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Server Status | Prepostseo

Server Status | Prepostseo

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Effectively check the web server status of your sites using Prepostseo’s Check Server status of multiple URLs.

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Description Check Server Status of multiple URLs de Prepostseo

The main purpose of a website is to help visitors obtain useful information on a given subject. However, if the site in question is inaccessible or not visible due to technical problems, this is detrimental for the owner and for his business. Thus, to know if a website really has accessibility problems, owners can seek to know the status of the status of the web server. To successfully do this, they can use a web server status checker like Check Server status of multiple URLs. This tool is registered by the Prepostseo brand. If you’re looking for useful information on what it can do for you, you need to keep reading.

Check Server status of multiple URLs – Prepostseo

Check Server status of multiple URLs is a free online platform that provides the ability to check the server status of multiple website URLs at once. More specifically, it is a tool that helps detect problems that the server of a website may encounter. For this, it effectively scans the server, checks its status and finally provides users with accurate results about its status. Through this tool, you can easily know the status of your favorite websites. Which will bring you interesting information when they are down. Whether the site is working or not, Prepostseo’s Check Server status of multiple URLs can help you check its status. Also, what makes it dynamic is that unlike many online tools, this one allows you to check the status of up to 10 URLs simultaneously. What is server status actually?

Server status: Késako?

The server status represents in clear and concise terms the state in which your web server is. This state is established by the HTTP or HTTPS response from your website which is either “OK” or “No”. If you are faced with a case different from these two cases, it simply means that your server is down or is not available at the moment. But in fact, why is it essential to use this status checker? I will give you a little more clarification on the matter.

Importance de Check Server status of multiple URLs de Prepostseo

You should know that to have a good ranking in the SERPs, it is necessary to always have an active server status. Since this helps to maintain traffic to your website. With this tool, you can quickly check whether your server is active or not. You can also find out whether or not your website has a technical breakdown. This is why its use is quite important. Moreover, everyone knows today that a website that is not accessible to visitors leads to a bad ranking. For this good reason, always check the server status in order to know if your website really has a technical problem or not. Because if a website is technically down, it means that visitors will not be able to get there. Thus, the bounce rate will increase and this will lead to a bad impact. So avoid all this by checking the status of your web server from Check Server status of multiple URLs of Prepostseo. How is its interface presented and who are its users? If you ask yourself this question, I am convinced that the answer I will give you will be beneficial to you.

Interface and users

The interface of Check Server status of multiple URLs of Prepostseo also called Status Server Checker abbreviated as SSC is very easy to access. This favors its handling which is quite easy. This tool is primarily aimed at the following users:
  • Webmasters;
  • SEO professionals, in particular SEO consultants;
  • All companies combined.
That’s it, now you know who can use it and how its interface looks. Now, let’s pay some attention to its use.

Utilisation de Check Server status of multiple URLs de Prepostseo

The use of Status Server Checker by Prepostseo does not require a user manual. It is done in just a few steps that you should know if you really want to adopt it. Beforehand, you must join its interface. To do this, click on the following link:Check Server Status – check if website is down ( This link will always redirect you to the user interface page. It looks like this: After accessing the page, you must paste the URL or URLs of the websites whose status you want to check. You can paste up to at most 10 URLs while ensuring that each of the URLs remains on a single line. In other words, you should have a list of 10 URLs in the text box like this: Once each of the URLs is on a single line, you can check their server status by clicking the green button: “Check Server Status”. After a few seconds, Prepostseo’s Check Server status of multiple URLs will provide you with the status of these URLs in a clear table that shows the HTTP code and its status. Now you know how to use Prepostseo’s Check Server status of multiple URLs. However, it is important to specify that the tool has some specificities concerning its use that you absolutely must know. Here’s what its about.

La mention “Please provide at least 1 valid URL”

It may happen that after pasting a URL that the tool sends a pop-up which contains the following message: “Please provide at least 1 valid URL”. But what does it mean? Indeed, the latter means that the URL you have pasted or entered is wrong or inaccurate and that you have not provided the type of response. By response type, understand HTTP or HTTPS. In other words, for each URL typed or pasted, you must absolutely put HTTP or HTTPS in front. You must therefore paste one or more complete URLs in the input area dedicated to this purpose.

The report generated by Status Server Checker

Prepostseo’s Check Server status of multiple URLs usually generates a tabular report. If in the table, the status indicates “200”, it means that the site has an online presence. On the other hand, if the status displays “500”, you should know that the site is offline due to a server problem. Under these conditions, remember to take the appropriate measures to put it back online. Finally, here is a reminder of server status codes.

Server Status Codes: Reminder

The server status code, also known as the HTTP status code, is a response from the web server to a request from browser software such as Google or Bing. In principle, when you visit a website, your browser sends a request directly to the server of the site in question. This server subsequently responds to the browser’s request with a three-digit code that is mostly invisible to the visitor. This is the HTTP status code. Here are the best known.
  • 200 : This code indicates that the server status is good and the server is working normally.
  • 301 : this means that the address of a website is once and for all moved to another address.
  • 302 : the server has detected a temporary redirection of the site.
  • 400 : the query entered is bad or erroneous.
  • 401 : access to the website not authorized.
  • 403 : this code indicates that the web page in question is particularly prohibited for the visitor and that the latter does not have access to the page.
  • 404 : The specific web page the visitor is looking for does not exist.
  • 500 : This status code indicates an internal server error. In other words, the server has a technical maintenance problem.
All in all, Prepostseo’s Check Server status of multiple URLs is the right tool for all webmasters who want to effectively check the server status of their website. It is reliable and you can use it without limits. This does not require prior registration.

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Prepostseo is an agency founded by Ahmad Sattar, a web developer and his AR AS assistant to help web editors, webmasters and SEO experts in creating high-performing articles.  Its main objective is to improve the content and referencing of websites. For this, it offers free tools to its users so that they can upload content without plagiarism and above all of quality.  We can cite as tools the DA Checker, the Paraphrasing Tool, the Plagiarism Checker, the Summarizer, etc. Thanks to these tools, Prepostseo provides its users with the best SEO solutions.  Thus, they can easily check: 
  • The plagiarism rate of an article;
  • The SEO score of a content;
  • Spelling and grammatical errors in an article;
  • Backlinks (return links);
  • Keyword density;
  • Domain authority, i.e. the quality of a website;
  • And much more. 
With these tools, the Prepostseo also helps to reformulate and summarize articles. All this to facilitate the writing of content optimized for the web. 

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