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Word counter | Twaino

Word counter | Twaino

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Free Online Tools – Twaino Word and Character Counter. Use our real-time word and sign counter for free

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Description of the Twaino word and character counter tool 

The word and character counter is a tool that you will find on the website of the SEO agency Twaino. It is a free tool, but quite powerful and efficient that allows you to obtain very interesting information on the content of the articles that you submit to it.  This tool also has the particularity of providing information about the web pages of your website.  It’s not uncommon for you to need to have an idea of ​​the length of the content you’re writing. Knowing that this is a difficult exercise and you won’t be able to do it manually, you are probably looking for the best tool that would suit you.  Thus, although there are a multitude of tools for this purpose on the internet, Twaino offers you a solution that is simple, effective, practical, but also free through its word and character counter tool. 

Who is Twaino’s Word and Character Counter tool for? 

The word and character counter tool that you will discover on the Twaino site is aimed at a wide category of people.  It is naturally aimed at web editors and journalists who are paid on the basis of the content they produce, but also on the basis of their length.  It is also aimed at writers or students who must write texts with a minimum of words or pages imposed.  Finally, it is aimed at users of social networks where the content of publications is often limited to a specific number of characters. 

Why use the Twaino word and character counter? 

As I have already announced, the word and character counter tool will be useful for you to determine the length of the contents that you write.  You can also use it to view the content of articles you see on other websites.  Apart from being free, this tool comes in a very simple design. It adapts properly to your screen and you can use it the same way on your mobile or pc screen. 

What are the features of the Twaino word and character counter tool? 

The word and character counter tool you’ll find on the Twaino site actually gives you two options.  The first is to count the words and characters contained directly in your articles. The second is to do it from the pages of your website.  This is a practical matter and whatever your preference, you can be sure to get the following information: 
  • The word count; 
  • The number of characters; 
  • The number of paragraphs;
  • Reading time;
  • speaking time;
  • Word density with the 5 words that appear the most in the text. 
Apart from these features, once on the tool, you have a detailed article that tells you everything you need to know.  This content therefore allows you to know not only where you are stepping, but also the different possibilities you have. Because in reality, thanks to this content you will learn very interesting things.×509.png For example, you can understand that it is a tool aimed at a very wide audience and apart from articles you can also submit files and texts of long content.  You will also learn the limitation of the number of words imposed on certain social networks as well as tips for counting characters and word counts on your word processing software. 

How to use Twaino’s word and character counter tool? 

Despite the many features that you will find on the Twaino website word and character counter, you will not have to spend anything if you want to benefit from it.  As I have already mentioned, this tool gives you the possibility to count the number of words and characters from an article or a file. But you can also collect the same data on the web page of a website.  If it is a text that you want to submit, you can do so. You can enter it directly in the box provided for this purpose or make a copy and paste from a website or from a word processing software. Once the content is written or copied, you don’t need to press anything.  In reality, the counting is done automatically. Once the content is inserted in the space provided for this purpose, just take a look at the table entitled details and keyword density to find all the information relating to the number of words contained in your text.  If you are interested in the content of the page of a website, simply: 
  • click on the web page counter tab; 
  • Enter the URL of the page concerned in the box provided for this purpose and press count. 
As you will notice, once you press count, the process starts and after a few seconds, the data of the page in question is loaded and you get all the details as if it were of a text.  If you are looking for a tool specially designed to count the number of words and characters of your articles or web pages, do not hesitate to use the word and character counter that Twaino offers you. Granted, it’s not the only tool, but unlike most other tools you’ll find on the web, Twaino’s word and character counter tool: 
  • Allows you to submit any type of text whatever its length; 
  • Offers you additional and interesting information about the content you submit; 
  • Is simple to use; 
  • And it is a free tool. 
Do not hesitate to use it as soon as the need arises at your level. 

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Twaino is an SEO agency based in the 10th Arrondissement of Paris and present in several cities in France. Its main objective is to support companies, merchants, service providers and organizations to develop their activities through sustainable organic growth of their website. For this, Twaino has set up a list of SEO services such as SEO Audit, SEO Campaign Management, Local SEO, Netlinking and SEO Training. The agency also offers other complementary services such as SEO Web Writing and the Creation of personalized visuals or illustrations. But in order to popularize and deepen SEO concepts, the agency has created a blog on its site where content is regularly published. The most interesting remains its SEO tools which are accessible for free and which help users in their various SEO optimization tasks.  Other tools from the same company: 
  • Word counter; 
  • SEO audit; 
  • FAQs; 
  • SERP Simulator; 
  • Image integrator.

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