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Google SERP Overview | AvidDemand

Google SERP Overview | AvidDemand

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Google SERP Preview AvidDemand Mise en avant
The SERP Preview Tool helps you visualize how your metadata will appear on the Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

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Description Google Serp Preview AvidDemand

Formerly known as SmartSearch, AvidDemand is a marketing agency specializing in the development of digital solutions for medium and large B2B companies.   Founded in 1999, the company has set itself the mission of supporting B2B companies to improve their visibility and conversion on the web.  Among the solutions developed by AvidDemand, we have its SERP preview tool on which we will be particularly interested. 

What is AvidDemand Google Serp Preview? 

Google SERP Preview AvidDemand is a Google SERP simulator. That is to say, it is a tool that allows you to visualize in advance what the titles and meta descriptions of your web pages could look like even before they appear in the results of search (SERP) Google.  Since it’s a completely free tool, you can experiment a bit until you’re sure your titles and meta descriptions are the right size and catchy enough to get you clicks.

Who can use Google Serp Preview AvidDemand? 

Everybody. The AvidDemand SERP Simulator is a user-friendly, very easy-to-learn tool that can be used by anyone.  You don’t have to be a professional webmaster or SEO to know how to use Google Serp Preview AvidDemand.  Marketer, blogger, e-merchant, business manager, web editor… you will know how to use it perfectly from your first use.  The purpose of the tool is to help anyone about to publish a page to test the presentation of title tags and meta descriptions before going online. 

Why use Google Serp Preview AvidDemand? 

Generally, to ensure that page titles and meta descriptions will display correctly in search results, many people rely on the number of characters used. Even if this method worked at one time, today it is not too reliable.  Indeed, since May 2018, Google has reviewed its policy for displaying title tags and meta descriptions.  Now, the search engine no longer considers the number of characters in your titles and meta descriptions, but rather the width of pixels they occupy.  Source: Spotibo  And this decision by Google makes sense when you notice that not all characters occupy the same spaces. We agree that the letter “k” or “w” will take up more space than the letter “i”.  Reason why Google now sets the limit of title and meta description tags on the SERPs according to the occupied pixel width.   As a reminder, 1 pixel (X) = 0.125 character (X). Unless you’re a numbers geek, it’s not easy to know how many pixels your titles and meta descriptions take up as you type on your keyboard.  The Google SERP AvidDemand just makes it easier for you by giving you the exact pixel width of your metadata.  Moreover, for better efficiency, it would be prudent not to strictly fill in the number of pixels recommended by the tool, otherwise part of your page titles and meta descriptions may be truncated in Google results.  Source: Conductor  Ideally, it would always be good to leave a small margin. Google might decide to display the publication date, rich snippets, or put certain keywords in bold.  This represents a surplus of pixels that can prevent your title or meta description from displaying entirely on the SERPs. 

Google Serp Preview AvidDemand: Interface and User Guide 

Before showing you how to use the AvidDemand Serp Simulator, it would be useful to make a brief presentation to get you familiar with the interface of the tool. 

Understanding the Google Serp Preview AvidDmand 

interface The Google SERP Preview AvidDemand interface is essentially divided into 2 parts: 
  • A first part which is distinguished by a blue box : This part contains the different fields in which you are called upon to enter or paste your titles, meta descriptions and page URLs. 
  • A second part delimited in red: This is where you can preview in real time, what you enter (or paste) on the first part. 
It is entirely dynamic, that is to say that you do not need to click on a “VALIDATE” button to see the preview of your metadata. It always displays what you enter in the fields. 

How to use Google Serp Preview AvidDemand? 

As previously explained, the AvidDemand SERP Simulator is a user-friendly and very easy to use tool:  The tool does not impose any order in filling in the fields. You can start with the title and end with the meta description, as you can also preview only the title. As a field is filled, its preview on Google SERPs is mocked to your left. You can then adjust it to your liking.  For a little illustration, we’ll come up with a page title for the content you’re currently reading: “Description of AvidDemand Marketing Agency’s SERP Simulator Tool”.  We can see on the capture below that the title we have just proposed is too long and that it will be truncated under the 3 dots once the page is ranked on the Google SERPs:  We will therefore try to reduce the size to obtain a more SEO-friendly title, fully readable for Internet users: “Google Description Serp Preview AvidDemand”.  Here’s a bit about how you can use Google Serp Preview AvidDemand to optimize the display of your metadata on Google search results pages.  The principle remains the same for meta descriptions and page URLs. You’ll just have to repeat the process used to preview the title display in our example.  And if you want a keyword to be displayed in bold, you can check the box on the last field and then specify the keyword. 

What you can’t (yet) do with the AvidDemand SERP Simulator At 

the moment, Google SERP Preview AvidDemand only allows previewing the traditional Google results display, i.e. just the title, the ‘URL and meta description. You cannot preview SERP result types as rich snippet or image carousel for example. 

Good to know about Google SERP Preview AvidDemand 

Finally, it is important to remember that the Google SERP Previous AvidDemand tool is programmed to use: 
  • 600 pixels as the size limit for title tags and 960 pixels; 
  • And 1280 pixels (about 160 characters) as the size limit for meta description tags.
At any time, Google may decide to arbitrarily extract sequences from your content and display them as meta descriptions, other than what you have previously entered in the meta description tag.  The Google SERP Previous tool cannot therefore guarantee the exact excerpt that Google will choose to display on the search results. It’s just a simulator that lets you know how many pixels your metadata occupies. 

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Avid Demand formerly known as Smart Search Marketing was founded in 1999. It is a communication agency that specializes in B2B digital marketing solutions for medium and large B2B companies.  Over time, the company has developed a suite of digital marketing tools among which are Google SERP Preview Avid Demand. This Google SERP preview tool helps businesses visualize how their sites’ metadata will appear on Google’s SERP. Avid Demand’s goal with companies that use its services is to become an extension of their marketing team.  Talking about these services, there are among others:
  •  marketing strategy;
  •  SEO ;
  • improvement of conversions;
  • SEO analysis;
  • SEM.

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