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SEO King | Shopify App Store (Plugin)

SEO King | Shopify App Store (Plugin)

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All-in-one SEO tools for your pages and photos in the Google search engine

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SEO King – Shopify App

If once it was enough to create your Shopify store to sell products, today it takes much more than creating a beautiful store to attract buyers. Now you have to take into account Google’s guidelines and practice SEO to reach the number of people you want. However, optimizing a Shopify store is not a simple affair and you will need to devote a lot of time. For this purpose, there are extensions like SEO King which allow you to automate several stages of optimization. In this description, we learn about the Shopify King SEO extension and how to use it to improve your site’s SEO.

What is SEO King — Shopify App?

SEO King — App Shopify is a Shopify SEO application that allows you to edit your online store, products, photos, pages… Since SEO is an important aspect of your store, this application can help you to save time while dramatically improving your store’s performance. Indeed, most Internet users turn to search engines to obtain information about a product they wish to purchase. Using SEO King – App Shopify, you will format your store so that search engines show it in the top query results. From then on, you increase your chance to generate traffic from organic search, as a result, you will be able to increase your conversion rate and your sales. Among other things, SEO King — App Shopify makes it easier for you to manage keywords, alt texts, meta descriptions and structured data. To use SEO King after installation to update your products, you do not need to have a subscription. Let’s see the different features of this extension.

Scan your store for SEO issues

When you run a scan, SEO King — App Shopify crawls every product and page on your store to find SEO errors like missing alt text or broken links. The same goes for missing meta titles and meta descriptions and at the end of the analysis, the tool tells you what to do to improve your SEO. From then on, you will no longer need to consult a professional before making the necessary corrections to get rid of these problems.

Overview of all your statistics from Google

King SEO – App Shopify shows its users the main statistics of their store by evaluating the performance of each aspect.  The extension indicates in percentage the extent to which your store is optimized for these aspects. Performance : This is the overall performance of your store considering all the aspects evaluated; SEO : This percentage concerns SEO elements such as metadata, links… Speed : This is the speed at which the elements of your store load; Loading Speed : This is the average loading time of your store; Accessibility : This is the ability of crawlers to crawl the pages of your site. Note that the tool measures these different aspects for both desktop and mobile, allowing you to see how your site performs on different devices. Additionally, you can see your rank and click stats.

Optimize your entire store with just one click

What makes SEO King – App Shopify interesting is that you can find all the elements to optimize in one place. Imagine for a moment the time savings you will save if you no longer have to browse through several tabs before optimizing everything that requires modification on your store. With this extension, you can optimize all aspects of your site from a single tab or even a click.

Automatically optimize your new products

SEO King — App Shopify takes care of optimizing new products that you add to your store automatically. This obviously allows you not to have non-optimized products on your store for reasons of forgetfulness or lack of time. This extension takes care of optimizing your new products in the background so that you can focus on other tasks.

Keyword manager Keyword

management remains an essential lever for the referencing of all websites. SEO King allows you to analyze your store to discover your most popular keywords. Thus, the tool reveals to you the search terms that you should pay attention to improve the SEO of your store. Besides your own keywords, you can also easily search for those of the competition, which will certainly allow you to see where it performs more than you. SEO King — App Shopify then appears as a competitive intelligence tool.

Disable right-click to prevent photo theft

This feature is one of the main advantages of SEO King, as it will allow you to secure your photos online. When investing in your store’s images, it’s important to protect them from third parties who may misuse them. For that, SEO King – App Shopify allows you to disable right click so people can’t download your product photos.

Product Photos Export FREE

If you want to export your original and optimized photos to other platforms, SEO King — App Shopify lets you do that. By sharing your photos on Dropbox for example, you can save them and use them later for other purposes. From the extension, you can edit your photos for your Facebook, Google, Instagram, Etsy or eBay seller accounts and save time.

Sitemap Manager

— Shopify app helps you submit advanced sitemaps to Google to provide Google with insights into your store. Indeed, the sitemap is important to allow the robots explorers to understand the organization of your store.

Alt text manager

Instead of modifying the alt texts of your images one by one, SEO King allows you to modify them in bulk. Just choose your keyword pattern and the tool automatically tags all your photos with smart, SEO-friendly keywords.

Metadata Manager

— Shopify app allows you to update metadata about your pages in bulk. That said, metadata optimization won’t take your time anymore and you can take care of other tasks.

JSON-LD Structured Data Manager

— Shopify app will allow you to add structured data to your pages to improve your store’s SEO and search results. The extension works with the most popular Shopify review apps to display reviews and ratings directly in Google search results. In sum, King SEO — App Shopify is for Shopify store owners who want to improve various aspects of their site in terms of SEO.

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Shopify is an online platform created in 2009 in Canada that has powerful tools for creating and managing an e-commerce site. The platform aims to help the seller find customers and boost his sales while allowing him to manage his daily tasks well. In a few clicks, the seller can create his e-commerce store to allow his physical store to be positioned on the Internet.   Shopify makes many free and paid apps available to these stores through its Shopify app store. These applications are of all kinds and allow:
  • The presentation of the product, its price, the order options;
  • Marketing (SEO referencing, advertising) ;
  • Inventory management, orders and order processing. the proposal of solutions or shipping methods.
  • Customer management and security of your sales site.
Some applications that shopify app store offers to its merchants: 
  • Facebook channel;
  • SEO plugin;
  • Shop channel;
  • Product customizer.

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