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Boost your traffic | DreamHost SEO Toolkit

Boost your traffic | DreamHost SEO Toolkit

Short description : Boost your traffic

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DreamHost Seo toolkit is an SEO toolkit that allows even beginners to easily optimize their websites for search engines. The tool offers several advanced features which helps you to improve your ranking on search result pages in order to acquire more traffic.

Long Description : Boost your traffic

Description Seo toolkit from DreamHost

Although SEO seems to be a more or less complex task, it has proven to be essential for an online website from then until today. It is to facilitate this task for website owners that DreamHost has developed its SEO toolkit. The tool has several important features allowing you to accomplish the majority of SEO tasks. Speaking of SEO tasks, here are some that you can accomplish with DreamHost Seo toolkit:

Search Engine Site Submission

offers a feature that allows you to automatically submit your website to search engines. the most recognized search engines on the market such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.  This feature is of great importance especially when you do not have enough experience in SEO, the tool will help you to make your website known on search engine results pages. We can therefore understand that the functionality brings a considerable boost to the natural referencing of a website.

In-depth website audit

Seo toolkit also has a website audit feature that allows you to analyze your website’s abilities to rank high on search engine search result pages. In addition to providing you with data from numerous checks, the audit report also shows you how your website has gradually developed in terms of natural referencing. Once the audit is run, the tool gives you an overall score that indicates your website’s capabilities in terms of SEO. Over time, the tool allows itself to automatically update this score to give you an idea of ​​your progress. This allows SEOs to automatically see the result of their efforts on their websites thanks to this score, which can evolve or regress. In addition to this, the tool is based on the audit report of your website to offer you a fairly thoughtful SEO plan.   This plan consists of various simple and important tasks that you must accomplish to improve the SEO of your website in general.

‘s on-page

SEO toolkit offers an on-page SEO module that allows itself to analyze each of your website’s pages to reveal what is preventing each page from ranking high on the SERPs. The idea is to help you optimize each of your website’s web pages for organic searches.

The Keyword Tracker

The tool scours the internet to track keywords to suggest tips on how you should place the most relevant search terms on your pages so that they rank well on websites. search engine results pages.  The feature also lets you identify relevant keywords that you can use to better optimize your pages for searches. To use this feature, all you have to do is fill in your primary target keyword to get high potential search term suggestions for your site’s ranking. In front of each keyword, the tool indicates the level of competition, that is, the ease or difficulty of ranking for this specific keyword. Additionally, you will get the number of organic traffics that keyword can likely bring to your pages. This information about suggested keywords will help you make the best keyword choices for your web pages. Likewise, you have the option to track up to 20 keywords of your choice to see how they perform on search results pages over time.

SEO tips for users

If you are a beginner in natural referencing, this tool will not only bring you knowledge, but also a boost in referencing your website. It offers advice on how you can apply good SEO practices to your web pages.

Competitor Tracking

No doubt, when you have a website that targets a specific niche, you will be competing with other websites that target the same niche. But when you have control over the competition in your industry, you can easily outrank them. Thus, the tool helps you understand the strategies used by competing sites so that you do better to outrank them.   You can easily find out the position of top-ranking websites in your niche for certain keywords. If you have an idea of ​​what is gaining popularity among your competitors, you can easily strengthen your marketing strategies to outrank them. To use this feature, you must allow yourself to know your potential competitors in advance, because you will need their URLs. It is from there that you will get the list of your competitors that you have filled in with information that you can use to your advantage.

WordPress compatibility

DreamHostest allows you to use SEO Toolkit from your WordPress dashboard. The tool is perfectly compatible with websites based on the WordPress content management system.

Progress Reports

When you run an audit with this tool, it now offers weekly and monthly reports to give you an idea of ​​how your website is progressing. When you track your efforts frequently, you can do better.

Constant SEO Monitoring

When doing SEO, your wish would be for your website to keep moving up the search result pages, but there can be irregularities. That’s why DreamHost offers a permanent SEO monitoring feature for your website to alert you to any issues that may arise. This is a great way to keep up to date with any Google algorithm outages or changes that may impact your website.

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DreamHost SEO Toolkit belongs to New Dream Network LLC. The latter was founded in 1996 by Dallas Bethune, Sage Weil, Josh Jones and current CEO Michael Rodriguez. Said company has its establishment located in Los Angeles in the United States. DreamHost is precisely one of the oldest web hosting providers as well as a responsible registrar of website domain names. By creating the DreamHost tool, its founders aim to help the entire global community, especially digital professionals, to clearly mark their online presence. To do this, the tool ensures that your website is efficient, secure and always able to function. Thus, DreamHost SEO Toolkit improves the user experience of your audience and participates in the optimization of your website for search engines. It is therefore a tool that is aimed at SEOs, bloggers, companies of all types as well as digital marketing professionals, e-merchants and SEO experts.

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