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All in one SEO | Link Assistant

All in one SEO | Link Assistant

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Link Assistant is a Windows, Mac and Linux software, which aims to help web marketers optimize the process of creating links. This is not an automated link building tool, it just helps find better link building opportunities.

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Description LinkAssistant

Since the Google Penguin update, web marketers are becoming increasingly wary of link building. In this regard, PowerSuite which is a powerful SEO tool provides its users with the LinkAssistant feature to find the best resources to build a breast and relevant link profile. LinkAssistant lets you source leads, assess their quality, and connect with potential link prospects. The tool allows you to search for potential link opportunities that meet your needs. This allows the user to choose the category they want to work in. To better understand how LinkAssistant works, I invite you to read this description.

What is LinkAssistant

LinkAssistant has become one of the most effective tools nowadays to improve the ranking of a site on the search results pages thanks to the creation of a healthy and effective link profile. In fact, it is a feature of SEO PowerSuite tool which includes other features like:
  • Website auditor;
  • Rank tracking;
  • Spyglass SEO
  • Etc.
There are several advantages of using this specific feature of the tool:
  • The customization options of Link Assistant allow the developer to more easily create links on different pages of the website;
  • The feature has a very advanced system that makes it much easier for you to improve your website rating;
  • Its ease of use distinguishes it from other corresponding tools.
The SEO PowerSuite tool in general offers several pricing options.  The free SEO PowerSuite comes with limited options, but it’s a great way to test the features of SEO PowerSuite. 

How to use Link assistant?

As said before, your first intention when using the Link assistant would be to find opportunities to build backlinks.  For this, you need to start by typing in a keyword to access many potential channels to build links. These can be:
  • Backlinks from guest ;
  • Customer reviews site; 
  • blog comments; 
  • Forums; 
  • Link pages;
  • Link submission forms; 
  • Etc.
Once you have selected the criteria of the prospect and the type of backlinks you are trying to acquire, Link Assistant will ask you questions in order to also use the keywords related to your business.  If you want the tool to also use related keywords to find more opportunities, you need to connect your Google Ads account.  Next, you need to adjust a few simple settings like whether you want to get contact information from prospects or not. Your leads can be chosen based on their online presence. This tool provides quality metrics such as Page Authority, Domain Authority, and Alexa Rank as well as social shares. LinkAssistant offers a cool feature that lets you keep tabs on your link profile.  This means that you can monitor the status of your emails using LinkAssistant.  If you send outreach emails twice, the status in LinkAssistant will automatically update. Unfortunately, Link Assistant does not collect important information. For example, you will not be able to have the email address of the website or third-party services.  To better enjoy the services of this tool, you need to adjust and customize some settings like:
  • Company Profile: In this section, you need to register your company or website details. It will be a question of filling in the name of your company, your email address, your physical address and your website, and adding a logo if you wish;
  • Dropbox settings: You can specify your Dropbox login information to store your projects. If you don’t want to use Dropbox, you can use the Power Suite tool SEO cloud, which lets you save files from every project you create. Additionally, you can sync your account to have the latest project files;
  • Publishing profiles: After creating a publishing profile, SEO PowerSuite will remember your preferences like file format, email or FTP delivery option, so you won’t need to enter them again for further reports;
  • Moz API Settings: You can add multiple MOZ API keys to connect SEO Power Suite to MOZ to capture Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) metrics for each project you create;
  • Search engine API keys: If you run several large projects daily, you should add Yandex and Bing API keys, as these search engines have crawling limitations;
  • Search Security: This is a tool setting that enhances your search security to ensure that crawlers can easily explore your website in depth;
  • Proxies: Obviously, it’s important to use proxies if you run multiple projects or crawl websites more frequently;
  • Scheduled Tasks and Alerts: The Scheduler allows you to configure SEO Powersuite to regularly run certain tasks at a specific time and date, so you won’t need to step in and initiate repetitive tasks. This way you can automatically send SEO reports to your clients every week or every month if you are an agency;
  • Export Templates: The Export Templates feature allows you to customize the appearance of exports. You can choose the data to export, select the data type, presentation format, etc. You can also create multiple export templates and use them as needed.
In general, if you want to optimize your link building process, LinkAssistant is therefore a tool that gives you every chance to find the best ways to build a link profile that can increase your rankings on the SERPs.

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Link Assistant is an all-in-one SEO platform. It provides marketing professionals with all the tools necessary for better SEO optimization.  Through the SEO PowerSuite software, the Link Assistance platform offers a multitude of SEO tools.  These tools make it possible to overcome the many problems related to search engine optimization and help to obtain a better writing interface.  Among these tools are:
  • a ranking tracking tool;
  • a web listener;
  • a link assistant;
  • a backlink research and audit tool.
Link Assistant is a very accessible and easy to use platform. It has many users including large companies and globally recognized agencies.

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