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Plagiarism | Copyscape

Plagiarism | Copyscape

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Copyscape is one of the most popular software on the market to check the plagiarism of a newly written or already online. It provides a full report with a list of all web pages with similar content to yours.

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According to statistics, there can be more than 600 million blogs on the internet, which implies more than 7.5 million blog posts are published every day in 2022. So it is obvious that there are content in double on the internet, which goes against the search engine teams. It is in this idea that Copyscape was developed to help website owners produce unique content for search engines. It is a multifunctional tool that gives you the possibility to check the plagiarism of a new document before publishing it or to check the plagiarism of a text that is already online and visible on the Internet. We will discover in this short description how Copyscape works.

What is Copyscape ?

Developed by Indigo Stream Technologies, Copyscape is software that often ranks in the top 10 best lists when it comes to citing the most advanced tools for finding duplicate content on the Internet. It is a tool that necessarily intervenes in the process of publishing content on a website to avoid publishing the same information twice on the Internet. Copyscape is ideal for freelance web writers, agencies and any person or organization with a website. Even if you don’t have a budget to spend on Copyscape, the tool gives you a chance to use its free checker. And like any tool that has both a paid and free version, you will be very limited with the free version. In addition to not being able to check a significant amount of content in a month, you also cannot check plagiarism for a document that has just been written if it is not published on an online page. It is therefore wise for companies and site owners to opt for the pro version of the tool to be able to check a large number of content each month and to also be able to check content before publishing it. However, the free version can basically help small businesses with online text checks, but to have free access to the other features of the tool, the paid version is necessary.

Advantages of Copyscape

You can find more advantages of using the free version of Copyscape, but the free version offers you more like:
  • Multi-Language Support: The tool supports almost all major languages ​​of the world. Which means that no matter what language your content is written in, Copyscape can read it and find out if it resembles other content;
  • Prepayment: This means that the tool allows you to prepay and it will not charge you again until you have used the equivalent amount of premium service;
  • Search Engine Database: To find out if your content is plagiarized, Copyscape uses the two major search engines, Google and Bing;
  • Easy to use: You hardly have to do anything but copy and paste a page URL to check for plagiarism.

Using Copyscape

Mainly, to use the Copyscape tool, you need to copy and paste the url of an online web page that can be indexed by search engines. That is to say, if we have to rely on this option alone, we can say that Copyscape is only used to check the plagiarism of content already published on the Internet. Fortunately, with the pro version of Copyscape, you can import your content in PDF or word format to submit it to an anti-plagiarism check.  You can check up to 10,000 pages at once with Copyscape, making it a great choice for even the biggest content creation agencies. Copyscape offers a premium API which is a very convenient option for checking plagiarism as new content enters your system. It can perform a quick check or a detailed check of your content depending on your needs and availability. Like any other content plagiarism checking tool, Copyscape provides a report after checking. You will therefore be sent a list of all the websites on the Internet having a page of which a portion of the content or the entirety resembles your content already online or newly created. The tool underlines in red each part of the text on the other page that is also found in your content. That being said, all content will be red if all text has been copied from another web page. You can click on each relevant webpage to see how similar the content is to yours. If it’s content that you’ve written newly, it’s up to you to readjust your text a bit to make it completely unique. It is a really must-have software for Reporting especially for website owners and clients who have websites or buy and sell websites.  That said, if you want to hire a web writer, you should make sure that they always check their content for plagiarism before it is published on the internet.

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Copyscape is a tool offered by the private company Indigo Stream Technologies Ltd co-founded by Gideon Greenspan. The said company is the one that also offers the Siteliner and Giga Alert services. Copyscape provides a completely free plagiarism checker to determine if the contents of your web pages have been copied. Thus, it easily comes to the aid of content marketers, bloggers and SEOs.  In addition, does it offer two more powerful professional alternatives in order to protect its users from theft and fraud of their content. These two alternatives are Copyscape Premium and Copysentry.  The first alternative or solution offers more efficient plagiarism detection than the free service, as well as other interesting features. As for the second solution, it offers total protection for your site by analyzing it daily or weekly.

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