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Find keywords | Keyword Keg

Find keywords | Keyword Keg

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Do you need a single software to research your keywords? Use Keyword Keg.

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Description of the Keyword Keg tool. 

Keyword Keg is a suite of five (5) tools focused solely on keyword research. In the list of these tools, you have: 
  • The keyword research tool; 
  • The keyword import tool; 
  • The related keywords research tool; 
  • The “people also ask”
  • tool And finally the keyword merge tool.
As you can see, all of these tools fit nicely into the various tasks you perform throughout the keyword research process. 

Who is the Keyword Keg tool for? 

Keyword research is a process in which you identify the keywords that Internet users or your target audience are likely to use to find your content. This is an important step in optimizing sites for search engines that is best left to SEO experts.  But with tools like Keyword Keg, which not only make the task easier, but also feature a simple and easy-to-use user interface, keyword research becomes more accessible.  Any online content creator can therefore use it to discover the keywords they should use to attract the right audience to their content. 

Why should you try Keyword Keg Tool?  

If you ask yourself this question, let me tell you already that Keyword Keg has an asset. That’s because you can get more keywords than most other keyword research tools. Keyword Keg actually has the capacity to support 8 million keywords per month.  It also allows you to automatically find and rank keywords based on search intent and product information you offer users.  Moreover, it is a tool used and appreciated by many experts, as evidenced by the positive opinions that you will find on the tool’s website. 

What are the features of the Keyword Keg tool? 

In terms of features, the Keyword Keg tool offers you to: 
  • Save time by starting your keyword research with a list of 30 starting words; 
  • Bulk import of 500,000 keywords in Excel or CSV version with measurement data; 
  • Export keywords and the various information collected from the measurements in several formats: PDF, CSV, Excel. You can also customize these reports by adding your brand logo; 
  • To collect Adwords data and other flow data, namely: volume, CPC, competition, trends, categories, etc. ; 
  • Collect data with suggestion APIs connected to sources such as Google, YouTube, Amazon and many others; 
  • Filter the results you get immediately by search intent, product information, or questions. 
Apart from all its possibilities, know that the Keyword Keg tool will allow you: 
  • To save your keywords in a list; 
  • Customize your search tools so that you only see the measures that interest you; 
  • Use negative keyword filters to hide phrases that don’t interest you. 

How much does the Keyword Keg tool cost? 

If you are interested in this keyword research tool, you must subscribe to a monthly or annual plan before you can take advantage of it.   The packages offered at the level of the tool are 4 in number and designed to adapt to various categories of users.  So, you have the Freelance SEO plan for website owners which is $38 a month. Then you have the SEO Consultant and SEO Expert plans which are offered to professionals and are priced monthly at $76 and $194 respectively.  Finally, you have the SEO agencies plan which is estimated to cost $762 a month.  As you will realize, each of these plans provides access to the different features of the Keyword Keg platform. However, you should know that this access is limited according to your subscription.  Subscribing to the platform can be done using different payment tools such as credit cards or PayPal.  In addition, it is important to remember that the annual packages allow you to obtain reductions of up to -40% on the cost of the subscription.  That’s it, you now have all the information you need to use Keyword Keg. 

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Keyword keg is an SEO suite of 5 tools that allow you to research keywords. The various tools in the suite complement each other to make keyword research more complete. To make their content marketing more effective, SEO specialists and digital marketers can use Keyword Keg. By finding good keywords, they can better position their site or those of their customers in the SERPs.  The 5 tools that make up Keyword Keg are:
  • Find Keywords Tool;
  • Import Keywords Tool;
  • Related Keywords Tool;
  • People Also Ask For Keywords Tool;
  • Merge Word Tool.

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