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SEO Amazon | Helium 10

SEO Amazon | Helium 10

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Amazon Keyword Research By Helium 10 Mise en avant
Helium 10 is a suite of tools specifically designed for natural referencing of listing pages. ads on Amazon. The tool allows the sellers to rate the product pages, research the relevant keywords for the ads, analyze the competition in order to get a better deal.

Long Description : SEO Amazon

Description Helium 10

If shoppers can find you very quickly and easily when they search for a product on Amazon, you’re likely to get good business. Precisely, Helium 10 is known in the web marketing market as a fairly effective way to optimize your ads in order to attract customers. Let’s find out in this description how this tool works.

What is Helium 10 ?

As a repeat, Helium 10 is an online marketing software with powerful features to make it so easy for you to offer and sell products on the Amazon marketplace. In addition, the tool has recently entered into cooperation with Chinese Alibaba as a second marketplace to build relationships between customers and suppliers. According to Helium 10 users, the tool is considered to be the most comprehensive and best Amazon marketing medium in the market.  In fact, Helium 10 is a collection of different tools compiled into a complete suite for you to do multiple marketing activities on Amazon.

How to use Helium 10

The Helium 10 tool has keyword research features that are quite easy to use even when you are an SEO beginner. The whole process of keyword research comes down to a single action on your part, you just need to enter your main keyword and the tool will start suggesting related terms with high search volumes. Home for a little bit of this procedure here are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Start the Magnet Helium 10 tool

The first thing you have to do is search for the tool in search engines or go through the link in This article. When you get to the homepage of the tool, you will find in the menu bar the tab ”Tools” in which you will search for the Magnet functionality in the section ”Keyword research”. This is the feature we need when we want to optimize your product pages for Amazon.

Step 2: Do a search

It is from this step that you must enter your main keyword to get suggestions for related keywords with high potential for the natural referencing of your product pages on Amazon. To do this, you just need to enter the main target keyword in the reserved search bar. By typing your keyword in the search bar, you can immediately start getting suggestions for top search terms. The tool uses the keywords that customers regularly use to search for a product on the Amazon platform to give you suggestions when you enter your main target term.   If you are confident in entering your main keyword, you can move on to the next step.

Step 3: Choose your country of activity

Amazon is an international platform divided into several marketplaces depending on your country of activity or the country of its user. This is why it is important to choose your country of activity correctly to optimize your pages for the marketplace that suits you. Also, when you do the keyword research in the Maget tool, the results differ for different target markets. If you want to change your target country on Amazon, just click on the country flag icon on the left of the search bar.

Step 4: Analyze and interpret the results obtained

After choosing your marketplace and entering your main keyword then clicking on the ”Get keywords” button, the tool provides you with a summary of your search. The tool gives you better keyword ideas that can get your ads to the tops of results pages on Amazon. The search report gives you an estimate of the total number of searches your keyword or phrase may receive each month. Moreover, you can also get a long list of keywords related to your search term or phrase. Additionally, the tool also provides a Magnet IQ score which shows the number of searches for that keyword compared to the number of competitors. The higher the Magnet IQ score, the better that keyword can offer rankings when well distributed in an ad. Far from it, we have the CPR score (Cerebro Product Rank) which is the number of products you can sell in a week following organic searches on Amazon.

Step 5: Manipulate your results according to your needs

Once you have the search result for your main keyword, you can use the list of keywords according to your needs. Generally, the tool provides several long-tail keywords and you can focus on the data that will be most useful to you. For example, you can choose to show only long-tail keywords with fairly high search volumes.

Step 6: Filter for the Magnet IQ score

As just seen above, the Magnet IQ score refers to the total number of searches a keyword gets compared to the number of people who target the same word. -key. This would mean that if you only find keywords with high enough Magnet IQ scores, you increase your chances of having the most optimized ads on Amazon. The best way to do this is to filter the search results to only get long-tail keywords with super high Magnet IQ scores. This feature is even more beneficial for people who don’t have enough experience in optimizing ads on Amazon.

Step 7: Change your search volume

When you use keywords with very low search volumes, you probably won’t get enough traffic to your ads. Similarly, when you use keywords with high enough search volumes, you may run into a competition problem because a lot of people will think of using those keywords at the same time as you. For this, a trick is to use keywords with average search volumes so that the combination can offer you a fairly interesting traffic rate. Thus, you can adjust the search volume in the Magnet tool to obtain keywords with average search volumes and which are likely to be less used in your market. Once you make the adjustment, the search report will automatically update based on your needs.

Step 8: Increase the word count in your search

Another way to spot the best keywords with low competition is to increase your word count. The section ”Word Count” lets you know the exact number of keywords in a search term. The fewer words a search term has, the less competition there will be. For this reason, filtering your results to only include long-tail keywords with a word count of 4 or more is a good way to minimize potential competition.

Step 9: Save your data for future use

When you finish analyzing the data as needed, it is important to save it for future use. The tool gives you the option to export your data to an Excel or Google Sheet file according to your preferences. Thus, you can share this data with a third party or a client if you are an SEO agency.

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Helium 10 was co-founded in 2015 by Guillermo Puyol and Manny Coats, both experts in their field. The latter have an ambitious goal, that of helping sellers to reach the top. Their mission is to empower entrepreneurs everywhere to start, scale, and grow businesses on Amazon. This is why they have implemented Helium 10.  The latter is a platform that makes it easy and efficient to manage and develop an e-commerce business on Amazon. Helium 10 is among the industry’s first all-in-one software for Amazon. Helium 10 is precisely a suite of tools that allows you to manage your business on Amazon. It is for all Amazon sellers and suppliers. The software can also be used by all digital marketing professionals.

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