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Title Rewrite Checker | Seowl

Title Rewrite Checker | Seowl

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Seowl – Title Rewrite Checker is an online tool that allows you to check for free if Google has rewritten the title of your web page.

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Description Seowl – Title Rewrite Checker

Have you ever noticed that Google changed the page titles that you originally filled in your Title tags?  Well, this is a fairly common situation. The search engine can decide to keep your titles as it can also decide to modify them by inserting internal links or passages that it deems more relevant for users.   Seowl – Title Rewrite Checker is an online tool that allows you to check for free if Google has rewritten the title of your web page. 

What is Seowl – Title Rewrite Checker? 

Following an algorithm update, many website owners have noticed that Google has started to rewrite the page titles originally filled in Title tags.  The objective of the search engine through this update is to “produce titles that are more readable and accessible to users”, which is not always the case.  To rewrite a page title, Google proceeds in several ways including: 
  • Split titles into two parts and add ellipses to shorten them
  • Remove certain information that Google deems irrelevant
  • Reword over-optimized titles 
  • Add trade names at the beginning or end of theend of titles
  • Lengthen short titles 
While this update may make titles more relevant, some people are seeing their click-through rate drop by up to 37%. Seowl – Title Rewrite Checker is a free online tool that lets you see if Google has rewritten your web page title. This is a way to discover the new title that the search engine has proposed. 

Seowl – Title Rewrite Checker: How to use the tool?  

Using the Seowl title rewrite checker is easy to learn: 
  • Or submit a list of URLs via sitemap by typing the address of your sitemap in the second text field
  • Then click on the “Check titles” button. 
The tool should then provide you with a table of results in which you can see if Google has rewritten the titles of the verified pages: Once the verification results are generated, you can click on the “Export” button to save the data to an external file.

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SEOwl was founded in 2019 in France. It is a suite of complementary tools for tracking and reporting your website’s performance to search engines. It promotes all of your SEO which allows you to refine your content marketing. Among this suite of tools is Google Title Rewrite Checker. The latter is a Google title rewrite checker. Totally free, it is useful to check if the Google search engine rewrites the title of a list of your pages.  Google Title Rewrite Checker is therefore beneficial to bloggers, SEOs, digital marketers, but especially SEO experts.

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