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Inclusive writing | Textmetrics

Inclusive writing | Textmetrics

Short description : Inclusive writing

Textmetrics Mise en avant
During the writing process, recruiters and marketers are supported by our augmented writing platform. Our platform reads, analyzes your text and provides suggestions for improvement in real time.

Long Description : Inclusive writing

Description Textmetrics 

Textmetrics, formerly known as Webtexttool, is an assisted writing tool that helps businesses improve the quality and conversion rates of their written content. 

What is Textmetrics? 

Powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology, Textmetrics manages to offer relevant suggestions to help you write high-quality content that truly meets the expectations of your target audience.  Source: Textmetrics Additionally, the tool provides SEO recommendations to help you properly optimize your content to earn top search engine rankings.  No matter your level in web content creation, Textmetrics can help you improve your content with suggestions generated in real time during and after the writing process and available in 12 different languages For more convenience, the tool also offers integration possibilities to allow you to find Textmetrics functionalities on your favorite content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla, Google Workspace, Drupal, etc.  If you are looking for a simple tool to write better content for the web, without even having special SEO skills, Textmetrics may be a good choice for you. 

Textmetrics: Everything you can do with the tool 

1. Get real-time optimization suggestions during the writing process 

Textmetrics has a text editor where you can start writing your articles or paste blocks of texts. But unlike traditional editors, Textmetrics gives you real-time suggestions to improve the quality of what you write. Source: Textmetrics These suggestions appear in a section next to the editor with color schemes for better tracking. 

2. Analyze the SEO quality of your content 

Textmetrics also allows you to analyze your content from an SEO point of view to improve its ranking potential on search engines. 

3. A keyword research tool 

Textmetrics also offers a keyword research tool to help you discover terms and phrases to target.  These are relevant keywords that you may have missed that you can insert into your content to attract user engagement and improve your visibility on the SERPs.  Source: Capterra For each suggested keyword, the tool provides important SEO metrics such as search volume and level of competition to gauge the profitability of the keyword.  You can then sort and identify the keywords that you consider really relevant to you. 

4. A content quality optimizer 

Textmetrics can also be used as a content quality optimizer to improve the conversion rate of your content.    Source:  For this, the tool provides recommendations to improve the readability of your content and increase its chances of conversion. 

5. Access to the latest optimization rules and techniques in the SEO industry 

Textmetrics claims to be always up to date with the latest information on how search engines work. A way to guarantee platform users the latest optimization rules and trends in the world of SEO. 

6. PageRank and an integrated SEO optimization tracker

Textmetrics has a PageRank that allows you to evaluate the SEO optimization score of your content.  Source: Capterra  With Textmetrics, you can also track the ranking of your content on Google pages. A way to be notified about your rankings in order to make changes to your SEO strategy in the event of a loss of position or to boost your ranking. 

Textmetrics: How to use the tool? 

1. The Textmetrics

editor The Textmetrics editor is the workspace in which you can write or paste lines of text in order to optimize them for better understanding for Internet users and search engines.  At the top of your Textmetrics editor, you have a few fields to define and optimize your page titles and meta description on your main keywords.  Source: If you have existing content (online or offline), Textmetrics offers you the possibility toimport the content of a file or the content of a web page

2. The Textmetrics toolbar 

Like any text editor, Textmetrics has a fairly comprehensive toolbar useful for formatting your texts. With this toolbar, you can:  Source: Pitiya 
  • Propose H1 to H6 level headings
  • Bold, italic, underline or strikethrough your texts 
  • Highlight sections of text 
  • Change the color of your texts 
  • Create lists using bullets or numbered 
  • Change the alignment of your texts 
  • Insert hypertext links and media (images and videos)
  • Present your pages in HTML

3 format. The content analysis tool 

To the right of your Textmetrics editor, you have a section where suggestions are displayed to improve the SEO performance of your text with an overall SEO score.    Source: These suggestions are generated in real time, ie they appear automatically as you write or modify a text.  But as for the SEO score, you will have to click on the “Analyze to update it” button. 

4. Other features 

Still on the right menu of the Textmetrics text editor, you also have some tabs with practical features such as:  Optimize : This tab allows you to analyze and improve the SEO aspects of your content Keyword : With this tab you can specify your keywords. The tab also offers a feature to analyze your keywords and list what are actually beneficial to target.  Monitor: In this tab, you will find the PageTracker tool which allows you to track the ranking of your content on Google pages.  Import & Export: Import your existing documents or page URLs here directly to the Textmetrics text editor.  Tools : This tab gives you access to other Textmetrics features such as:
  • Checking for accessibility issues 
  • Extracting keywords from a web page or URL
  • Checking keyword density
Version history: This tab allows you to find and restore previous versions of your content. However, you must first click on the “Save” button before you can find a later version.   Settings: In the “Settings” tab, you can configure some settings on the content being edited such as: 
  • Criteria for determining the SEO score 
  • Automatic recording 
  • Sharing options 
  • Etc. 

Textmetrics: Integrations

You can find Textmetrics on other platforms in the form of: 

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Text Metrics is an optimized content platform that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms. The said platform helps companies design and manage high-quality content.  Through AI, Text Metrics gives another dimension to the content requested by its customers. In practice, the platform contains a set of algorithms that has the skills to evaluate any wording and recommend changes when creating content. Specifically, Text Metrics’ AI technology is able to detect and recognize certain aspects of the content requested to be written. These are its:
  • formal/informal aspect;
  • easy/sophisticated appearance;
  • friendly/neutral aspect…

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