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Contenus IA | Jasper

Contenus IA | Jasper

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Discover Jasper, an artificial intelligence to automatically generate content: blog articles, Amazon product descriptions, biography, etc.

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Description Jasper AI

Copywriting is an essential pillar in any digital marketing strategy due to its ability to drive traffic and go a long way in improving a website’s rankings. However, it must be recognized that writing quality content is an exercise that can be a bit difficult, especially if you are not used to it. This is where writing aids come in handy.  Jasper AI is also a writing assistant tool with artificial intelligence that makes the process of writing content much faster and easier. 

What is Jasper AI? 

Formerly known as Jarvis, Jasper AI is an innovative tool created to facilitate the writing process. The tool features Artificial Intelligence through which you can quickly and easily generate great content for any topic. Which makes Jasper a very useful tool for writers and other content creators. The Jasper AI authoring tool uses natural language processing to understand your data to generate texts based on what you entered. Jasper also has an advanced plagiarism checker that you can use to make sure your writing is 100% unique.

How does Jasper AI work?

Jasper AI harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to create text that looks like it was written by humans.  This content generated by the tool can be used in several contexts of use such as the publication of blog articles, advertisements, posts on social networks, marketing emails, etc. Jasper uses GPT-3 technology, an autoregressive language model created by OpenAI, an artificial intelligence research lab located in San Francisco.

Jasper: Who is the tool for? 

Jasper has an ergonomic and intuitive interface that makes it easy to use by everyone, but the tool remains particularly useful for certain user profiles, in particular: 
  • Who lack inspiration to regularly create new content  
  • BloggersE-commerce store owners who want to write a lot of product sheets 
  • YouTubers to generate catchy titles and descriptions for their videos
  • Community managers who want to quickly create multiple content on social networks 
  • Web writers who want to write blog posts
Basically , if you are looking for a fast and efficient way to automatically generate quality content, Jasper can be a good choice.

Howdo I use Jasper to quickly create a paragraph? 

Jasper’s “Paragraph Builder” template is an easy way to quickly generate content.  
  • To use it, go to the Jasper dashboard 
  • Click on the “Template” section
  • Then click on the “Paragraph Generator” template 
You will then be redirected to a page on which you will be asked to: 
  • Write what do yousure that Jasper is speaking in the paragraph to be created 
  • Enter the main keywords you want the tool to use when writing the paragraph (optional) 
  • Enter a writing tone of your choice (optional): funny, casual, professional, etc. . 
  • Define an input language and an output language 
  • Then click on the “Generate” button 
Instantly, Jasper will generate in the text editor next to it, a relevant paragraph built on the basis of the information you have provided.  By default the tool generates 3 different paragraphs, but if you wish you can modify and enter the number of paragraph outputs you want. 

Howto use Jasper AI to generate Amazon product descriptions? 

For those who have a niche site for promoting affiliate products on Amazon, Jasper can be used to automatically generate descriptions for your products. 
  • To do this, go to your dashboard then click on the “Templates” section
  • Click on the “Amazon Product Description (paragraph)” template template
  • Then enter the name of the product
  • Also enter the benefits or features of the product
  • Choose a tone of writing (optional) 
  • Define an input language and an output language 
  • Choose the number of output descriptions you want the tool to generate then click on the “Generate” button: 
  • Jasper will then take care of automatically creating descriptions for you of the product based on the information you provided 

Howto use Jasper AI to write blog posts? 

Here are the different steps to write a blog article on Jasper AI: 

Step 1: Register on Jasper AI

First of all, you must be able to access Jasper AI by registering on the platform. 
  • To do this, go to the Jasper AI home page and click “Try for Free” or click directly on this Signup – Jasper.  
  • Then fill in the information requested and click on the “Continue” button 
. A code will be sent to the email address provided. Copy and paste this code then follow the rest of the procedure to complete your registration. 

Step 2: Choose a predefined template 

  • Once you have accessed the tool, go to the dashboard then click on the “Templates” section 
  • Among the available templates, choose “Documents”
The wizard will then present you with two choices to start creating of your post: 
  • Start from scratch 
  • Or get assistance with the blog post workflow 
  • Choose the”Blog posting workflow” option. You will then be taken to a new setup page. 

