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Simplified Tag Management | Google Tag Manager

Simplified Tag Management | Google Tag Manager

Short description : Simplified Tag Management

Google Tag Manager mise en avant
Manage all your tags without modifying your codes with the Google Tag manager tool.

Long Description : Simplified Tag Management

Description of the Google Tag Manager tool Google 

Tag manager is one of the free tools that you will find on the Google marketing platform website.  This platform was originally designed to unify all the solutions offered by Google with regard to the marketing of websites and provides companies with various marketing tools.  These tools allow the Google marketing platform to support companies by providing them with different solutions. Among these, you have: 
  • The analytical solution to collect information and analyze customer behavior based on certain measures that you put in place; 
  •  The Data studio solution for proper management of the data you collect; 
  • The optimized solution for testing configurations and other improvements to your website; 
  • The surveys or opinions solution to collect and gather opinions and impressions on your website from your audience; 
  • The Tag manager solution to manage the tags found on your website without modifying the code. 

Who is the Google Tag manager tool for? 

As you can guess, the Google Tag manager tool is designed to allow companies regardless of their size and the sector in which they specialize to take advantage of an easy and simple solution to manage all of their their beacon.  The Tag Manager solution is aimed primarily at marketing managers, but it is also very popular with IT teams, due to its user-friendly design and security.

Why should you use the Google Tag manager tool? 

If you ask yourself this question, here are some valid reasons that can lead you to opt for the Tag manager solution.  First of all, it must be said that the Tag manager platform is a platform designed in a simple way, but also easy to use and implement. Then, it should be noted that the solution offered by Tag manager is a complete solution that allows you to add and update different types of tags at the level of your site or application.  Finally, it should be noted that Tag manager is a tool that has all the advantages that can allow you to work more serenely. Because, it has a fast tag loading function and an error checking tool that always makes your strategic data collection reliable and accurate. 

What are the features of Google Tag manager? 

In terms of features, you should know that the free Tag Manager tool has: Tag 
  • insertion technology: this is a feature that ensures and simplifies, among other things: The deployment of tags on sites using AMP technology, triggering tags asynchronously, using various reusables, ability to move third-party tags through server-side tagging; the ability to set a beacon blacklist, etc. ; 
  • The beacon triggerfeature: This function allows you to trigger your beacons by actions such as: sending a form, setting up automatic triggers, clicks; 
  • templates: This is a feature that allows you to adopt quite innovative marketing solutions through templates already based on specific tags and measures; 
  • User consent management: This is a set of features that allows you to respect the choice of users of your website; 
  • Integrations: This feature allows you to add Tag manager to various other Google solutions to launch and manage marketing campaigns more efficiently; 
  • Automated tag management from an API that you can easily integrate into your systems. 

What is the cost of the features of the Tag manager tool? 

As you already know, the Google Tag manager tool is a tool that you can use for free. Therefore, to use certain features, you will not have to pay anything. However, this situation can change when you want to use certain features. In this specific case, you must contact the sales department to obtain the information.

How to use the Google Tag manager platform? 

If you want to use this platform, the first thing is to add a Google Tag manager account by filling in the information relating to your name and country. Once this information has been saved, you will then have to enter the URL address of the website in the appropriate field and choose the target platform.

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Google is an American company, founded in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. It specializes in the provision of technological services and has grown in Silicon Valley in California. Since 2015, Google has been a subsidiary of the Alphabet company with Sundar Pichai as CEO. The Google company created the Google search engine, which is one of the most widely used in the world. The latter is highly appreciated for its ability to offer many relevant results to the queries of its users. Apart from its search engine, the Google company has many other subsidiaries which are:
  • YouTube;
  • Speaktoit;
  • Kaggle;
  • Google Ad Mob;
  • looker;
  • etc
Each of these subsidiaries offers various and varied services.

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