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Backlinks Auditing | URL Profiler

Backlinks Auditing | URL Profiler

Short description : Backlinks Auditing

URL Profiler Mise en avant
URL Profiler doesn’t just do one job; it can be configured to retrieve a wide range of privileges, content, and social data for almost ANY task. Thousands of URLs at once – with no limits or constraints – just the data you need, when you need it.

Long Description : Backlinks Auditing

Description of the URL profiler tool. 

Developed by Tyler Puig, URLProfiler describes itself as a powerful tool allowing SEO specialists to easily and quickly audit their website’s social media links, content and data.  This tool which at first was the private tool of a single team is now a software available to all those who wish to further improve their SEO strategy by providing them with a tool capable of optimizing their analysis of data. 

Who is the URLProfiler software intended for? 

As you can see, this software can be used by anyone who wants to collect and analyze data at a website level.  It can therefore be a web referencing professional, a marketing agency or even teams responsible for managing websites within companies. 

What are the features of the URL profiler software?  

Regarding the features of this software, it must be said that when you choose to use URL profiler, you can: 
  • Audit the content of your website: With this feature, you will have an in-depth overview of the contents of your site and get information about their adaptation to speed and mobile display. Apart from that, you can determine the most valuable and least valuable pages of your site, know your most popular pages, improve understanding of your written contents, identify and remove duplicate contents; 
  • Prospect your site’s links: With this feature, the software allows you to analyze all the links on your website. You will be able to check the traffic and the popularity of the site, identify all the links by theme, etc. Here, the tool allows you from the integration of an API to your site to collect and export all your data in CSV format; 
  • Audit your site penalties: This feature helps you avoid Google penalties. It allows you to check the link present on your website and to classify them in order to find those which are not relevant, even suspicious and dangerous for your classification;  
  • Collect social data: The software, through this feature, allows you to collect a lot of data. The objective is to help you know your most popular content, better target your target audience, find and extract contact email addresses and then be able to find the information needed to create the most suitable customer profile for your site. Internet. 
  • Perform Domain Lookups: This is a feature that helps you get an idea of ​​the authority level and relevance of your or others’ website. This allows you, for example, to make informed decisions when buying a new domain, to see the credibility that Google gives to your site or that of others. 

How much does the URLProfiler software cost? 

The use of the URLProfiler software requires a subscription which can be monthly or annual.  The subscriptions that the software site offers you are covered by three types of plans, namely: 
  • The solo plan: The solo plan is the basic plan. It is ideal for personal use of the software. It is priced at $29.95 per month for a monthly subscription and $19.95 per month when you plan to go on an annual subscription. This plan entitles you to a single license; 
  • The pro plan: The pro plan gives you access to two licenses. It is priced at $39.95 for the monthly plan and $25.95 when you want to make an annual subscription. 
  • And the Agency plan: This plan entitles you to 20 device licenses. It lets you import 1,000,000 URLs. It is billed at $95.99 for the monthly plan and $64.95 when you want to do an annual subscription. 
However, it is useful to remember that currently the URLProfiler site offers a 14-day free trial on its software. This allows you to discover the various features and possibilities it offers you in order to decide on the subscription that best suits your needs. 

How to use the URLProfiler software? 

To use the URL PROFILER software, you must first install it. Nothing could be simpler, you need a machine running Windows Vista and other recent versions or Mac OSX 10.8 or more with a free RAM of 3 GB.  As soon as you have such a configuration, you just have to follow the following steps:  Go to the URLProfiler and scroll down the page then press the “download” button.  Wait for the file to download and open the folder to start the installation process by clicking on the URL profiler file and following the installation wizard.  Once the installation is complete, agree to launch the software immediately.  Once the software is launched, you must now configure it by filling in your personal information. However, you must be careful to choose the type of registration you want to perform between the free trial and the subscription to a user license.  Anyway, whether it’s the free trial or a normal registration, support sends you an activation key for the tool. You must therefore enter the validation key in order to obtain access to the software’s functionalities.  Once you have these different steps, you can now have access to the URLProfiler tool  Once you have access to the URLProfiler software, you can start using it. To do this, you can, if you wish, make some adjustments in the settings. Thereafter, you just have to paste the URL addresses you want to analyze in the URL part and press the run profile button after checking the different types of information you want to have to obtain the results in CSV format.  These results are immediately saved in a file in CSV format. You can therefore consult it at any time on your computer.  These are the different possibilities offered by the URL profiler tool. Use it to benefit.

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URL Profiler is an SEO tool put together by developer Tyler Puig. It was designed with the goal of helping agencies, businesses, and freelancers improve their SEO techniques. URL Profiler helps its users to improve their daily tasks. This through various features including the backlink audit, which provides an in-depth overview of the backlinks of content.  With this feature of URL Profiler, companies can also check all the links contained in their articles in order to remove the less useful ones. URL Profiler also allows for link prospecting, domain research and a collection of data and contacts for companies looking for customers.

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