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XML Sitemaps | WordPress (Plugin)

XML Sitemaps | WordPress (Plugin)

Short description : XML Sitemaps

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Learn how to easily generate a simple, yet powerful sitemap with the XML Sitemap tool.

Long Description : XML Sitemaps

Description of XML Sitemap

XML Sitemap is a powerful generator of site maps allowing you to create a directory of all the links of your site and to prioritize the pages in order to allow the robots to find them very quickly and to index them. When it comes to crawling your website, search engine crawlers may miss certain pages. This is why it is essential to create a sitemap with an effective tool like XML Sitemap that helps you subject your entire site to bots. The tool has impeccable features to create different kinds of sitemaps just in a few clicks. Let’s find out in this article how this tool works.

What’s this XML Sitemap tool ?

XML sitemap is a powerful, half-free and easy-to-use sitemap generator. Like most sitemap generators, the free version of this tool lets you generate sitemaps up to 500 pages. And when it comes to using its free version, no registration is required to get an xml file immediately ready. Additionally, you can also:
  • Submit your generated sitemap and download from the platform’s servers;
  • Update your generated sitemap without re-uploading it to your website;
  • Connect multiple sites to the tool to create sitemaps for each.
But the paid version of XML sitemap gives you even more advantages and may be necessary for large websites. Indeed, this will allow you to: 
  • Index up to 1,500,000 pages;
  • Automatically update the sitemap;
  • Create sitemaps in image format, videos, news and an RSS feed?
In addition to creating different kinds of sitemaps, the pro version of this tool helps you detect broken links on your site.

Features of XML Sitemaps

Let’s find out some main features of this tool:
  • XML Sitemap Generator XML Sitemap
Generator is a feature of the tool that helps you to create a special document that lists all the pages of a site web to provide search engines with a global overview of all available content. You do not need to register to generate this type of sitemap, you just need to fill in the address of your site in the bar at the top of the homepage. When you click on start, it takes a few seconds for your sitemap to be ready to bedownloaded. 
  • HTML sitemap generator 
This feature of the tool allows you to create a specific page that has links to every important content page on your website. All pages on your site that can be indexed by bots or are navigable from your menus should link to your HTML page. The idea is to facilitate navigation for users by reducing the number of clicks to reach a page thanks to the anchor text, linked to it, displayed on the HTML page. To create this type of sitemap, you must register using your email address and your website address. To do this, scroll down to click on ”View detail” in the ”Pro Sitemap” column. Signing up will give you access to your dashboard where you can update your sitemaps and upload it. This time when you download it will be sent straight to your inbox.
  • Text Format Site Map Generator
The text format site map was specifically used to submit site pages to the Yahoo search engine. You might say that this sitemap format is no longer useful, as Yahoo now supports XML sitemaps. But, the tool continues to offer the creation of sitemap in text format to allow website owners to have a list of links to their site for reference in a single text file. In the same email message, you can download this type of sitemap.
  • Mobile Sitemap Generator
As a general rule, any website that has a mobile version is expected to have a separate mobile sitemap submitted to the search engine. Like most freelance sitemap generators, the XML sitemaps tool limits mobile sitemaps to the first 50,000 pages. For this type of sitemap, you must upgrade to the paid version for your email message included.
  • Image Sitemap Builder
This feature creates files to help search engines discover content that could possibly be included in Google’s image-specific search results. While XML may be the convenient way to share image and video information with search engines, this feature may be preferable for specific reasons. This sitemap can also be downloaded from the email message sent.
  • Video Sitemap Generator
This feature helps to create a sitemap that tells search engines which landing page the video can best be viewed on.  This is even more useful, for example, when your video is embedded on multiple pages, so the sitemap indicates which page of the video should be indexed. It also helps videos to show up in dedicated Google SERPs. As you can read in your email message, you must be charged to download this type of sitemap.
  • News Sitemap Builder News
sitemaps allow the Google News bot to crawl relevant content on your website. With the pro version of the XML Sitemap tool, you can easily create a sitemap to appear in the news. The idea is to pass news that is current on your site to search engines with news-specific features.
  • RSS Feed Generator
Tool allows to create simple text files containing necessary and updated information, news, articles, etc. This allows visitors to track changes to your site, using one of several ‘feed readers’.  An RSS feed takes headlines, summaries, and update notices, then links to articles on your favorite website page. This content is delivered in real time, so the top results on the RSS feed are always the latest content published for a website.


As you can see, your XML Sitemaps sitemap is a fairly easy tool for creating powerful sitemaps. We recommend you to use the paid version to better enjoy this tool.

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WordPress was created in 2003 by Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg. The latter had initially created a blogging tool called B2/cafelog. By enhancing this platform with precise features, they finally created WordPress. It is a content management system that helps create blog sites, online stores, etc.  WordPress is therefore a software that allows you to create websites for free. The platform is very easy to use and does not necessarily require coding knowledge. It is the most popular CMS today and it should be noted that it hosts many websites. This powerful tool also makes it possible to optimize the management of the content of the various sites. In addition, WordPress also offers several solutions in the form of plugins or extensions. These allow users to solve certain problems they encounter in managing their content.

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