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Swiss Army Knife of SEO | ScrapeBox

Swiss Army Knife of SEO | ScrapeBox

Short description : Swiss Army Knife of SEO

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The most powerful and popular SEO tool in its class! Used by SEO companies and freelancers worldwide, trusted by major Fortune 500 companies.

Long Description : Swiss Army Knife of SEO

Description ScrapeBox

ScrapeBox is one of the most complete SEO software on the web. It constantly undergoes updates in order to comply with the various evolutions of the web. Since its launch, the software has already undergone at least 400 updates. Concretely, ScrapeBox makes it possible to obtain various data from several search engines. It also allows you to create multiple URL lists. Having other remarkable functions, this software, launched in 2009, acts as a real Swiss army knife making your SEO strategies better.

ScrapeBox: a complete SEO tool for the web

The ScrapeBox SEO tool has quite a variety of uses. That said, he is involved in both SEO and the implementation of digital marketing strategies. Moreover, regarding these strategies, many business leaders have neglected the importance of SEO. However, in itself, SEO is a concrete basis that makes marketing more effective and more solid. In fact, by using SEO in a marketing strategy, you get leads or new customers faster. For example, through organic traffic. Over the past two decades, SEO has been proven to lead to better ROI. For this, it is necessary to use powerful tools like ScrapeBox . This SEO tool allows:
  • Collecting thousands of URLs;
  • Post blog comments;
  • Harvest proxies from various websites;
  • To suggest a multitude of keywords.

Native Features of ScrapeBox Listing

  all the features of ScrapeBox is like embarking on an endless task. In other words, it is almost impossible to list all the features offered by this software. Anyway, its native functionality is scraping, a well-known technique used by Growth Hackers. Specifically, scraping aims to collect data from web pages indexed in search engines. The ScrapeBox software further helps in generating URLs from footprints and especially from keywords. One of the main advantages is being able to specify footprints and use several keywords to refine the search.

14 ScrapeBox features to make your SEO effective

For website owners, here is a selection of 14 ScrapeBox features that will help you boost your SEO.
  1.     Keywords Scraper : This feature saves or captures the keywords and combinations of keywords used by Internet users. This is necessarily done from a temporary list of keywords.
  2.     Google Images Scraper : This is an option to download images from Google Images. The download is done from the keywords, license types and size. A very easy way to save time in creating images.
  3.     Social Account Scraper : This option scans websites in bulk. Additionally, it inspects social media profile links such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, etc.
  4.     Google Meta Scraper : It allows you to save the title and meta description of the best positioned sites for several keywords in the results of Google queries. The same goes for the URLs of these sites.
  5.     Google Competition Finder : With this feature, you will retrieve the amount of search results for the keywords you have chosen. This data will allow you to opt for keywords on which you will have more chance of being better positioned.
  6.     Link Extractor : The Link Extractor option allows you to extract both internal and external links from multiple websites. It is a way to analyze the backlinks of your competitors’ sites.
  7.     Rapid Indexer : This module promotes in one click the rapid indexing of new web pages.
  8.     Broken Links Checker : This option easily finds broken links on your sites.
  9.     Anchor Text Checker : It is an anchor text checker. It examines the backlinks of your sites in order to better analyze the anchor text of the various links generated.
  10. Social Data Checker : Useful for bulk checking social metrics for websites like Pinterest, Facebook to name a few.
  11. Mass Backlink Checker : With this feature of ScrapeBox, you can easily retrieve the backlinks of your sites and those of your competitors to move on to their analysis.
  12. Alive Checker : This module examines a list of URLs or domains. But he doesn’t just do that. Alive Checker actually checks whether domains are active or inactive.
  13. Google Cache Extractor : This feature retrieves the recent cache dates of your URLs from the Google search engine. This allows ScrapBox to find potential problems with the indexing of your web pages.
  14. Mobile Site Tester : This module allows you to test websites or URLs in quantity in order to check their compatibility with mobile devices. This will help you get accurate scores for each mobile feature.

How does the ScrapeBox software work?

The ScrapeBox software is a tool whose operation necessarily requires the use of proxy. That said, after installing on your PC, the first thing to do is to find and test proxy servers. These serve as an interface between your computer and the Internet. You should know that for successful scraping, it is essential to use several anonymous proxies. The goal is to avoid being blacklisted by search engines. But rest easy, ScrapeBox has a feature that makes it easy to detect and test many dynamic proxies. It precisely tests their validity, latency and anonymity. This is why it is unquestionably one of the best software to fetch hundreds of free proxies. The second thing to do is to fill in the footprint and the appropriate keywords. These two elements will thus combine with each other. It is after this step that you can start the scraping operation, which generally lasts less than a minute. ScrapeBox offers you at the end of the process a list composed of many URLs. Finally, you need to think about processing the list of URLs. This is easy to do with the multiple filtering options available right at the top of the screen. In addition, it is possible to eliminate duplicate URLs or domain names based on their PageRank. This deletion is done in just a few clicks. After filtering, you can export them in CSV, TXT or Excel format.

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ScapeBox is one of the most powerful software in the SEO environment. This reputation comes from the different features it offers to its users.  Indeed, it is the most complete all-in-one SEO tool in SEO. First released in 2009, ScrapeBox is still going strong due to its frequent updates.  Companies can use its many features, namely:
  • Keyword Harvester ;
  • Search Engine Harvester ;
  • Proxy Harvester;
  • How to post;
  • Link checker.

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