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Audit SEO | Alyze

Audit SEO | Alyze

Short description : Audit SEO

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Alyze is a benchmark software known for its industry-leading features that generally optimize your website pages to be faster and better discovered by search engine crawlers.

Long Description : Audit SEO

Description Alyze

Semantic analysis of your web pages is a better way to optimize them so that they respond best when they are searched. This is precisely the role played by Alyze, a well-known SEO tool on the webmarketing market. Let’s find out in this description how this tool works.

What is Alyze ?

As a repeat, Alyze is a free SEO audit tool that helps you analyze the web pages of your website and also offers you the best ways to optimize the content you have online. The tool offers excellent SEO features such as:
  • Keyword analysis and optimization; 
  • The configuration of your pages;
  • Analysis of the links of your pages;
  • Optimization of images and other attributes;
  • Etc.
In addition to being an easy-to-use tool, its speed is also a point that fascinates users at Alyze. Not only does it provide a score after evaluating your pages, but it also provides you with explanations to help you understand how search engines perceive your website. What is even more interesting is that the tool allows you to suggest keywords and expressions that are relevant enough for your niche in order to allow you to optimize your pages as well as possible for search engines.

Semantic analysis of web pages

The first feature of this tool is the semantic analysis of the pages of your website that it helps you to do. Besides being an easy to use tool, this feature allows it to offer you relevant information on how your pages are semantically optimized. To take advantage of this feature, simply enter the address of your website or a page. Then you click on the ”Analyze” button to instruct the tool to examine the semantics of your website’s pages based on raw keyword quality and weighted phrase quantity. After the analysis, you will access a report that tells you how search engine robots crawl and understand each of your pages.  This information allows you to examine the structure of your web pages and optimize them for SEO.

Analyze keywords and expressions

When the tool explores your website, it provides in the ”Keywords” tab all the information relating to the keywords for which each of your pages is optimized. Based on the weighted and raw density of the keywords and expressions for which your page is optimized, the tool assigns a score to this page. This score is given to indicate the degree of optimization of your web page for your main keywords. In addition to giving you data to help you understand how keywords and phrases are distributed on the page, you can also see if the page is optimized according to good SEO practices.

Analyze Keyword Associations 

Like the individual keyword score, you will get the weighted score of the keyword associations on the page in this tab. This grouping of keywords is generally obtained from the proximity of the keywords as well as their degree of repetition on the page.   With regard to the score of the associations of keywords, it is calculated on the basis of the weighted densities of these associated keywords. This means that the weighted score is established according to the distribution of keywords on the pages of your website. When the keywords are correctly distributed in the h1, h2, h3 tags as well as other content tags such as the title and alt attributes of the images, the weight score is higher in this case.

Do an SEO audit of your website

Alyze has a feature allowing you to audit the pages of your website in order to discover the necessary malfunctions. The audit report shows you relevant information such as link anchors followed by their attribute as well as the destination URL.  Then, in the ”Links” tab, you will discover statistics on the links of your various web pages.

Analyze the images on your web pages

This feature of the tool helps you to check if the images in your content are integrated according to good SEO practices. So you can easily identify the image attribute in question and notice image duplications.

Make SEO comparison

Thanks to the comparison function of the Alyze tool, you can semantically compare two different URLs. This allows you to compare the different strategies adopted by the top pages ranked by search engines. The tool can simply limit its comparison to the keywords of the first two pages of the search results pages to offer certain strategies. To access comparative information, you simply need to access the ”SEO Comparison” tab which displays a fairly informative interface. If you are concerned about ranking your website on search result pages, Alyze can be a great option that you can consider.

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Company description Alyze Alyse is a tool developed in 2008 by Frenchman Alexandre Tourette, a web developer and entrepreneur. Alyse is one of the first tools that helps in the referencing of web pages. It provides both marketers and individuals with keyword analysis for free and without advertising.  With the various updates undergone over the years, the tool which, at the base, was a student experience is now a professional tool widely used by the SEO community. Thus, through the various features that the tool has, you can greatly improve your SEO strategy. Specifically, Alyse is actually a suite of more or less complete SEO tools that not only allows keyword analysis, but also in-depth SEO audits. To make the SEO audit more effective, it has been enriched with additional tools such as:
  • SEO comparison;
  • SEO crawler;
  • URL Checker; 
  • Keyword Suggestions ;;
  • SEO APIs.

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