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Texts Optimizations | Surfer

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Surfer SEO is a cloud-based SEO tool that allows you to analyze Google search engine results pages in great depth. This allows you to fine-tune your pages so you can rank as high as possible, ensuring that you are using the correct, high-ranking potential keywords. 

Long Description : Texts Optimizations

Description Surfer SEO

Instead of trying to guess what content Google would like to rank best, Surfer SEO gives you a data-driven analysis of what exactly your page is missing to be in the top tops of the SERPs. Surfer SEO is a cloud-based on-page optimization tool that lets you analyze and compare your own pages with those that rank well on the SERPs. It is an almost complete tool to help you in your various SEO tasks for your website. To learn more, I invite you to read this brief description.

What is SurferSEO ?

SurferSEO is a tool designed to help optimize written content, like blog posts and news articles. It works by analyzing the content of a page against Google’s most important ranking signals. Being a specially content-based tool, it also has a built-in keyword research feature. In addition to discovering new high-potential keywords, you can also analyze the SERPs for your main keyword. The tool analyzes the contents of the first page of search results to give you an idea of ​​how you can optimize your pages to appear there too. Besides, the whole system is incredibly simple, despite the fact that it has a lot of features for SEO. This means you can spend less time learning and more time figuring out how to get the most out of your new SEO tool. No matter how amazingly effective a tool is, you should also note that customer service is just as important. tool SurferSEO is no exception, the Surfer SEO team is the most responsive compared to some other customer support. If you have any difficulty with any aspect of the tool, the team will help you via email, chat or even a walkthrough using Google Hangout. Surfer SEO also has a Facebook where users can ask questions or discuss the different uses of the tool.  The community is currently thriving, with over 3,000 members. You can also easily contact the support team through the group. To go into a little more detail, here is how you can use some features of SEO Surfer:

Content editor Surfer SEO

The first feature of this tool that will catch our attention is the content editor. As it goes, SEO Surfer’s content editor is specially designed to help you create well-optimized content for search engines.  To produce optimized content with this tool, you hardly have to do anything but type in a few keywords. It becomes even easier for the tool to be able to structure your content well for you if you title your article accurately. In this case, Surfer not only provides you with content, but also offers you useful information about the content such as:
  • A content score out of 100 which shows you how well the content is optimized;
  • Content structure, the tool allows you to organize your content with keywords, titles, paragraphs and images;
  • It tells you which LSI keywords you need to optimize.
From another perspective, Surfer SEO’s content editor asks you to use particular LSI terms a certain number of times, which is certainly not good SEO practice. 

SEO Surfer Keyword Research 

Like any keyword research tool, you always need to enter a seed phrase or keyword to get started.  Once you have entered the seed keyword, it will show the necessary details and further keyword suggestions.  The new Surfer Keyword Research feature focuses mostly on term similarity. This metric gives you an idea of ​​how the suggested keywords relate to your searched keyword and can be an asset. In fact, the purpose of this feature is to help you optimize your content or pages for different variations of similar long-tail keywords. This guarantees you increased visibility on the SERPs. Overall, Surfer Keyword Research modules are reliable for bloggers, startups, and small businesses.  The downside of the Surfer Keyword Research module is that there is no keyword difficulty score available. For this reason, cannot decide which keyword to choose based on its difficulty. 

Surfer SEO Audit Surfer

‘s audit feature is designed to help you easily optimize existing pages on your website.  To audit a page or a website, you will be asked to enter the URL address and the target keywords. To stay fairly specific on your site audition process, you need to adjust the search to a specific country. Once you start the auditing process, the tool will take a few seconds to present you with an audit report. The report will show you the detailed analysis of the URL you entered. It will perform similar keyword analysis and it will provide useful data like:
  • Any issues with your pages’ LSI keywords and phrases;
  • Number of words in a page, title, number of words in bold and some suggestions;
  • Relevant recommendations on titles and images;
  • Page load time;
  • Suggested meta titles and meta descriptions.
As you know, search intent is everything and you should do everything to match your consumer intent content. Obviously, you can use the audit feature to easily cover those gaps that are major ranking factors. In a nutshell, the audit provides complete data about your page like common backlinks, keywords, title tags, meta description, alt text, anchor text and page load speed issues. the page.  You can improve your own content and analyze your competition to find ranking opportunities. Once you’ve changed your content to match the criteria the audit gave you, simply audit your page again to see the impact of your changes on this metric. Overall, SEO Surfer is an effective SEO tool that you can use for your various SEO tasks.

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Surfer is an SEO content optimization platform. It was created by Polish Michal Suski and a whole team of technicians and developers in the field.  Surfer targets companies or individuals who publish content, to benefit from a better optimization rate on search engines. Surfer has special features, which differentiate it from other optimization platforms. Indeed, it allows its users to generate a content strategy and provides them with tools to build the plan of their article.  It also allows them to follow the ranking of their article, and offers them SEO content suggestions to possibly improve it.  Furthermore, the tools offered by Surfer include:
  • the Surfer keyword extension;
  • the content editor extension;
  • the free AI outline generator; 
  • the flow of growth.
Surfer offers its services in nearly 70 countries and has approximately 30,000 users worldwide. It is one of the most adopted content optimization platforms. It also benefits from numerous distinctions in the field of technology and innovation.

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