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Link Building Prospection | Ontolo

Link Building Prospection | Ontolo

Short description : Link Building Prospection

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Ontolo also takes care of expanding your prospecting requests. So if you’re looking for guest posts, there’s no need to try to think of all the ways you could say “guest post” or “guest author” or “guest writer”.

Long Description : Link Building Prospection

Description of the tool ontolo 

Created in late 2014 by Ben Willis, Ontolo is a platform that allows you to analyze millions of web pages in minutes in order to store them in a way that you can instantly search the data to find very specific marketing opportunities.

Who is the ontolo platform for? 

Ontolo is a detailed research Marketing and SEO tool for marketers and all web entrepreneurs who want to optimize their time. It is an all-in-one tool that offers many perspectives on various aspects of web-business. The technology ontolo behind the scenes makes it possible to search and filter leads as quickly as they are added to their database.

Why use ontolo? 

With the Ontolo tool, you no longer need to worry about your prospecting requests. The tool takes care of expanding them and thus allows you to prospect more quickly by formulating more than 20 different requests and using more than 80 sources.   You can also: 
  • Download and export (Excel) any CSV or plain text file but also prospect lists from different prospecting sources;
  • Instantly find leads using advanced, detailed, and refined queries. This helps to optimize the searches in order to obtain the expected results; 
  • Obtain information (classified, categorized and prioritized) on prospects in a way that no other tool available on the market can do.
  • Obtain contact information (email addresses, contact form URLs, etc.) to social media accounts and pages, followed/unfollowed outbound links.
  • Have at your disposal statistics of your outgoing links (Tracking: Hostname; Tracking: URL; Tracking: TLD/Suffix; NoFollowed: Hostname; Not Tracking: URL; Not Tracking: TLD/Suffix)
  • Get opportunities Ads (Display; Banner Ads; AdSense; Paid Content Ads; Advertising; Donations; Sponsorships)
  • Find Tech Features (Geo-IP Tracking; Language Translation; Live Chat; Search Form; Online User; Registration of the user; Video analysis; Internet audience analysis); 
  • Benefit from community engagement (Built-in feedback forms; Third-party feedback form; Polls and surveys; Message boards and forums); 
  • Find affiliate programs and publishers (Pages with affiliate links; Affiliate content on site)
  • Have multimedia documents available to you (Archive (zip, gz, etc.); Audio; PDF; Spreadsheet; Video; Word document ).

What are the features of the Ontolo platform? 

Ontolo offers its customers services for: 
  • Link building;
  • SEO ;
  • The contents ;
  • The social ;
  • Competition;
  • The sale ;
  • e-commerce;
  • Multimedia;
  • The advertisement ;
  • Contacts. 
Access to these various services is via the functionalities that the tool makes available to you. These functionalities are numerous and grouped through different tools available at the platform level.  These tools include: 
  • Content Marketing : with this tool you will be able to access publication topics, blogs, electronic books. research, buying guide, comments, content submission etc…
  • Link Building Tools : thistool you to implement your netlinking strategies. These are: directories, link lists, trackbacks, link submission, content submission, guest posts, blogrolls.
  • : Social Media Marketing here you can manageyour activities on social networks: Site accounts, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, Google Plus, Github, Instagram, Twiter, etc.
  • :Competitive Analysis It allows you  to access and analyze your competitors in order to implement effective strategies to remain successful in surpassing them: Partner/supplier pages, All links, Links in content, Testimonials.
  • The  Advertisingresearch : Thanks to these features, you can manage all the advertising on your site through: ads, donations, sponsorships, paid content promotions and advertising pages.
  • theE-commerce searches : ontolo here gives you  possibility to manage shopping carts, product catalogs, coupons and offers, promote coupons and offers.
  • The Affiliate Marketing feature is useful to help you manageaffiliates your affiliate programs, amazon affiliates, adsense publishers and ; 
  • The  Multimediasearches multimedia to content in this case: computer graphics, audio, podcasts, video, pdf, Presentations and Downloads ; 
  • Technicalresearch : These are more technical features that give you access to tools related to:  CMS (Wordpress and Drupal), Contact, Search, Connection and Registration Forms, listsof broadcasting, RSS feeds, translationtools ,, etc .; 
  • Communitysearches : this feature you allowsmanage: forums and message boards, polls and surveys, events, contests, mailing lists and comments ; 
  • Searchingfor Influencers : You can find influencers through:interviews, tips and advice and  questions and answers ; 
  • rganizational_ Oresearch : Ontolo allows you from these searches to contact non-profit organizations, associations, conferences, schools, shows and publications.

How much does the Ontolo tool subscription cost?

Ontolo is only available on a monthly subscription at $97. This Pro option entitles you to 1,000,000 URLs in your index and 200,000 URLs per day. You also have the $297 subscription for agencies which entitles you to 5,000,000 URLs in your index and 1,000,000 URLs per day. It is important to underline that it is also possible to subscribe to a personalized subscription whose cost is variable.  As you will see, by using Ontolo, you do deeper and more creative research. Now you know enough about Ontolo. Do not hesitate to use it then as soon as you feel the need.

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Company : Link Building Prospection

Ontolo is an SEO and prospecting tool for large-scale link building. It was put in place to help digital marketers spend less time researching leads. So, if you are a business that often seeks leads, you can use Ontolo very well. This tool doubles your productivity in link building. Plus, does it give you actionable insights on how to get top search rankings to better grow your industry. Ontolo comes with a suite of tools that help you find leads to:
  • save more time;
  • become more creative;
  • find more contacts;
  • do further research.

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