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SEOlyzer is a crawler tool and log analyzer that helps you understand how search engines view your website. The tool crawls your website to flag any issues that may prevent your pages from being crawled and indexed by search engines.

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Description SEOLyzer

When search engine bots like Googlebot crawl your website, they quite frequently leave actionable information in a file called ”Log”. It is precisely this information that SEOLyzer collects to deliver to you in the form elements easy-to-understand SEO The idea is to help you complete certain SEO tasks such as: 
  • Fix errors and redirects; 
  • Monitor page loading speed; 
  • Help search engines more easily crawl your strategic pages first.

What is SEO Lyzer ?

The first feature of SEOLyser is that it is quite intuitive and useful for SEOs of any experience level. Log file collection can be real-time or downloadable, the crawler is fast, and reporting is simple and extensible. SEOLyzer first starts by analyzing the overall performance of your website using logs. The tool analyzes the content of your pages and offers you measures to improve your site traffic, such as controlling page loading speed, finding redirects and many more. When the tool spends a few moments to explore your website, it displays a result divided into several sections, here are some

of them: Dashboard

On the dashboard of the analysis report, we can see two graphs that summarize the link status of your website. We can therefore read on the first graph the percentage of URLs explored on your website and that of URLs not explored. One reason a url might not be crawled, for example, is that it’s likely blocked by your site’s robots.txt file. Then, the second graph shows us the percentage of Urls that can be indexed by search engine bots and that of Urls that cannot be indexed. Urls that search engines cannot index include URLs blocked via robots.txt, but also those that contain, for example, a noindex tag, HTTP error codes, a canonical URL that points to another pages, etc.

HTTP codes

In this section, the tool summarizes all that it could detect as HTTP code on your website during the exploration. It can be code 200, 301, 404, 200, 500. The study of HTTP codes makes it easy to detect faulty links within your store in order to correct them. Overall we can see that the tool shows us that 94.5% of the Urls on our website are in good condition, which is symbolized by the code 200. On the other hand, 4.5% of the Urls are in the 301 state and 1% are in4004, which simply means that the URLs must be checked to correct the imbalances. For example, when clicking on the percentage of 301 status urls, the tool shows us all the Urls of this nature and when you click on one, you have even more details. 301 and 404 codes mean that you have some fixes to make to your link profile.

The depth

In the indexability feature, we also have the depth section which tells us the number of clicks needed to access a page from the home page. The more links the visitor has to click, the deeper the page will be. For example, leadto quite a considerable depth. On an e-commerce site, between categories, sub-categories and pagination, the content can quickly become very deep. 

Depth per group

This functionality is no different from the previous one, only that here, instead of considering the depth of the content of a page individually, the tool instead focuses on a group of pages. The tool shows you which parts of your website have more deep content. Typically blog content, product pages or sub-categories are detected by this feature, as these are parts of a site that are full of content that can be accessed after multiple clicks. 

Website content

In this section, you can see the essential elements related to the content of a website page. We can see that on the Twaino website, there are more contents of more than 2000 words, it is quite interesting for SEO. If your pages are mostly between 0 and 500 words, it is recommended to optimize them, because you are not fully exploiting your SEO potential. In addition, the tool is able to detect the pages that lack pulls on your website, it is a way to optimize your chances of ranking. Also, the meta description does not have a direct impact on the ranking, but it is important to fill it in because it helps to encourage people to click on your site in the results pages and improve your rate. of click. For this, if there is a page that does not have a meta description, SEOLyzer can report it to you so that you can add it.

Website visitors

The visitor section of this tool shows us the number of Internet users who have actually visited the website. What is even more interesting is that SEOLyser groups visitors by category:
  • SEO visits: This first report shows the number of visitors coming from search engines;
  • SEO visits by group: This tab allows you to highlight the groups of pages on your site that generate the most visits and those that generate the least;
  • Most visited: Here you can discover the pages ranked by number of SEO visits, can get an idea of ​​the most powerful pages on your website;
  • SEA Visits: This tab displays your visitors from online advertising, generated with Google Ads.
In general, SEOLyzer is a complete SEO solution for anyone with a website and cares about its ranking.

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SEOlyzer is a crawler platform that analyzes logs for SEO. It helps web marketing professionals improve organic traffic to their sites. This, by implementing concrete and objective actions such as:
  • detection and correction of errors (404, 500, etc.);
  • verification of redirections;
  • page speed performance monitoring;
  • orientation of search engines.
SEOlyser also ensures the good health of sites through the monitoring of SEO KPIs. It analyzes the volume of crawls as well as the response time of sites.  The tool helps users to pinpoint the real problems related to the referencing of their sites, thanks to indicators visible in real time. Finally, SEOlyser allows you to do a targeted analysis of the logs through a categorization by page groups. SEOlyser is trusted and shared by many SEO experts around the world. It is adopted by many companies and also benefits from a large number of users.

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