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SEO suite – The most powerful SEO extension for Magento 2 helps you automate every minute aspect of your Magento store.

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Les entreprises en croissance atteignent un niveau où elles n’arrivent plus à gérer l’ensemble de leurs processus par des feuilles de calcul. They use enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools for this purpose. They make it possible to collect and organize key information as well as centralize all business processes in an integrated system. This is the case of Odoo, a complete and integrated platform in the cloud and which manages all aspects of a production or distribution company. However, as good as this system is, setting it up without proper guidance can have an impact on how well it works. To help you, the Emipro platform offers advice for the configuration and installation of the Odoo integrated system. In this description, we discover the Emipro platform and its features. So follow!

What is Emipro?

Emipro is a platform that assists companies in the installation and configuration of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software Odoo. It is a tool that allows organizations to manage common business activities such as accounting, procurement, risk management, performance management… Indeed, the success of your business depends on effective communication and adequate sharing of information within your internal departments. So any delay in the flow of information between core processes and functions in your business can be a major impediment to progress and set you back to failure. It is to overcome this problem that Odoo was born and is a set of tools capable of integrating the internal business processes of your company. Odoo integrates enterprise solutions for the main processes:
  • Accounting;
  • Production cost ;
  • Capacity and control;
  • Warehouse and logistics;
  • Project planning and task analysis;
  • Sales and Human Resource Management;
  • The human resources of a company.
In principle, ERP is an approach aimed at merging the various departments of a company such as sales, HR, finance, marketing, production, warehouse, etc. In the case of Odoo, it is the primary source where internal departments can quickly share and access information. It is capable of carrying out several operations at once and serving several business units at the same time. This tool can bring great improvements in the business process of your company on several levels, namely:
  • Better customer service on time;
  • A more fluid operation of the company thanks to the presence of everything in one place;
  • Decision support through informative business reports;
  • Removing IT barriers to growth and revenue;
  • Coordination of various business activities.

The main advantages of using Emipro

The Emipro platform provides quality guidance and helps you configure your Odoo integrated system in the best way, which benefits your business in different ways:

Improved decision-making

Like As mentioned earlier, the Odoo tool provides a real-time overview of the business enabling faster and more efficient decision-making. All departments are integrated with each other in the ERP, so their collective BI reports will help you make key decisions for improving strategic areas of your business. Consequently, you will be able to make your decisions with the greatest serenity and with the greatest confidence.

A solid operational base

The Odoo tool can solve a number of problems and provide invaluable advantages to companies looking to:
  • Reduce their costs;
  • Manage their growth;
  • Streamline their processes;
  • Obtain a competitive advantage.
With this tool, businesses can operate quickly, allowing them to increase their production volume and order fulfillment. Odoo provides accurate and real-time information, which is obviously crucial for any business.

Centralize your finances

Emipro helps you centralize your finances through the Odoo system. So you can optimize your core financial operations and take advantage of new growth opportunities. It’s a great way to keep accounts up to date reliably and accurately. This tool can integrate your key financial and accounting procedures and make it easier to manage expenses, resources and financial reporting requirements. Thus, this appears beneficial for your business as a common financial system and you will also be able to do without traditional accounting software.

Increase productivity

When all of your company’s data is easily accessible to all departments at the same time, your employees save valuable time and avoid having to contact employees in other departments to obtain the information they want. Therefore, ERP increases the overall productivity factor of a company.


En regroupant les données dans une seule application ERP, vous réduisez les frais relatifs à l’usage des logiciels spécifiques à chaque département. Also, in Odoo, most business processes will be automated. The absence of human intervention at all stages makes it possible to avoid human errors and thus reduce costs even more.

Emipro supports you in configuring Odoo

ERP Odoo is comprehensive enough to cover the major functionalities that a company needs for the operation of its various departments. It was designed in such a way that most domains can be managed by configuration, without any development effort. However, misconfiguration is never good enough for a system and it can lead to malfunctions. The same is true for Odoo, the experts at Emipro Technologies offer help and guide you through configuring the system to get the most out of it. They do proper configuration of Odoo log, Odoo autostart script and Postgresql database.

Emipro vous accompagne pour l’installation de Odoo

Les experts de Emipro peuvent installer et configurer Odoo sur n’importe quel serveur en nuage ou en local dans vos locaux. Indeed, the Odoo system has several versions available and these are installable on different operating systems like Windows, Ubuntu, MAC, centos, etc. Similarly, Omipro provides you with its Odoo installation services on cloud servers like Amazon, Raskspace, MyHosting, Digitalocen etc. In particular, they assist you to buy the best cloud server, based on the configuration, which is especially suitable for installing Odoo. If needed, Emipro experts can also configure and maintain Odoo on a stand-alone server locally.

Emipro helps you customize Odoo for your business needs

Emipro helps you make your Odoo system more flexible for a personalized user experience. It’s about helping you to have a fully functional Odoo system to meet the needs of a business. It should be noted that Emipro is a platform specialized in the configuration and installation of the Odoo integrated system for companies.

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Emipro is an outsourcing software company founded in 2011 in Rajkot. It was created with the aim of helping companies deal with digital progress.  As an emerging leader in the IT market since 2011, Emipro intends to provide a wide range of business solutions in thefield of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), as well as that of e-commerce.  This is why it provides its customers with a wide range of extensions. Among them, there is SEO Suite which is among the best tools of Magento 2.  It has been designed to help businesses to thoroughly optimize all SEO aspects of Magento stores. Emipro has many customers, ranging from startups to larger enterprises. It also has a dynamic team whose mission is to offer, through software, solutions to strengthen the services of online businesses.

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