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Keyword Research | KWFinder

Keyword Research | KWFinder

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KWFinder: SEO tool for keyword research, ranking tracking and competitive analysis. Also available as a Chrome and Mozilla extension.

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Description KWFinder

KWFinder is one of the 5 SEO tools offered by Mangools to help website owners and digital marketers analyze their SEO performance and improve their search marketing strategy.  KWFinder basically finds profitable keywords with SEO metrics (search volume, SEO difficulty, etc.) and tracks its SERP ranking as well as that of competitors.  The tool is available online and also as an extension version for Google Chrome and Mozilla browsers. 

What is KWFinder? 

KWFinder is a keyword generator that offers several useful features to help its users succeed in their SEO strategy on search engines.  Among other things, the tool allows you to: 
  • Organize and manage lists of keywords 
  • Generate suggestions for relevant keywords
  • Import and export keywords in bulk 
  • Filter the most profitable keywords 
  • Perform a SERP analysis to track your ranking and that of competitors 
  The tool is especially appreciated for its ease in generating keywords with a high volume of searches and at the same time less competitive.  Moreover, with KWFinder you can start with a 10-day trial and access the entire Mangools toolbox, free of charge without a subscription and without the need to provide your bank details.  For each generated keyword, KWFinder displays important SEO metrics such as search volume, SERP ranking, estimated SEO difficulty of the keyword…  All these metrics are useful to get an idea about the competitive environment and profitability of each keyword. 

KWFinder: The advantages of the tool 

  • User-friendly and easy-to-use interface: You enter a main keyword or a list of seed keywords then in one click, access a stack of related terms and expressions. 
  • KWFinder displays SEO metrics such as search volume, Cost Per Click, SEO and PPC difficulty scores, and estimated traffic. So many essential metrics to assess the importance of a keyword. 
  • KWFinder offers an integration to the SERPWatcher tool to allow you to easily track which websites are ranking high on a specific keyword.
  • KWFinder offers better assistance when needed. The platform has a Help section where many written and well-detailed resources are distributed. The tool itself is also quite intuitive with pop-ups that appear when you hover over a metric for further clarification. 
  • You also have technical support available by email to ask more advanced concerns. 

KWFinder: Key Features 

  • Access long-tail keywords
  • Identify your competitor
  • ‘s keywords Organize keywords by creating your own lists
  • Ability to bulk-import keywords 
  • Built-in Google Suggest keyword research tool
  • Filter words keywords that aren’t profitable
  • Keyword research for local SEO with over 50,000 placements worldwide 
  • KWFinder’s SEO difficulty score is among the most accurate 
  • Shows search volume and other SEO metrics for keywords
  • Analysis Complete SERP 
  • Alternative solution to Google Keyword Planner 

KWFinder: how to use the tool? 

  • Enter your email address and a password then click on the “Create an account” button. 
  • A confirmation link will be sent to the email address provided during registration, click on it for validation. 
The tool gives you free access to all 5 Mangools tools for a 10-day trial period before signing up for a paid subscription. 
  • After successful registration, now return to the home page and click on the “SEO Tools” link located in the horizontal menu bar. 
  • Then choose the Mangools tool you need (KWFinder in our case). 
The tool gives you the possibility to start your search in two ways: 
  • Either by a starting keyword 
  • Or by the domain name of an existing website. 
  • Regardless of the search mode chosen, optionally add a region and a specific language then click on the “Search for keywords” to launch the search. 
After a few seconds, your report is ready and should be displayed on the screen. 

1. List of associated keywords 

On the results page generated by KWFinder, you have a section to your left that lists relevant keywords associated with your search term.  For each keyword found, the tool displays: 
  • The search volume trend over the last 12 months
  • The average monthly search volume 
  • The average cost per click in Google Ads
  • The level of competition in PPC (pay per click) in Google Ads
  • And a Keyword SEO Difficulty score. This score is calculated by Mangools from the strength of the backlinks profile on the first page of Google. 
In this keywords section, you can also click on the options: 
  • Autocomplete to display the keyword suggestions in alphabetical order.  
  • Questions to display keyword suggestions as a question. 
KWFinder also gives you the option of adding the keywords to a custom list or exporting them to a spreadsheet or simply copying them to the press paper.  To do this, check the keywords box and then select the keywords that interest you. 

