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Broken Links | Domain Hunter Plus

Broken Links | Domain Hunter Plus

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Whether you are looking for quality domains to buy or building broken links for local dental SEO or a national link building campaign, Domain Hunter Plus has made your life easier.

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Domain Hunter Plus

Backlinks are essential to any website and most sites implement a set of strategies to generate backlinks. While creating quality content and guest posts are proven techniques for improving your backlink profile, there are also other equally effective ways that many overlook. For example, building broken links also allows you to have quality links with the same efforts as the other two previous techniques. Some tools even simplify the different steps to implement this method. This is the case of Domain Hunter Plus which allows you to not only find broken links for any page, but also to check the availability of domains within the framework of your projects. Through this description, I invite you to discover Domain Hunter and how it can help you.

What is Domain Hunter Plus?

Domain Hunter Plus (DHP) is a Chrome extension with which you can easily analyze a page you are on in order to check for dead links and available domains. Indeed, a dead link is a hyperlink on a website that leads to a removed or moved web page. Detecting these types of links can particularly help you with building backlinks. In addition, Domain Hunter Plus checks for you the availability of a domain you wish to use.  If you don’t first verify a domain name you want to use and create your logos, layouts, etc., when someone else is already using that domain, you’re forced to start over. To prevent this from happening, the ideal is to check the availability of a domain name that you think is good for your projects and to reserve this domain so that someone else does not buy it. This is one of the main interests of the Domain Hunter Plus extension, because from the extension, you will not only find an available domain, but also buy the domain.

How to install and use Domain Hunter Plus?

Since it’s an extension, you can install it directly from the Chrome Web Store. On the store, search for the name of the tool and choose it from the results, then add it to your browser. You can also add it by clicking directly on this link which leads to the extension on the Chrome Webstore. Once Domain Hunter Plus is installed, simply click on the extension when you find yourself on the page to analyze. It loads and then provides you with an analysis of that page for dead links. It then provides you, after its exploration, with a list of broken links with the number of pages that arrive on this page as well as the domain. For more flexibility, add the extension to the favorites list to access it faster whenever you want to check a page for dead links. As for domain availability, just enter a name you want to search for and the tool will notify you of its availability. Note, however, that Domain Hunter Plus is not compatible with ad blockers. In fact, the extension has difficulty performing its analyzes when you have installed an ad blocker. In order to be able to analyze a page, it is advisable to disable all ad blocking software.

Domain Hunter Plus

features Domain Hunter Plus offers a series of features that will be useful to you.

Search for hundreds of links on a page in 2 clicks

It is with this search function that you can find all the dead links on a page. What makes it special is that it allows you to find hundreds of links in just two clicks. You won’t have to do any other configuration, which makes Domain Hunter Plus very easy to use.

Get Outbound Link Error Status Codes

Domain Hunter Plus not only shows you hundreds of broken links, it also shows you the error status code for those links. Indeed, each page returns a status code when you try to access it. For broken links, this is most often the code 404 or the message “Page not found”. This code indicates that the resource in question is no longer accessible either because of an unavailability or a move. The page is no longer functional and therefore constitutes an opportunity for the construction of broken links. Remember also that not all pages that do not work return this error message or code. It can send other messages to indicate if the page is temporarily unavailable or if the server is not yet able to respond to the request or that the site is under construction. That said, the page may work properly again when once the problem is fixed, which is not the case for 404 errors. The fact that this extension displays dead links allows you to select the best links for your link building campaign with broken links.

See SEOmoz data for each error status

From Domain Hunter Plus, you will get SEOMoz data for each error status for your links. This is SEO relevant data that can help you better understand each of the links.

See Open Site Explorer metrics for each dead link (report)

You can also access Open Site Explorer metrics from Domain Hunter Plus. It is a tool that will help you analyze the backlinks of each of the dead pages in order to select the pages with the best backlinks when your goal is to build broken links.

Check Domain Availability and Go Directly to GoDaddy to Register

As we mentioned earlier, Domain Hunter Plus helps you find out if a preferred domain is available. When the domain you want is available, it is possible to register it directly from Domain Hunter Plus. This extension allows you to go directly to GoDaddy, a famous domain buying site, to reserve yours.

Exporting broken links to a CSV file

If you just want a report to work on later, you can export all results from Domain Hunter Plus to a .csv file. Being able to export the domains will also allow you to work easily and organize your work in an Excel file.

What is Domain Hunter Plus for?

The Domain Hunter Plus extension can help you do two main things. At first, it is a solution when you are looking for quality domains to buy. Domain names are important and you can buy them for your own projects or to resell them afterwards. It is possible to invest in domain names with strong potential and resell them at a higher price a few years later. Secondly, Domain Hunter Plus will help you in building broken links. This is an optimization technique of identifying broken links with quality backlinks and creating similar pages. Thus, you will ask webmasters to link to your site rather than to a non-existent resource. In sum, Domain Hunter Plus is a tool that you can use to do different things, including checking broken links and checking domain availability.

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Domain Hunter Plus is a chrome broken link checker. It was developed by the company Netvantage founded in 2008 in the United States by Joe Ford and Adam Henige, both specialists in digital marketing.  The Domain Hunter Plus (DHP) checker was designed to help SEOs, marketers, or anyone else building their online business to find quality domains to buy.  Likewise, if you’re doing broken link building for local SEO or a national link building campaign, DHP can help you get there.  The following features describe the performance of Domain Hunter Plus. These are mainly:
  • the exploration of hundreds of links on a page;
  • kicking all outgoing links with HTTP error codes;
  • registering the domains you wish to purchase;
  • exporting results to a CSV file for report creation.

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