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Content improvement | Semji

Content improvement | Semji

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Equipped with an AI, Semji is a SaaS solution that allows you to streamline and measure your content strategy for better conversions.

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Description Semji

Semji is an online platform powered by Artificial Intelligence that enables marketing teams to optimize their content creation strategy. For this, the tool essentially helps to discover new opportunities and streamline the content marketing process. 

What is Semji? 

Semji is an AI-powered SEO platform designed to help digital marketers optimize their content for better SERP rankings and good conversion.  The platform has a fairly rich toolbox with very useful features such as:
  • Getting suggestions for optimization during the writing process
  • Identifying existing content with high potential that needs to be optimized as a priority
  • Planning assistance different SEO optimization tasks 
  • Evaluate the quality of optimization of content 
  • Measure the optimization rate of content 
Interestingly with Semji, the platform is a solution developed by a team of French experts. Which makes it particularly useful for companies that target a French-speaking clientele.  Until then, most editorial optimization solutions are more suitable for English-speaking audiences, and sometimes even unavailable in French. With this tool entirely in French, you will be able to improve your content with suggestions that are truly adapted to your writing language. 

Semji: Tool 

features Semji is a platform that provides a toolbox with practical features to optimize your content creation and SEO strategy.  Here’s a list of everything you can do with the tool: 

1. Easily spot your top performing content for more impactful SEO 

For an effective SEO strategy, it’s important to know where to focus your optimization efforts to get better results and much faster. Semji allows you to instantly identify your existing content that is already performing on search engine pages.  This is content where you don’t have to put in a lot of effort before you get good results.  The work will then be to prioritize the optimization of this content to maintain its performance over time, or even achieve even better results.  To easily identify this content with high potential, Semji displays SEO metrics such as: 
  • The number of clicks per month 
  • The rank occupied on Google 
  • The search volume 
  • An evaluation of the potential for clicks 
  • And a Content Score rated on a scale of 0 to 100.
Source: Semji 

2. Organize your content creation strategy effectively and easily Content 

marketing is an effective approach to improving your visibility and attracting more traffic. At the same time, without proper organization, it must be recognized that it is difficult to stay productive and achieve meaningful results with content creation.  Semji lets you effectively plan your content strategy by helping you easily prioritize tasks in the creative process.  The tool’s dashboard makes it possible to ration the creation of content. It is possible to easily delegate editing tasks and follow the progress of each member in real time.  Source: Semji This considerably optimizes team collaboration, whether it is an internal team or external collaborators.  You will then be able to produce quality content much faster and remain consistent in publishing articles. 

3. Benefit from the assistance of Artificial Intelligence to accelerate the SEO optimization of your content

Powered by Artificial Intelligence, Semji suggests relevant recommendations to optimize your content much more quickly and give them more chances of being good positioned on search engine pages.  Source: Semji  On your dashboard, you have the Content Score, which is a patented measure developed by Semji.  It is scored on a scale of 0-100 and the higher the score, the more guaranteed you are that the related content will perform on the Google SERPs in terms of rankings, traffic and conversions. In addition, thanks to its user-friendly and intuitive interface, Semji makes SEO fun and accessible to everyone, even beginners.  The tool features pop-ups to provide optimization tips like: 
  • The ideal text length to produce to be more eligible for Google’s first page 
  • Build sentences that are relevant, but also easy for readers to digest 
  • Respond explicitly and succinctly to ideas for frequently asked questions. Recommended for a better user experience and to be displayed as a featured snippet on Google)
  • Set up internal networking to encourage Internet users to discover more related content
  • Etc. 

4. Easily measure the effectiveness of your content creation strategy

In addition to helping you optimize your content, Semji also allows you to accurately quantify the ROI of your content marketing.  And for that, the tool brings together on a single screen, all the most important KPIs you need to assess the profitability of your content strategy in terms of engagement, leads, revenue and many more.  Source: Semji With Semji, you can, among other things, check the number of visits acquired, the sales recorded, the number of transactions made, the behavior of Internet users towards your content, etc.

Semji: Advantages and Disadvantages 

  • Obtain suggestions for optimization during of the writing process
  • Identify existing high-potential content that needs to be optimized as a priority
  • Help in planning the various SEO optimization tasks 
  • Report of SEO performance and real-time revenue 
  • Key words in French 
  • Only allows a request for the optimization of a

Semji page: Pricing 

The pricing of Semji is obtained on request. 

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Semji is a French company made up of an SEO and web marketing team of 40 people, all experts in their field. It offers you a triple marketing solution that involves an SEO platform, expert monitoring and ROI. Its objective is to support companies, SEO agencies and marketing professionals in designing appropriate content visible in Google’s SERP and evaluating its web performance.  To achieve this, Semji has developed the Semji tool of the same name as the company. It is indeed a platform that is based on AI to optimize web content with the intention of having a better SEO. More concretely, Semji is an all-in-one SEO tool that can help you improve both your SEO campaigns and your marketing strategies. Equipped with several features, the tool is involved in your netlinking strategy and in the e-reputation of your company.

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