Step 3: Describe the content you want to createBefore you

  • Start, be sure to choose an output language for your 
  • Article.Then in the first field, provide a short description (at most 1000 characters) about the content you want to create 
. This is the most important step in the setup process that allows Jasper AI to really understand what you want. The more specific and relevant you are in your description, the better the tool will beable to generate quality content for you.  For example, if you want to produce a blog post on how to tie a tie well, you can provide the tool with a description such as “Describe the different ways to tie a tie well”.  Once your description is complete, Jasper AI offers a second field where you can fill in some keywords to reinforce the description and help the tool identify the most important keywords it should use.  You can enter up to 3 keywords by clicking on the “Enter” key each time.  This step is optional, but if you particularly care about certain keywords, it would still be good to mention them. Then click “Continue” to go to the next step. 

Step 4: Come up with a title for your post 

The second step in the process is to come up with a title for your blog post. For this, the tool offers you the choice to create a title yourself or to generate a list of suggested titles. For the second option, leave the title field empty then click on the “Generate 3 ideas” button.  In our example on the tie, we can see on the capture above that the tool suggested 3 titles all relevant to us: 
  • How to tie a tie: a step-by-step guide 
  • How to tie a tie: a step-by-step guide
  • How to tie a tie: a step-by-step guide  
Click on the title that seems most compelling to you and if you are still not satisfied with the tool’s suggestions, you can still click on the “Generate 3 ideas” button to generate more suggested titles.  For our example, we’ll choose the title “How to Tie a Tie: A Step-by-Step Guide.” 

Step 5: Come up with an introductory paragraph 

The 3rd step in the process of setting up our blog post is to write an introduction.  Just like the title, Jasper AI gives you the option to write an instruction yourself or let the tool do it.  So you can start typing your intro or just click the “Generate 3 ideas” button.  As we can see on the capture below, Jasper offers us 3 different introductions:  In our case, the first introduction seems more relevant to us. So we’ll click and go to the next step.  But if you want, you can always click on “Generate 3 ideas to generate more intro proposals.” 

Step 6: Open the editor 

Once you have chosen the introduction that suits you, you have just completed the configuration of writing your blog article.  You will then be able to access the text editor and for that simply click on the “Open editor” button:  Once you access the Jasper AI text editor, your screen should look like this:  In the left sidebar , you have the information that you have previously configured, namely the title, a summary of the article, the important keywords. 
  • If you wish, you can also complete a tone (funny, casual, professional, etc.) for your article directly in the left sidebar. 
Finally, make sure the output language is still set to the correct language. 
  • Otherwise click on the “Select language” section to drop down the list and choose the language in which you want the tool to write the article for you. 

Step 7: Propose a writing plan and then generate the content 

Once the configurations are complete, it is recommended to propose a writing plan that Jasper must follow to write your blog article.  Again, you have the choice of creating this plan yourself or letting the tool suggest a plan for you.  For those wishing to use Jasper AI to generate an outline, the “Blog Post Outline” template will need to be used. To do this: 
  • Click on the “Power Mode” mode button 
  • Choose “Blog Post Outline” in the sidebar 
  • Recall the title of the content in the first field located in the “Blog Post Outline” window 
  • Choose a tone, 
  • Define an output language (optional)
  • Then click on the “Generate AI Content” button 
Instantly, the tool will generate an editorial plan for you. 
  • If it doesn’t suit you, you can click the “Generate AI Content” button again for more suggestions. 
  • Then copy the plan that you consider relevant for your article then paste it into the text editor next to it: 
  • Once the plan has been pasted into the editor, it is recommended that you write yourself at least a first sentence under each plan. 
This allows Jasper AI to serve you better content. 
  • Then choose an output length between “Short”, “Medium” and “Long”
  • And click “Compose”. 
The tool will take care of writing the rest of the article entirely for you without you having to do anything more.  If you are not satisfied with the result, it is possible to click on “Delete the last output” to clean the generated content and obtain a new rewrite.  Good to know:  There are still more than fifty other Jasper templates that you can use to write content much faster.  Among other things, you have templates for: 
  • Writing a company biography 
  • Turning product features into consumer benefits 
  • Writing descriptions for Google ads 
  • Producing unique blog posts 
  • And much more. 
Most of these models work much like the ones we’ve featured in this guide, so you can have fun exploring them.  The tool also offers free Jasper Bootcamp where you can access videos and learn tips for better using Jasper. 

