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Tracking | NightWatch

Tracking | NightWatch

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NightWatch Mise en avant is a very advanced online SEO SEO tool with multiple cool features. In addition to allowing you to permanently track your website’s rankings, monitor your backlinks profile, it also offers you advanced segmentation and a simplistic view of data.

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Tracking keywords in search engine rankings is the best way to know which ones are of great benefit to your website. In this regard, offers features to track the performance of the keywords you use. It is a tool known for its precision in terms of data around keywords and its other very advanced services. To learn more about, I invite you to continue reading this description.

What is ?

The tool is best known for its various settings and functions that make life easier for the users. For example, filtering capabilities, attractive charts and visuals to interpret data, Google Analytics and Search Console integration, etc. It’s perfect as an all-in-one SEO performance solution, especially for websites meant for scaling. Nightwatch operates on three main characteristics that make it a compelling and effective tool for any content marketing team:
  • Rank tracking;
  • Backlink monitoring;
  • Reporting.
Nightwatch’s rank tracking capability may impress any user who is just trying to test out the tool for the first time. Not only does it provide daily leaderboard updates, but it also gives you snack pack data insights. Turning to the dashboard, there is a clean, airy and very organized interface. Important details conveniently placed in the sidebar make navigation precise and simple. In addition to being able to configure reports directly from the dashboard, Nightwatch provides a few templates that you can use as a starting point.  Thus, you can configure the elements to be included in your report via various drop-down menus in a very practical way.  Nightwatch offers a weekly ‘Discover the Keywords’ report. The table also includes your current ranking position, location, and search volume, which is actually quite useful.  Here are some interesting statistics that you can discover thanks to Nightwatch:

The average position

The average position is a score attributed by Google which is calculated according to your level of quality and the relevance of your content.  Obviously, business owners with higher quality websites or web pages are simply rewarded with a good Google position. Thus, the tool displays the average position of your website so that you have an idea of ​​the performance of your keywords and the quality of your content. If your average position is 1 to 4, it means that your website will regularly appear on the first page of Google.  Average position is, otherwise, the sum of all rankings divided by the number of keywords you are tracking. This means that having a good score is often due to tracking the keywords you rank for well.

Search visibility 

The ”search visibility” section includes three different other metrics, namely:
  • Indexed pages: This is the exact number of pages that the robot has been able to index, these pages can be presented to users on the SERPs;
  • Percentage search visibility: Nightwatch assigns a score of 100% to the #1 position and other rankings a percentage proportional to the average CTR values ​​of the websites. This is a less important metric, but it is meant to give you an overview of your site’s visibility;
  • Click Potential: These are estimates of how many clicks you can get with your current position on the SERPs.
These metrics help you understand how your website may influence search results pages for organic searches.

Keyword distribution  

Here, the tool displays the number of keywords ranked in four different categories: 
  • Top 3; 
  • Top 10; 
  • Top 100;
  • And no rankings.
This metric simply indicates the ranking potential of the keywords you entered when setting up your project. This is why it is very important and recommended to enter your target keywords with great precision.

Display of keywords

From the dashboard, provides a summary of all the keywords you have entered for your project. Clicking on the section reveals even more information about those seed keywords. In detail, we can observe 3 views of keywords created by default which are:
  • All keywords;
  • Decreased keywords;
  • And increased keywords.  
This information allows you to understand how high each keyword ranks at any given time. In general, Nightwatch offers small and large businesses a complete SEO monitoring platform, which can monitor keyword rankings, provide competitor backlinks and social media reports, and more.  It provides accurate tracking of local, national and international rankings, as well as monitoring dashboards to ensure customers can keep track of their ranking status.  The app allows agencies to automatically monitor SERP changes and provide custom white-labeled reports. Nightwatch Web Analytics tracks rankings on Google, Bing, YouTube, DuckDuckGo, and Google Map.

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NightWatch is an SEO search simulation extension. It promotes better ranking tracking, thus saving SEO professionals more time. Apart from site ranking tracking, NightWatch offers its users many other services such as:
  • business ranking tracking;
  • a site audit;
  • evaluation reports.
With NightWatch, you have the possibility to simulate your search engines instantly and for free, in any language and without using a VPN.  NightWatch also offers YouTube rank tracker, local SERP, and mobile rank tracker. Many other benefits and affiliate programs are offered to members registered on the NightWatch platform.

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