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Merge Words | Toptal

Merge Words | Toptal

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Find the right combination of keywords for your various online campaigns using Mergewords.

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Description of MergeWord

MergeWord is a free SEO tool developed by Toptal to help you merge words to find the best combination for your domain name, link building and Adword campaigns. Keywords are sometimes considered the cornerstone of a remarkable online presence for a business. To be truly remarkable and face the right person, you need to research, process and test different keywords related to your online activities. This is exactly the concern that the MergeWord addresses.  The tool allows you to merge keywords to give you an idea of ​​which terms can help you stand out in your industry.

Definition of MergeWords

merge tool is one of the most remarkable inventions among millions of online SEO tools.  MergeWord is quite sophisticated and gives you the best recommendations by combining the words you entered. With its intuitive interface, the word merge tool is free and incredibly easy to use.  All you have to do is put different words in each text field and click the merge button. You must enter as many comparative words as possible in each text box. Then you will have a suggested word combination in the output field.  The tool gives the possibility to merge words when it comes to:
  • Linkbuilding; 
  • Domaining;
  • And AdWords. 
It is in fact the three powerful and main features of the tool that we will discover in the next section.

The Powerful Features of MergeWord

Three main features make MergeWord one of the best word merge tools on the market. Let’s see in detail how these features can help you.
  • Domaining
Your brand is very important to you and is the cornerstone of everything you do as a business. Finding a good combination of keywords for your brand name is then a must, as it makes your domain name:
  • Plu easier to remember;
  • Stronger in front of the customer;
  • More professional; 
  • And it further establishes your brand and maintains consistency.
To this end,domaining is a feature of the MergeWord that helps you choose a domain name for your business or campaign. Being a merging tool, MergeWord allows you to generate different varieties of domain name to choose the best one for your business. This allows you to have a domain name that targets a fairly specific audience.
  • Linkbuilding
MergeWord’s Linkbuilding feature focuses on merging or combining keywords. It is one of the most useful and best features among many that have been developed over the years.  By filling in the main keywords of your campaign, MergeWord provides a good variety of combinations. All you have to do is think like the client and choose a few words that match their approach. The Linkbuilding feature allows you to find keywords to use as anchor text, i.e. the visible and clickable text in a hyperlink.  This is the phrase or word used when linking to internal pages on your site or to pages on other websites. Targeted keywords are used as anchor texts for internal linking and link building from other websites to help certain pages rank on search engines Additionally, you can use these words keys in the page content during your linkbuilding strategy. It is a superlative tool that you should use when creating your SEO campaigns as it will save your time and allow you to merge words for the purpose of building links.
  • Adwords
MergeWord has an Adword feature that allows you to merge keywords to find a good combination for your ads. An Adword campaign can be promising, but when you don’t find the right combination of terms, you can lose money. It’s actually the right combination of keywords that can help your ads reach the right people. Another advantage of merging keywords for an adword campaign is that keywords can be organized into the following types:
  • Brand : When you know how to plan an Adword campaign well, you can generate keywords containing your brand name and terms related to your brand;
  • Generic terms : The tool helps you merge terms relating to the products or services offered;
  • Related terms: You may find terms that are not directly related to what you sell, but which users who want your products or services may search for;
  • Competitor Terms : Keyword merging helps you find competitor brand names that offer similar products and services to yours.
Like the other features, you just need to fill in the keywords related to your Adword campaign in the three columns to generate combinations. But, before doing a keyword merge for an Adword campaign with this tool, it is highly recommended to do a thorough research on your audience and their language. As the name suggests, MergeWord is a great word merging tool. It is very useful for any company that needs to build its online presence, focusing on a fairly specific target. The tool has amazing features that can help you for building a non-target domain, a link building campaign and for your ads. We have developed in this article how you can use the different features of this tool.

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Platform whose name means “top talent”.
  • Beneschott
  • Breanden
  • Toptal
  • freelanceproduct 
  • managers; project managers;
  • etc.
Its goal is to provide companies with the best talent on a global scale. It connects the various players through a dedicated platform. You will have all the experts by domain and it will be up to you to choose the one that suits your  project.Besides, Toptal offers a tool called “Mergewords”.It allows you to merge words easily and quickly.You can use it in the context of domain registrations, Google Adwords, etc.

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