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Developer Tools | Web developer

Developer Tools | Web developer

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Web Developer Mise en avant
Web Developer is a Chrome extension that adds a toolbar for creating sites. Also available on Firefox and Opera.

Long Description : Developer Tools

Description Web Developer

Web Developer is an extension that, once installed, adds a toolbar to your Chrome browser. From this toolbar, you can perform certain site building tasks on any page you visit. The toolbar contains 10 tabs that can each be scrolled down to do a lot of things like spot broken images, change image dimensions, disable JavaScript scripts and CSS style files and much more.  Web Developer is available on the chrome web store, but also on Firefox and Opera. 

What is Web Developer? 

Web Developer is a fairly popular Chrome extension that adds a toolbar to your browser. This toolbar provides access to a comprehensive set of useful resources for developers and designers alike.  The author of the extension, Chris Pedrick, was inspired by PNH Developer Toolbar to create the Web Developer toolbar which has ten tabs with useful and user-friendly features that are very easy to learn.  Users of the extension can for example change the outline of elements in one click, identify broken images on a page, disable JavaScript, extensions, popups and notifications.  Web Developer is a rather stable, flexible extension and can be easily customized.  Moreover, the extension is highly secure and works better than the standard Google Chrome code inspection tool. 

Web Developer: How to install and use the extension? 

  • Access the chrome web store, then search for the Web Developer 
  • Click on “Add to Chrome” to start the installation
Once the installation is complete, you can access Web Developer from the list of extensions installed on your browser. 
  • To do this, go to any web page, scroll down your extension list and click on the Web Developer cog icon. 
After which, a toolbar should appear on your screen. 
  • You can then click on each tab to discover the features it contains. 

Web Developer: The main features 

Here is the (non-exhaustive) list of features to discover with Web Developer: 
  • The Disable tab to deactivate JavaScript, plugins, popups and notifications. 
  • The Cookies tab to add and deactivate cookies, delete cookies, view information about cookies, etc. 
  • The CSS tab for disabling, viewing and editing CSS files, etc.
  • The Form tab to check all the boxes, convert GET URLs to POST (and vice versa), display the number of passwords on the page, check fields, auto-complete, etc.
  • The Images tab allows you to disable images, show alt attributes, show image dimensions, find broken images, etc. 
  • The Information tab to display anchors, titles, access keys, JavaScript, etc. 
  • Miscellaneous tab to clear cache, clear history, show hidden items, mark all visited links, etc. 
  • The Outline tab for highlighting page titles, different divs, etc.
  • The Resize tab to resize windows, change resize dimensions, etc. 
  • The Tools tab to validate CSS, HTML, view source code, etc. 

Web Developer: Firefox and Opera versions

In addition to the Chrome version, Web Developer is also available on Firefox and Opera. The extension works on all platforms that support these browsers, including Windows, Mac, and Linux.  The procedure for installing and using the extension on Google Chrome remains essentially the same as on other browsers. 

Web Developer: Pricing

Extension available for free 

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Description company Web Developer Web developer is developed by Chris Pederick. The latter is a web developer who lives in San Francisco, California. He’s the director of engineering at Bleacher Report. The Web developer tool is precisely an extension that adds several web development tools to a browser. Available today for search engines such as Chrome, Firefox and Opera, it is supported by the BrowserStack platform. It also works on all platforms supported by these browsers. The tool is aimed at all marketing professionals and especially web developers. The other tool known to the developer is Read Ruler.

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