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Short description : Text Optimization

Outil d optimisation Mise en avant is a content optimization tool that uses semantic analysis to help web marketers improve the quality of their content and better optimize it for better organic search engine rankings.

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Smart optimization is what can make your content stand out from the competition. When an Internet user types in a query, Google, like all the other search engines, thinks it is good to send the most optimized content to the top ranks and that they find quite relevant. It is in this idea that was developed to help webmasters to send their content to the top of the SERPs. If you want to understand how to use this tool, I invite you to read this description.

What is ? provides users with information on the quality of their content, as well as ideas for enriching it in order to increase its chances of ranking higher on search engine results pages. You can use this tool to measure the level of optimization of existing content as well as content that you are writing. It is a content optimization tool that comes with several great features. In addition to getting suggested words and phrases to optimize the content of your pages, the tool also allows you to review frequently asked questions on a topic based on search intent on your market. The tool allows you to define a specific location to draw inspiration from key most used by this audience. also offers a Chrome extension with incredibly interesting features:
  • Display of search intent suggestions;
  • Provides content ideas;
  • Geotargeting;
  • Offers examples of word usage;
  • Displays content score;
  • Suggests words to exclude;
  • Etc.
If you’re wondering how you can use this tool, here’s how:

Choose a search engine

To use this tool, the first step will be to choose the search engine you want to optimize your content for. The tool will take into account certain factors to understand the audience you are targeting before suggesting the most relevant keywords. The main reason to choose a specific search engine is that each target audience is entitled to use a specific search engine. In addition, search engines each have their particularity in terms of content optimization and their algorithms are not the same. is in this sense advanced to more easily distinguish what each search engine is looking for in a content to place it at the top of the SERPs.

Add your search terms

Once you have chosen your search engine, you must now enter some key search terms that you want to rank for. It should be noted that it is important to fill in only the most relevant keywords for your audience.

Choose the text you want to optimize

The next step will be to indicate the source of the content you want to audit. If it’s content that you write, you just need to copy and paste it. will review your content based on the keywords you entered at the outset to generate a content audit report. In our example case, we will simply add a web page to audit its content.

Add the page you want to optimize

If you choose to audit existing content already on your website, simply choose the corresponding option and paste the page address in the bar. Then the tool provides a page content audit report which may include information such as:
  • Missing title tags;
  • Unoptimized meta descriptions;
  • Missing alt tags;
  • Etc.

Find ideas for keywords

This feature can only be used when you register on the tool website. As you can see, the tool colors the keywords discovered on your web page in gray and leaves the ones it suggests to use blank. In these suggested keywords, you can choose the most relevant ones by checking the heart symbol. Then you can incorporate those terms into the content of the page, but avoid the keyword stuffing. Likewise, the tool also allows you to expand the vocabulary of your content and increase the number of relevant phrases. For this, you just need to select an expression and you will see that a dialog box will open with additional relevant keywords.  This will help you increase the number of natural phrases in your content to optimize it for more target search. You also have the option to review the semantic field report. So you can find out what search engines like Google think or understand about your content. The report lets you see how a specific page addresses a particular topic.

Review demographics

This feature is even more important for webmasters and content marketers. When you submit your content to the tool, it provides you with a report that shows which audiences are more likely to consume your text.

Check your page formatting

The last section of your report is about the design, semantics, and structure of your written content. For this, it provides important metrics such as:
  • The number and diversity of words;
  • The number of sentences;
  • The length of the sentence; 
  • The number and variety of active verbs.
These metrics indicate not only the relevance of content to search engines, but also the quality it exudes.  In general, is software that you can use to get better ranking opportunities on search engine result pages.

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Company : Text Optimization is a text optimization tool developed by the Webinfo LTD agency.  It was designed to help web content creators achieve higher search engine rankings. To do this, optimizes the content by proposing the addition of relevant keywords that present interesting search volumes. goes further by making many suggestions to have high quality content for both search engines and readers. That said, not all search engines have the same text optimization requirements.  This is why works in particular on the Google and Bing search engines. Insofar as it uses different approaches at the level of each of these search engines.

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