2. Top 10 websites ranking for the searched keyword

To your right, you have a section that ranks the top 10 websites ranking for the keyword on Google.  For each website found, KWFinder displays: 
    • Domain Authority (DA) – A ranking score out of 100 offered by Moz SEO to measure a website’s strength on Google pages. 
    • Page Authority (PA) – A ranking score out of 100 offered by Moz SEO to measure a web page’s strength in Google results. 
    • Trust Flow (TF) – A score out of 100 offered by Majestic SEO to assess the quality of backlinks on a page or website.
    • The number of backlinks directed to the page. 
  • The number of Facebook shares 
  • The overall strength of the page’s backlink profile . This score is offered by Mangools. 
  • And an estimate of the number of visits per month that the page gets on this position. This estimate is calculated from the average monthly search volume. 

KWFinder: Chrome Extension

KWFinder also exists as an extension that you can install on your Chrome and Mozilla browsers.  To use the KWFinder extension: 
  • Follow the instructions for installing the extension 
Now you can use it to check the SEO metrics of any web page.  To do this: 
  • Go to the page you want to analyze. 
  • Scroll down the list of extensions installed on your browser. 
  • Then click on the Mangools extension. 
A pop-up window will appear on the screen.  You will then be able to find all the reports offered in the web version of Mangools. Which can be very handy for quickly checking the SEO performance of your competitors. 

KWFinder: Integration with other tools from the Mangools brand Creating

a KWFinder account with a valid subscription also gives you access to other tools developed by Mangools.  You will then be able to better exploit the tool’s potential and perform several SEO tasks, including SERP analysis, SERP ranking monitoring, backlink profile analysis, domain comparison on several metrics, etc.  of the tools you have access to include:
  • KWFinder: The keyword generator that we feature in current content 
  • SERPChecker: A tool that lets you view results on the SERPs 
  • SERPWatcher: A tool that lets you track how a website ranks on search engine results pages for specific keywords 
  • LinkMiner: A tool that draws on data from Majestics SEO to let you audit your backlink profile 
  • SiteProfiler: A tool to competitive site analysis that relies on reliable sources such as Alexa, Majestic and Moz

KWFinder: Who is the tool for? 

The KWFinder keyword tool can be used for both organic SEO and PPC campaigns. 

1. Use KWFinder for Free 

SEO For SEO specialists and website owners who want to perform free SEO, the tool can be useful for filtering terms and manually building a list of relevant keywords to target. 

2. Using KWFinder for PPC SEO (Paid) 

For paid marketers, using KWFinder is of somewhat limited appeal.  The tool does not offer more features than Google Keyword Planner which is a completely free keyword creation solution.  However, for those who work on multiple projects and need to research keywords frequently, KWFinder can be a good choice for PPC SEO. 

KWFinder: Pricing 

Mangools offers 3 pricing plans to choose from giving access to all these tools including KWFinder: 
  • Basic Plan at $29.90 per month 
  • Premium Plan at $39.90 per month 
  • Agency Plan at $79.90 per month 
For each plan, you can save up to 40 % by subscribing to an annual subscription.  The tool also offers the possibility to start for free with a 10-day trial period, without subscription and without providing a bank card. To note : All these rates are subject to change without notice. So check the official page to check the current rates.

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KWFinder is the keyword research tool of the Mangools SEO platform. It’s a tool for finding long-range, SEO-friendly keywords. It relies on an accurate search volume with carefully sorted data. KWFinder has as many features as other similar tools have. However, only one point differentiates them: intuition.  Indeed, KWFinder is a very intuitive tool, which uses several parameters to bring out the keywords that any marketer would dream of. In addition, this tool makes it possible to discover the keywords working for the sites of the competitors, thanks in particular to the domains and the URLs of the latter.  Finally, KWFinder provides historical search data as well as local results. More than 20 million keywords are generated per month with KWFinder, on nearly 52,000 locations. It provides valuable assistance to companies and agencies seeking better SEO for their sites.

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