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Relevant Keywords | TermExplorer

Relevant Keywords | TermExplorer

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Term Explorer is a keyword generator to discover optimization opportunities for the referencing of your website on the SERPs.

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Description Term Explorer 

Term Explorer is a keyword creation tool that provides access to a list of associated terms and expressions. The tool also collects information about which websites rank best on search engines.  This is information about domains and pages that can be used for competitive analysis. 

What is Term Explorer? 

Term Explorer is an SEO tool that allows you to obtain an impressive volume of terms and expressions associated with a starting keyword.  Thanks to its grouped search functionality, Term Explorer allows you to search for several keywords at once. This saves a lot of time.  Source: Term Explorer For each keyword search, Term Explorer provides a list of relevant results ranked by search volume, cost per click and PPC competition. The tool also allows you to see the top 10 websites ranked for a keyword on search engine pages. Which can be useful for tracking the SERP rankings of your top competitors. 

Term Explorer: Available features 

Term Explorer comes with several tools offering different features, namely:

1. A keyword generator 

From a search term, the tool allows you to generate tens of thousands of associated keywords . These are both generic keywords, but also long-tail keywords that you can use for a complete semantic enrichment of your content. 

2. Analyze your URLs

Term explorer also offers a feature that automatically captures and analyzes data from your URLs. 

3. A data exporter 

With Term Explorer, you can easily select the data you find useful and export it to a CSV file for immediate analysis. 

4. An additional keyword generator 

Submit a few seed keywords and Term Explorer’s suggestion engine will take care of generating a list of relevant terms and phrases to target in your niche. 

5. Find the history (unlimited) of your Term Explorer reports

Source: Term Explorer  The analysis reports contain valuable information that can also be useful to have an overview of your progress. With Term Explorer, it is possible to save your report history for quick access at any time. 

6. Simple and effective filtering of your data 

Filtering is an important step in any keyword research process to allow you to sort the data and retrieve those that are really useful to you.  Term Explorer allows you to filter your keyword list by search volume, cost per click, and PPC competition.  Source: Crozdesk  A way to retrieve only the keywords that are really profitable for your SEO strategy. 

7. Top 100 Top Rankings for Keywords

This feature of Term Explorer allows you to find all the websites that rank best on the keywords you want to target on your own site.  These are your competitors on the SERPs and knowing them can be useful in knowing what SEO strategy to adopt to be more competitive. 

8. Customizable White Label Reports 

As the name suggests, white label reports are documents without any corporate mention. You can then register your own company brand and legitimately claim to be the author of the audit work recorded in the report.  Another great feature of Term Explorer is the ability to generate customizable white label PDF reports.  This can be particularly useful for SEO experts and agencies who can send these reports to their clients with the mention and contact details of their company. 

Term Explorer: Pricing 

Term Explorer does not offer any free plans. The tool is available in a paid plan starting at $34.00 per month.  However, you are entitled to a trial to preview the features of the tool before proceeding to payment. No bank details are required.  Here is the list of pricing plans offered by the tool:  Basic plan at $34.00
  • 1 user(s) / month
  • Keyword Discovery Tiny Jobs: 100 per day
  • Small keyword research tasks: 2 per day
  • Keyword analysis: 2,000 per month
Pro Plan at $97.00 
  • 1 user(s) / month
  • Keyword Discovery Tiny Jobs: 1000 per day
  • Small Keyword Research Tasks: 10 per day
  • Keyword Discovery Large Jobs: 2 per day
  • Keyword Analysis: 2 000 per week
Pro Agency at $499.00
  • 1 user(s) / month
  • Keyword Discovery Tiny Jobs: Unlimited
  • Small Keyword Research Tasks: Unlimited
  • Large Keyword Research Tasks: 20 per day
  • Keyword Discovery Mammoth Jobs: 4 per month

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TermExplorer is a very powerful SEO research tool. It helps SEO professionals and marketing agencies, providing them with keyword ideas.  It performs a complete analysis of these keywords in order to obtain accurate information from them, as well as the advanced data and ideas. TermExplorer is also a tool that allows you to find keyword overlaps in record time by analyzing competitors’ domains.  Because of this, it allows its users to find the keywords they need for a better ranking in search engines. Thousands of long range keywords are provided for perfect site optimization. TermExplorer also has URL and domain verification functionality. Through this feature, it performs a complete audit of all URLs and domains that are present on user sites.

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