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Keyword Generation | Keyword sheet

Keyword Generation | Keyword sheet

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If you want to quickly generate thousands of keywords, Keyword Sheeter is the tool for you.

Long Description : Keyword Generation

Description of Keyword Sheeter 

Keyword Sheeter is a keyword research tool that lets you find keyword ideas using semi-automatic Google search as a source. By relying on this source, it allows you to extract thousands of keywords in a few minutes and presents them to you in the form of sheets. 

Who is the Keyword Sheeter tool for? 

Keyword Sheeter can be used by different categories of professionals. SEO experts can use it during their keyword research process. SEO web writers can also use it to find ideas for words to insert into their content to attract the target audience.  In addition, website owners, provided they have some knowledge of natural referencing and manage their sites themselves, can also use it to find new ideas.  Editors and journalists can also use it to find current trends or ideas for content to write.  

Why use the Keyword Sheeter tool? 

Keyword Sheeter is quite an interesting tool that can be useful for you. Here are the reasons.  First, it should be noted that this is a simple tool, designed to be used without difficulty.  Then, it is a tool whose certain functionalities can be executed without connection and therefore without a prior subscription.  Finally, another reason is that this tool offers you the possibility to make backups of your results in the cloud. 

What are the features of the Keyword Sheeter tool? 

As far as the functionalities of the tool are concerned, it must be said that you can carry out searches for keywords according to the basic functionalities of Google search, which are: 
  • Classic search; 
  • Youtube ; 
  • Products ; 
  • The news ; 
  • Images ; 
  • And the books. 
You also have the option of searching for keywords from several locations and in different languages, including: 
  • French; 
  • The Chinese ‘Dutch; 
  • Portuguese ; 
  • The Swedish ; 
  • Vietnamese; 
  • English; 
  • Etc.
Note that in the advanced features, the tool has a filter that allows you to tweak your location in order to find more precise answers.  Alongside these items, you also have the option to filter the search results by asking the tool to exclude or add specific keywords or phrases.  Apart from these different functionalities, note that the Keyword Sheeter tool offers you a whole set of reports and services.  Under the services, you have:  
  • The detection of CPC bids on the search volume; 
  • The exact results of the keywords; 
  • Verification of results all in title; 
  • The top 100 SERPs; 
  • The ability to import keywords. 
As far as the reports are concerned, these are: 
  • The difficulty report of the term explorer; 
  • Full sheet report; 
  • And the full SERPs report on backlinks. 

How much does the Keyword Sheeter tool cost? 

In case you are interested in the features of the Keyword Sheeter tool, you can get access to it for the basic features for free. But this option is only valid for a keyword search. Similarly, you will only have access to keyword ideas, other features being paid.  If you plan to use the advanced options and benefit from the services and reports, Keyword Sheeter applies a billing which varies according to the services and which oscillates between $0.0012 and $0.06 per keyword.  You can also subscribe to a monthly subscription. As such, the tool offers two types of subscription. The first concerns storage and data. The second relates to the purchase of “leaf coins”: This is a platform-specific coin that you can use to directly purchase services and reports. Under the monthly subscription plans covering storage and data, you have: 
  • Basic storage: This plan entitles you to a bonus of 500 sheets each. It is billed at $9 per month. It allows you to send your lists by email, to have access to the keyword research tool; 
  • The Search Volume Scale: This plan is $90 a month, it gets you search volume and CPC for the first 30,000 keywords of the day. You also have unlimited access to keyword research and the keyword generator; 
  • The “search volume” plan: Billed at $49 per month, it gives you unlimited access to keyword research and the keyword generator. It also allows you to find the search volume and CPC for the 10,000 registered keywords per day. 
Apart from subscribing to these options, if you want to get VIP access, you need to purchase the Keyword Sheeter coins. These coins allow you to purchase reports and gain access to rewards or priority support. 

How to use the Keyword Sheeter tool? 

To use this tool, you first need to configure the tool settings as needed.  Then you have to write the word you want to search in the indicated part and press “start”. Once launched, the tool extracts the keywords. You can copy and paste them into a file or save them to Keyword Planner.  The first option is the best solution when you do not intend to make a subscription.  Anyway, you should know that in case you don’t purchase a subscription, the tool only allows you to do one keyword search.  Now that you have an idea about the Keyword Sheeter tool, feel free to use it if you are interested.

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Keyword Sheeter is a tool that allows you to automatically generate keyword ideas for free without any need to register. Its interface is simple, which makes it easy to use. In practice, it does not show trending data, search volumes, or aggregate keywords, as many keyword generators do. However, it has a characteristic more or less common to these keyword generators. This is its filter option. In practice, this option allows you to eliminate the results that are less appropriate to the choice of the term for which you are looking for keyword ideas.  Thus, Keyword Sheeter can be used by SEOs and SEO professionals to better optimize their content for search engines.

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