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All-in-one Solution | BSS Commerce

All-in-one Solution | BSS Commerce

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BSS Commerce Magento 2 SEO Extension Mise en avant
All-in-One SEO Solution for Every Website | Make Your Site SEO Friendly With Out-of-the-Box Features | Competitive price with premium quality | High compatibility – No conflicts

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Magento 2 SEO BSS Commerce Extension

According to Forbes, more than 23,000 online stores have a turnover of at least $100,000, and it is obvious that this figure will keep increasing every year. That said, e-commerce sites are profitable and the good news is that you can also launch your e-commerce store and take your slice of that pie. However, you are going to have to work hard and have the right tools, which is rare to find among the many extensions out there. Fortunately, if you already have a Magento site or want to launch your store soon, the BSS Commerce agency is a trusted Magento partner that offers a Magento 2 SEO Extension. It is an all-in-one tool for SEO. Through this description, I will introduce you to Magento 2 SEO Extension of BSS Commerce and its different features.

What is BSS Commerce?

Magento 2 SEO Extension by BSS Commerce is an all-in-one SEO solution for Magento 2 online stores. It helps to make your online store SEO-friendly with its out-of-the-box features. It has a set of features that enhance all aspects of a Magento online store. This extension is highly compatible with Magento stores and will not cause any other problems for your site upon installation.

The main tools of BSS Commerce for SEO

Let’s explore together the main features of BSS Commerce for optimizing your Magento store.

Rich Snippets — Highlight your stores in the SERPs.

Rich Snippets are a type of structured data markup that site owners add to the HTML code of their pages to help search engines understand page content. Search engines today use this markup to present searchers with more information in the SERPs. So, in addition to titles, URLs, and meta descriptions, they are able to display other information about the user query, including whether that particular result is a review, person, product, company, etc Note that pages whose excerpts are displayed directly on search pages generate more clicks than others. In addition, these pages appear above the ordinary results, which means that you can appear at the top of the search results without being first in the SERPs. But by default, Magento 2 stores support a limited number of snippets for product pages to display on SERPs. In general, we find the availability, the evaluation and the price of the product. Obviously, if you want your products to be highlighted on the SERPs and attract visitors, they need more than that. The Magento 2 SEO Extension toolkit by BSS Commerce offers a feature to adapt different parts of your Magento store pages to Google rich snippets. It will help you display different product snippets on SERPs including: price, rating, reviews, availability, brand, custom properties… You can also display snippets such as: name, description, image and product offers for your product pages. category. It is also possible to optimize snippets for your company’s information such as: name, logo, description, type of business, price range, etc. Internet users can also search for your shop’s products directly from the SERPs using a field search that the extension offers for snippets. This feature also supports Open Graph and Twitter Card for sharing pages on social networks. It also allows breadcrumbs to improve site navigation in the SERPs.

Advanced Breadcrumbs — Better Site Navigation

Breadcrumbs helps Google understand how your site is structured and Google rates the site highly if it’s built with good navigation. Magento stores support Breadcumbs by default, but the problem is that it still has a lot of limitations. The BSS Commerce extension adds more advanced features to make your site both user-friendly and Google-friendly. Using Magento 2 SEO Extension from BSS Commerce, you will be able to experience how breadcrumbs are presented on your site by choosing between 2 types of breadcrumbs: 
  • Use short URL path;
  • Use long URL path.
You also have the ability to easily adjust breadcrumbs based on category priority ID.

HTML sitemap to improve the browsing experience on your store

The extension also allows you to add an HTML sitemap to your store to give users an overview of the store and entice them together. Google also rewards sites that provide a plan to improve user experience, which can benefit your Magento 2 store in terms of rankings. By default, Magento 2 does not allow to generate HTML sitemaps, but with the help of Magento 2 SEO Extension from BSS Commerce, you can solve this problem. Indeed, the extension allows you to:
  • Generate an HTML sitemap that contains products, categories, CMS pages and additional links;
  • Exclude products and categories from the HTML sitemap in the edit page;
  • Enter a unique URL key for the sitemap;
  • Create a specific HTML sitemap for each store view;
  • Show sitemap shortcut in footer or header;
  • Automatic update after modification of the structure of the shop.

XML sitemap to help crawlers browse your Magento 2 store

While HTML sitemap helps users in navigation, sitemap in XML format allows Google spiders to read your store content for easier indexing. You can generate a basic XML sitemap from the Magento 2 settings, but the Magento 2 SEO Extension by BSS Commerce offers more advanced features. You will be able to generate an XML sitemap containing the homepage, products, categories, CMS pages and additional links or exclude certain pages from your sitemap. The main advantage of this toolkit is that you are able to split the sitemap by category or date and specify a root path. You can also add a title and a description for your different sitemaps to make them understandable.

Robot Meta Tag — Instructing robots to index websites

Robot meta tags control how crawlers crawl your site. With Magento 2 SEO Extension, you can use tags like Index, Follow or Index, No Follow. However, you will have difficulty adding these tags to specific pages. But with Magento 2 SEO Extension by BSS Commerce, you can assign Robot Meta tag for each URL conveniently and edit custom instructions in robots.txt file.

Canonical tag — ensuring unique content

In terms of SEO, Google doesn’t like content being available on multiple URLs. However, this problem is common on e-commerce sites due to multiple operations like filters, product searches… With Magento 2 SEO Extension from BSS Commerce, you can solve these problems more easily by implementing canonical tags :

HREFLANG tag — Avoid duplicate content in multi-store

sites For multi-store sites, SEO can be more complicated. Indeed, it is essential to inform the indexing robots that you have several versions of the site in different languages. Magento 2 SEO Extension by BSS Commerce is particularly great for this and will allow you to add an Hreflang tag to each store view and select the language as well as the country for a store view.

Redirects — Improving the user experience

Redirects are important for solving certain problems such as 404 errors, especially when certain pages are no longer available on your site. To set them up more easily and avoid the increase in the bounce rate, Magento 2 SEO Extension from BSS Commerce will be essential for you.

Meta Tag Template — Auto Generate Meta Tags

For a Magento store with thousands of products, it can be difficult to add meta tags to each of them manually. But with meta tag templates, you can generate meta title and meta description automatically for all of your products.

Image ALT Tags — Making Images SEO

Friendly You certainly know that it is no longer possible to underestimate the usefulness of the alt tag for images when you know the importance of images for SEO. Magento 2 SEO Extension by BSS Commerce allows you to create an ALT tag template to apply for all product images on your store to set it up for all images on your site.

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BSS Commerce is a Vietnamese e-commerce agency established in 2012. It has a comprehensive service to accelerate the growth of B2B and B2C e-commerce brands.  With nearly 10 years of experience and expertise across multiple platforms, BSS Commerce has developed over 180 extensions with out-of-the-box functionality to optimize every aspect of websites.  Among these, Magento 2 SEO extensions are among the most popular since they allow webmasters to improve the SEO performance of their websites.  BSS Commerce is a dynamic agency with more than 21,000 clients with many partners around the world.

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