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Videos Analytics | Social Blade

Videos Analytics | Social Blade

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Social Blade Mise en avant
Social Blade tracks user stats for YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, and Twitter! Get a better understanding of user growth and trends using Social Blade.

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Social Blade

More than half of the world’s population, or 58.4%, use social media and this constitutes, therefore, real opportunities for companies. These social media are transforming marketing and companies are putting them at the heart of their marketing strategy. However, it is not always easy to analyze social accounts like websites due to the availability of statistics. In this condition, most companies fail to review their best platforms in real time. To overcome this, it is common to use third-party tools to obtain deep statistics on social account activities. Social Blade is one such tool that helps to extract data from social media and analyze it. This tool can help you get a better understanding of your growing social media business. Through this description, we discover Social Blade and how to use it for your social media content creation strategy.

What is Social Blade?

Social Blade is an analytics tool that monitors your social media account statistics. The statistics that this tool provides you will allow you to understand the trends of the social accounts of your companies. This is especially essential for people who offer online services and have social accounts like YouTube and Instagram. Indeed, it is often difficult to have the main statistics on social platforms. Even though YouTube tries to provide statistics, some statistics are not necessary for content creators and there are others that are completely missing. The need for relevant and usable social account stats stems from the fact that social media marketing has become one of the best ways to get your brand in front of potential customers. That’s the point of using Social Blade, because it puts simplified analytics at your fingertips.  This tool provides all its users with access to its database. From this data, you will also be able to not only analyze your own accounts, but also for any content creator or brand.

Social Blade’s Impressive Stats

Social Blade is a popular platform that many content creators are already using to track their social media growth. This popular tool already tracks 31 million YouTube channels. It also monitors nearly 8 million Twitch channels, 210,000 Daily Motion users, nearly 259,000 Mixer Streamers and over 8.8 million Twitter profiles. As for platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, Social Blade also supports over 350,000 pages and 9 million accounts respectively.

Features of Social Blade

Social Blade can help you do many things you never thought possible.

Finding Influencers

Since Social Blade gives access to its database to all of its users, you can use it to find influencers for your brand. The tool offers a query builder with which you can filter the results to get targeted queries. Thus, you will be able to search for the most influential accounts for certain queries for your favorite social platforms. From then on, you only have to analyze the results of these accounts to see to what extent they are adapted.

Grow your channel

One of the promises of Social Blade is that it will help you grow your YouTube channel. Indeed, it offers courses on methods that can help you grow your channel. While that’s not what most people use this tool for, you’ll find certified experts who can help you take your YouTube channel to a whole new level.

Analyze your social accounts

With the data that Social Blade provides about your social accounts, you will analyze the types of posts or videos that are successful. The tool offers a comprehensive analytics dashboard where you can see everything you need to know about your Instagram channel and its growth. In fact, Social Blade uses the collected data to create graphs as well as simple statistics allowing you to follow the progress of your accounts.

How to use Social Blade?

Social Blade is simple to use and you only need to type your channel name in the search bar. The tool offers you a set of social accounts and you will have to choose your account to see the statistics displayed. To begin interpretation, the tool assigns a rating to your string. If it’s not very good, keep in mind that channels that have more than 10,000 visitors may still only get Cs and only YouTube mega stars get A’s and B ‘sThis shows your subscriber and video view ranks as well as a rank assigned to you by Social Blade. The second line shows the views and subscribers you’ve gotten in the last 30 days, along with the percentage you’re up or down by. The information on this line will allow you to see how well your channel is growing, but in an easier way than in YouTube Creator Studio. What’s even more interesting, Social Blade shows in the last line of the first section, an estimate of your monthly income. If you move to the second section, you’ll be able to see your estimated views, subscribers, and earnings by day rather than by month. Your channel growth is green and loss is red. By looking at this graph, you can determine which videos have earned your channel the most after being posted. This will give you a clear idea of ​​the kinds of videos your subscribers would like to see.

How to use Social Blade to spy on other channels?

Instead of typing your name in the bar, put the name of your competitors or the channel you want to analyze. When you research your direct competitors, i.e. channels of the same size as yours in the same genre, you will be able to see which of their videos perform best. The beauty is that when you know what works for your rivals, it will help you design your content strategy. Besides, you can also use Social Blade to find top YouTube stars you admire to see how they are doing.

The Social Blade extension and applications

The tool offers an extension allowing you to easily display all your statistics like the website. This extension displays a box next to the videos you are viewing and shows the most important Social Blade stats about the channel there. It also supports Twitch, Instagram and Twitter and has over 330,000 users and an overall rating of 4. For mobile users, Social Blade also provides stats from its apps for Apple and Android. All in all, Social Blade is perfect for people who want deep insight into the platform’s analytics and use those findings to build their businesses.

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Social Blade is a company founded by Jason Urgo in 2008. Its purpose was to track statistics for the then popular Digg website. It wasn’t until 2010 that the company started tracking Youtube stats. Having achieved enough success with these stats, she added other platforms like Twitch in 2013, Instagram in 2014, Twitter in 2016, Daily Motion in 2017 and 4 years ago Mixer.  Anyway, SocialBlade officially became a company in 2012. Its Social Blade tool, of the same name as the company, tracks user statistics for the platforms mentioned above. It is able to bring you general analytics related to any content creator, brand or live streamer.  That said, if you are possibly looking for Twitch Streamers or Youtube Creators, Social Blade can give you a good experience through these different features.

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