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Check Persistent Connection | Supple

Check Persistent Connection | Supple

Short description : Check Persistent Connection

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Want to know everything about the Persistent Connection Checker? This article gives you the necessary information about this tool.

Long Description : Check Persistent Connection

Description Bulk Persistent Connection Checking by Supple 

Persistent connection allows the connection between a client and a server to remain open, allowing multiple files to be transferred over a single connection. This helps speed up your website because the client only needs to go through the server connection process once. The persistent connection checker developed by Supple lets you know if your website has the persistent connection. The tool also offers you instructions to follow to activate the persistent connection on your site. 

What is Bulk Persistent Connection Checking by Supple

Persistent Connection Checker is a tool developed by SUPPLE that allows you to check if your website is using persistent connection. It also checks if there are calls from external services on your website and helps you enable persistent connection. Outil SEO de validation keep alive Persistent connection allows the connection between a client and a server to remain open, allowing multiple files to be transferred over a single connection.  This helps speed up your website because the client only needs to go through the server connection process once. The persistent connection checker lets you know if you have this persistent connection. It also offers you to activate the persistent connection if this was not done.

How to use Supple’s persistent connection checker tool to check if your site is using persistent connection?

To see if your website supports persistent connection is very simple. You just have to follow the different steps below: Outil SEO de validation keep alive
  • Fill in your website in the URL field on the tool’s home page
Le champ URL sur page d accueil de l outil
  • Click on the verify button to launch the verification
Bouton de verification
  • The tool will take the time to analyze and give your status
Pages de connexion persistante activee ou desactivee After analysis, the persistent connection verification tool will certify whether your persistent connection is activated or deactivated.  Then, if it is activated, this would mean that your host has activated the persistent connection. If necessary, the tool will help you activate your persistent connection according to your server.

Description Bulk Persistent Connection Checking – Supple: Pricing

The Persistent Connection Checking Tool is a freeware freeware tool. 

Persistent Connection: Additional Resources

Why Use Persistent Connection and Who Should Use It?

Today, the ranking of web pages is done by Google based on several factors including page speed and page optimization. After an analysis of two websites, one of which comes from a persistent connection server and the other from a non-persistent connection server, the following observation has been made. Analyse de deux site web connexion persistante You can notice on these two graphs that when a website has a server with Connection, each of its resources is loaded by a new connection.  This is indicated in the waterfall chart by the orange bar. The advantage of loading resources through a new connection is that they increase your page speed. The server has the ability to send subsequent requests from the same server and the same connection, when your page has a persistent connection server. This system allows you to load your page faster and saves you from wasting your time logging in again each time.  Thus, to have a better referencing, it is necessary to have a good loading speed, and less reconnections to the server. The persistent connection respects the standards of a good referencing hence its usefulness on your servers. Persistent connection is mostly for anyone with websites, bloggers, web developers. It is intended for individuals and businesses.

How do I enable persistent connection?

The persistent connection is activated differently from one server to another. According to each server, here is what to do.

Apache server with the .htaccess extension

To enable persistent connection on Apache, Serveur Apache avec l extension htaccess
  • Go to FTP on your server and in the root folder, search for the .htaccess file.
  • Once found, save the file
  • In a code editor of your choice, open the .htaccess file and put the following code which will allow the activation of the persistent connection:
<IfModule mod_headers.c>      Header set Connection keep- alive </IfModule>
  • Delete the old file so you don’t confuse it with the new one you are going to download now.
  • Wait a few moments and return to Supple to check if persistent connection is enabled.

Apache server with httpd.conf extension

Serveur Apache avec l extension httpd conf With the httpd.conf extension on Apache, change your configuration file to enable persistent connection. A few settings need to be changed here. First, you must activate your KeepAlive by setting it to “KeepAlive on”.  Then you must on “MaxKeepAliveRequests” set the maximum number of requests to allow during persistent connection by setting it to “MaxKeepAliveRequests60”.  Finally, the server must wait for new requests. To do this, set your “KeepAliveTimeout” to “KeepAliveTime3” which is the waiting time. This is how your persistent connection will be enabled on Apache with the httpd.conf extension.

NGINX server 

Serveur NGINX Browsers with NGINX server normally have persistent connection enabled unless your browser is not updated.  However, on older browsers it can be disabled with the keepalive_disable directive in ngx_http_core_module If by default it is set to msie6, do not change anything. On the other hand, if it is deactivated on your modern browser, contact your Webmaster or host.  After that, if it is possible to delete it, you do so and if so, it will tell you how to proceed. Make sure persistent connection is enabled. Serveur LiteSpeed

LiteSpeed ​​Server

On LiteSpeed ​​servers, persistent connection is enabled by default. Adjust your KeepAlive, number of requests allowed, and how long to wait for new requests during a persistent connection.  To do this, go to the LSWS Admin Console section, then click on “Server” and then on “Tuning” and on “Connection”.  Thus, you can configure your persistent connection. Then test your site on Supple’s persistent connection checker to be sure it has persistent connection enabled. Serveur Microsoft IIS

Microsoft IIS Server

To enable persistent connection on Microsoft II, follow these steps:
  • Go to IIS Manager.
  • Double click on “HTTP Response Header” found in “Feature View”.
  • Next, click on “Set common headers” in “Actions pane”.
  • To finish the configuration, go to the “Set Common HTTP Response Headers” dialog box, and check the box “Enable HTTP keep-alive” and finalize with the “OK” button.
Thus, you have persistent connection enabled on all your servers with this tool. Don’t forget to recheck your site after activation to confirm. 

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Supple is an Australian Tech agency specializing in SEO.  She supports companies in their quest to improve their SEO, and this since 2012. Supple gets closer to its customers by offering them a quality service that defies all competition.  The Supple team embodies 5 fundamental values ​​which are:
  • respect for the customer;
  • the quality of work;
  • learning;
  • positivity;
  • integrity.
To carry out its strategy, Supple uses state-of-the-art SEO tools, which are very effective and fast, including content management tools, rank tracking tools and keyword tracking software.  The agency also offers a tool for Client and Server relations. Thanks to the latter, you can check the connection status of a website. It is possible to check multiple URLs with this tool.

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