What is Jasper AI BOSS MODE? 

plan BOSS MODE was recently launched by the platform. In this mode, you can absolutely write any kind of content you need.  Thanks to its easy-to-use interface, this mode allows you to create high-quality content much faster than using the pre-made templates.  Additionally, BOSS MODE offers more exciting features including the ability to perform conversational commands such as: 
  • Hey Jasper, give me some headline ideas for a blog post about…  
  • Hey Jasper, write me a letter about… 
  • Hey Jaser, formulate this passage for me
  • Hey Jasper, write me a conclusion for… 
Source: sadiesmiley  As you can see, BOSS MODE really lets you ask Jasper AI anything.

What is Jasper Art?

Jasper AI has also very recently developed a new feature, the Jasper Art which is an AI image generator.  With Jasper Art, users have the ability to produce beautiful works of art with just a few clicks.  Source: jasper.aiart  Clearly, in addition to being a writing aid tool, Jasper now also allows you to create image images from simple texts. 

Jasper: Available Integrations 

Jasper AI offers a variety of integrations to help businesses automate their workflows. These integrations include: Google Sheets : This integration allows businesses to import data from Google Sheets into Jasper AI, making it easy to analyze and track data. Zapier : This integration allows businesses to connect Jasper AI to over 1,500 other apps. It makes it easy to automate tasks and workflows between Jasper AI and other applications. Surfer SEO : Jasper and Surfer SEO integration is a great way to keep your website up to date with the latest changes in the SEO world. With Surfer SEO, you can be sure that your website will be search engine friendly and compliant with all the latest regulations. Source: surferseo  Salesforce: This integration allows businesses to sync customer data between Salesforce and Jasper AI. This makes it easy to analyze customer data and create targeted marketing campaigns. Grammarly : This integration allows you to improve your texts by detecting grammar mistakes and other types of mistakes. 

Jasper: Advantages and Disadvantages 


Tool training available: Jasper offers training called “Jasper BootCamp” to help new users understand how the software works.  Facilitate the content creation process: Thanks to its operation on Machine Learning, Jasper is able to write paragraphs, see complete content. This makes the writing process easier.  Save time: Writing content has always been a time-consuming task. With Jasper, content creators can write content much faster and save valuable time. 


Limited number of words generated: Jasper is not a tool that generates an unlimited amount of words. Even the ‘Boss Mode’ plan generates a limited word count.  Only Works Online: Unlike some writing tools that offer offline functionality, Jasper only works when you’re online.  Requires human intervention: Although AI-enabled, Jasper currently needs human piloting before delivering full content ready for publication.  Relatively more expensive pricing:  Compared to writing aids, Jasper offers relatively more expensive pricing. 

Jasper AI: Pricing 

Jasper AI offers 3 pricing plans namely:  Starter from $24 per month 
  • 20,000 words per month 
  • 50+ AI models
  • Support for 20+ languages
  • ​​Up to 5 users
  • chat
Boss Mode from $49 per month
  • 50,000 words per month 
  • All Starter plan 
  • Features Google Docs style Compose
  • And order features
  • Maximum content analytics
  • Increase limits on templates
  • Grows with your team
  • Priority chat support
Business – Custom plan and pricing
  • Quick overview:
  • Custom words/user plans
  • Manage limits per user
  • Options flexible billing
  • plans Dedicated account manager
  • Onboarding and training
  • Sessions High-end technical support
For each plan, you have a free 5-day trial period with 10,000 credits and a money-back guarantee. For more information, check out the official Jasper AI.  

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Jasper is a company created to provide a solution for writing quality articles automatically.  For this purpose, it has developed the Jasper tool, an artificial intelligence that allows you to quickly write content for blogs, social networks, the website, etc.  With the services that this company offers, bloggers or writers can easily create blog posts and grow their content marketing.  In addition to generating content automatically, Jasper integrates rewriting, plagiarism check, spelling and grammar checkers into its writing tool. All this is involved in optimizing your content on websites. 

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