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AMP validator | AMP – Chrome (Extension)

AMP validator | AMP – Chrome (Extension)

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With the new Chrome AMP Validator extension, you can quickly spot and debug invalid AMP HTML pages. As you browse, it will automatically validate each AMP page visited and give an indication of the validity of the page.

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Description AMP Validator 

After enabling AMP Accelerated Mobile Pages on your website, it is important to ensure that they are valid.  AMP Validator is a Chrome extension that makes it easy to check the validity of your AMP syntax. 

What are AMPs? 

As a reminder, MPAs (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is an open-source project initiated by Google to help webmasters ensure that the mobile version of their websites runs at optimum speed.  The goal of the project is to offer Internet users a better user experience on mobile devices.  What makes the creation of web pages in AMP format allows to obtain better performance and to arouse more the engagement of the Internet users. 

What is the AMP Validator tool? 

The AMP validator is a tool that allows you to check if a web page is properly configured to be an AMP (accelerated mobile page) page.

Why is using AMP Validator important? 

AMP activation is a task that requires strict rigor. The slightest syntax error could prevent Google robots from crawling your web pages and thus make you lose all the advantages that AMP pages enjoy.  This is where using the AMP Validator tool is important.  This is an essential step to ensure that your pages will be taken into account by the Google AMP cache and will appear in the first results of the search engine.  Source: Martech AMP Validator is also important for your content to be promoted on platforms like Twitter which also accept web pages in AMP format.  The AMP validation tool will precisely allow you to identify any possible problem or error affecting your pages. Once identified, you can then repair these issues so that your mobile web pages are AMP compliant. 

AMP Validator: How to validate your AMP pages? 

There are several methods to validate an AMP page, but the easiest and fastest method is to use the AMP Validator Chrome extension.  To use it: 
  • Go to the Chrome Web Store and then search for theAMP Validator Chrome extension
  • Install the extension on your browser by following the instructions.  
  • Once theAMP Validator Chrome extension has finished installing, navigate to your site’s home page. 
  • Switch to AMP mode by clicking the blue AMP Validator extension icon in the upper right corner of the page. 
  • Now visit your web pages while keeping the AMP mode activated. 
Each time you visit a page, the color of the AMP Validator extension icon will help you identify the page’s AMP validation status: Green to mean thatno issues were detected on thepage. The extension can raise a number of warnings to be taken into account for a good AMP validation of the page.  Red to mean that errors have been identified on the page. The extension displays the number of errors encountered on the page that prevent its AMP validation Blue (followed by the icon of a link) to mean that the page in question does not use the AMP format, but that a AMP version of the page is available. All you have to do is click on the extension to be redirected to this AMP version of the page from your Chrome browser. Note : The AMP Validator extension also exists in a version compatible with the Opera browser. The method of use remains essentially the same (with the Chrome version). Click here to install the AMP Validator extension for Opera. 

AMP Validator: The web version available online 

The AMP validator can also be used as a web interface directly from any browser.  To use it: The tool will then show you the AMP validation status of the page: 
  • The PASS (noted in green) means that the page is indeed valid in AMP format. 
  • The FAIL (noted in red color) means that the page has errors in the source code. Lines of code with errors are marked with a red dot to easily differentiate them from other lines. 
The web version of AMP Validator is interactive. That is to say, after analysis, you can make changes directly in the source code of the page and the tool will systematically check its AMP validation status without you needing to click on the “Validate” button again. or refresh the page.

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AMP Validator Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is an open source technology developed in 2015 by the AMP Open Source Project and supported by Google.  It was announced in October 2015 as an internal project at Google. From 2016, pages supporting this technology began to be displayed as such in Google Search results. To allow the validation of these pages, AMP has implemented the Chrome extension AMP Validator. With this new extension, it is easier to notice and debug invalid AMP HTML pages.  As new navigation is made, AMP Validator automatically validates each AMP page visited and then gives an indication of the page’s authenticity.  AMP’s validation framework is an essential ingredient in ensuring the speed and authenticity of AMP pages. 

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