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Ahrefs toolBar is a browser extension created by Ahrefs to help you assess the SEO health of your website. It also helps you see how competitive your site is against other sites in your niche.

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Description Ahrefs toolBar 

It is important for you as a website owner to find out daily about your website’s ability to rank well. This will allow you to further the objectives of the website, and as a result, it is your turnover that grows. It is precisely to analyze the performance of your website that Ahrefs has developed its Ahrefs toolBar extension. It is a powerful and precise tool that helps you increase the visibility of your website online more easily. To know how this extension works, I suggest you continue reading this short description.

What does Ahrefs toolBar do ?

The general function of the Ahrefs toolBar extension is to collect data from a page as you navigate through it. First, Ahrefs is well known for its powerful indexing ability and super fast crawler which is able to find links sometimes even faster than any other crawler.  Thus, its toolBar extension is no exception to this concept, it helps you get quick access to exclusive data from a page. To use the extension, you must have a free trial account or outright a pro account. Once you install it, the extension automatically connects to your Google account if it’s signed in to the browser you’re using. Using the Ahrefs toolBar extension is a better way to analyze the competition and find link building opportunities. Thus, the tool helps you see the ranking of a domain, a page as well as the other web pages that link to it. Additionally, the Ahrefs toolBar extension provides you with information about each URL present on search results pages. This way you can quickly see what keywords sites are ranking high for in your niche and what you can do to outrank them. The tool gives you all the possibilities to customize it according to your needs. For example, you can choose which metrics to show and which to hide. And if you need more data of any kind, just click on any number and you’ll be taken to the Ahrefs interface with full reports on backlinks, keywords, referring domains, and more. Speaking of data, here are some metrics presented by Ahrefs toolBar:
  • Shows estimated traffic for domains and pages
The tool not only highlights the most essential stats, but also traffic data for pages and domains. It essentially finds there:
  • The Ahrefs rank which is a metric initiated by Ahrefs to predict the position of your site or page in the ranking of search engines;
  • The Ahrefs domain ranking which allows you to see the ranking level of a website in general;
  • The Ahrefs URL Rank (UR) which indicates the rank level of the page;  
  • The number of Backlinks to designate the total number of links that refer to the page;
  • The number of Referring Domains (RD);
  • Organic search traffic (ST) which shows the number of people visiting your website after performing a search;
  • The number of ranking keywords (KW)
So, in addition to getting an idea of ​​the organic traffic of the page in question, the tool also offers you important metrics on the domain in general.
  • Domain Ranking
The extension allows you to see in more detail the metrics related to the ranking of the website even in general. You can still see a page’s domain authority when the tool is activated and you browse to that page. With just a few clicks, you can easily get more details about these matrices like the link popularity of a particular page. 
  • Google Search Keyword Metrics
A better keyword strategy is very important for optimizing your website. Indeed, Ahrefs toolBar allows you to analyze your keywords to choose those for which you are more likely to be at the top of the rankings. Using this tool, you can get essential data like:
  • The cost per click of each keyword;
  • The search volume;
  • The ranking difficulty for each keyword;
  • Etc.

How to install the Ahrefs toolBar extension?

Like any browser extension, Ahrefs toolBar is easy to install.  You just need to click on the download button according to your browser from the homepage of the feature to add the extension to your toolbar in just a few clicks. Here is a little detail:
  • Chrome browser
  • Click on the ”Free download for Chrome” button to redirect you to the Google Chrome online store;
  • Once in the chrome store, click on the ”Add to Chrome” button. But make sure you have connected the google account with which you previously opened an Ahrefs account to the Chrome browser;
  • When you add the extension to your Chrome browser, it will automatically connect to your Google account.
  • Firefox browser
  • As for Chrome, the process remains the same, only here you will click on the second buttonFree download for Firefox”.
  • Instead of the Google Chrome store, this time you will find yourself in the Firefox online store.
  • Once on the product in the store, click on the ”add to Firefox” button to add the extension to your browser.
If you want to have an eye on the performance of your website with the aim of rapidly advancing it in the search engine rankings, the Arefs toolbar extension can be a perfect solution for you.

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Ahrefs bears the same name as its famous Ahrefs tool, which is one of the most used tools in the SEO and digital marketing industry. In its early days, the tool was only intended for analyzing the backlink profile of a website. Today, Ahrefs has grown a lot and has become a suite of tools that allow you to perform several SEO tasks such as: building backlinks, keyword research, competitive SEO analysis, ranking monitoring and SEO audit. The tool is also known for the Domain Rating (DR) which is an insider indicator to evaluate on a scale of 1 to 100, the authority of a website according to the backlinks that point to its pages.

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