looking to rank on Google, it is no less true for e-commerce platforms. Several sellers compete on these platforms and those who manage to associate their products with the search terms of the uses that will be able to sell better. Therefore, the search for relevant keywords is an action that no seller can neglect if he wants to sell his product on platforms like Amazon, eBay… Unfortunately, there are very few tools that allow you to find the best keywords on all these platforms as well as on classic search engines. Most of these tools are geared towards specific platforms, which may lead you to subscribe to several tools differently. Unlike these tools, Keyword Tool Dominator offers a set of solutions to find search terms of Internet users on several e-commerce platforms. Through this description, you will discover the Keyword Tool Dominator tool and the platforms for which you can research keywords.

What is Keyword Tool Dominator?

Keyword Tool Dominator is an online SEO tool that bundles a number of e-commerce focused keyword features. In addition to a great eBay keyword tool, Keyword Tool Dominator gives you access to an Etsy keyword tool, an Amazon tool, a Walmart keyword tool, and more. In case you have ever used keyword tools for SEO purposes, Keyword Tool Dominator learning time shouldn’t be too long. And even if not, there is nothing rocket science to do. Launching is very simple and all you have to do is enter your product, or your product category, and the country in which you intend to sell. If you have an e-commerce site, this set of tools will be of great importance to you, as it will allow you to associate your products with the terms that Internet users search for online. Indeed, when Internet users make their request online, search engines try to provide them with content that is compatible with the terms used by searchers. That said, you must include user search terms in your product listings so that search engines can associate your content when users make queries. That’s the point of researching the keywords for your products. It should also be noted that users’ search terms may be different from one e-commerce platform to another. For this, Keyword Tool Dominator provides specific tools to search for keywords on specific platforms. These are the most well-known search engines and e-commerce platforms and when you operate on these platforms, Keyword Tool Dominator is the most advanced tool you can access.

Platforms that Keyword Tool Dominator supports for keyword research

Keyword Tool Dominator specifically supports:

Google Keyword Tool

Google is by far the search platform that Internet users use the most in the world and totals approximately 91.94% global research. Keyword Tool Dominator helps you exploit the potential of this great search engine. It finds keyword and long-tail keyword suggestions from Google.

Amazon Keyword Tool

To find out what Amazon customers are looking for in their search bar, this tool will be very useful. Indeed, Keyword Tool Dominator will allow you to discover and get thousands of keyword and long-tail word suggestions to optimize your product listings on this platform.

YouTube Keyword Tool

If you also operate on YouTube, you are aware that only the search for high potential keywords can help you stand out on this platform to obtain rankings. You then need to focus your keyword research so people can find your videos in search. It should be remembered that although YouTube is a Google platform, the search terms differ on these two platforms.  You must then know those used on YouTube in order to use them in the tags of your videos.

Bing Keyword Tool:

Bing is the second most popular search engine people use, especially Windows users. Keyword Tool Dominator can help you find search terms for Bing.

eBay Keyword Tool

eBay is as big a platform as Amazon and when you use this platform for your online business, you are going to find the search keywords from Keyword Tool Dominator.

Etsy Keyword Tool

If you have an Etsy shop and want to increase your sales, you will need to find keywords that users of this platform use most often. Keyword Tool Dominator offers a specific tool that can generate these keywords for you.

Google Shopping Keyword Tool

Finding relevant keywords is essential for optimizing your Google Shopping campaigns. Keyword Tool Dominator makes it easy to find search terms on this platform and can help you sharpen your campaigns.

Walmart Keyword Tool

Like other e-commerce platforms, you need to optimize your descriptions with appropriate keywords. To find these, you will need a tool as powerful as Keyword Tool Dominator.

Features of Keyword Tool Dominator

Apart from its features, Keyword Tool Dominator has some important features that are important to remember.


searches Each search using the Keyword Tool Dominator tool lasts on average even when the tool processes a large amount of data. If you don’t want to spend a whole day finding keywords, there is no doubt that Keyword Tool Dominator is for you.

Real-Time Data

Trends on e-commerce platforms change very quickly and a product that is hugely popular today may be flying tomorrow. In this condition, the ideal is to have hyper recent data for the keywords you want to use. This is what makes this keyword research tool special, it provides you with up-to-date keywords that can attract you more customers.

Easy competition research

For all online sellers, competition research is an essential part of SEO. What you might not expect with this tool is to be able to accomplish this task faster. And when you know who your competition is, you can keep tabs on what they’re doing.

Easy Downloading of Keyword Lists

Keyword Tool Dominator offers several options for downloading keywords, so you can work with the software of your choice. Additionally, allowing keywords to be uploaded makes teamwork easier and you can share your keywords list with your team.

Price and subscription to Keyword Tool Dominator

If you can research two keywords a day with Keyword Tool Dominator, you will need to purchase a subscription to do more. The advantage at Keyword Tool Dominator is that you only pay yourself for a specific tool. That said, you’re not going to spend on keyword research on a platform you don’t want. To use Keyword Tool Dominator for free, you don’t need to create an account. But when it comes to signing up for a paid membership, you are required to create an account and add your credit card. In short, Keyword Tool Dominator is a platform to more quickly identify the most searched keywords on e-commerce platforms and search engines.

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Keyword Tool Dominator is a powerful SEO keyword generator. Since its creation in 2009, it has been considered by SEO specialists to be one of the best tools for researching and identifying keywords.  It operates on many search engines and e-commerce marketplaces, such as:
  • Amazon
  • Google
  • Bing
  • eBay
  • etc.
Keyword Tool Dominator mainly uses the popularity score and the Top 10 ranking of the best ranked sites to find the most searched keywords.  Thus, it saves users countless hours spent on keyword research. The keywords found have a long range of action and allow you to have a head start on potential competing sites.  The tool has more than 200,000 users worldwide, including many agencies specializing in digital marketing.

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