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Position Tracking | Lighting SEO

Position Tracking | Lighting SEO

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Discover the best SEO keywords that correspond to your website with the lighting SEO tool

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Description of the Lighting SEO tool 

Created by the French company K group SAS, lighting SEO is one of the SEO tools that allow you to get the best keyword ideas. Designed in a complete, intuitive and simple way, it helps you both for the natural referencing of your website, but also for monitoring its position in the Google search engine. 

Who is the lighting SEO 

tool for The Lighting SEO can be useful for different categories of people and profiles working online.  Among these are the following: 
  • Website owners;
  • bloggers;
  • SEOs;
  • webmasters;
  • Web editors;
  • Marketers;
  • Web agencies.
Lighting SEO can be useful to all of them, whatever the nature of the site on which they intervene. 

Why should you use lighting SEO? 

If you are asking yourself this question, let me introduce you to the main reasons why the lightning SEO tool can be useful for you.  It is first of all a tool that provides you with data that can allow you to have an idea of ​​the position of your website in the search results of the Google search engine.  Apart from these different reasons, note that the Lighting SEO tool is an excellent tool that will easily allow you to:
  • Monitor the positions of your site in the SERPs; 
  • To have an idea of ​​your referring domains; 
  • To obtain advice and recommendations to improve the position of the site; 
  • To collect countless data and information on competitors; 
  • Write high-quality content; 
  • Etc.

What are the functionalities of the lighting SEO tool? 

The Lighting SEO tool offers you many features that can be grouped into the following main categories: 
    • Competitor analysis: Thanks to this feature, you can analyze your site and that of your competitors. This allows you to have the data to compare your site to that of your competitors and identify what they are doing better than you and what you also need to improve; 
    • Keyword research: With its keyword generator, the lighting SEO tool allows you to find and work on the different keywords on which you want to optimize your website. It also gives you new ideas for keyword suggestions to help you boost your optimization with keywords that are really useful for you and your prospects; 
    • Netlinking: This is a feature that not only allows you to check the quality of your referring domains, but also to obtain reports and data on the backlinks of your competitors; 
  • Structured data optimization: This is one of the features of the tool that allows you to see the structured data that can be displayed for your content, but also to check if you have any; 
  • The monthly search volume of your site’s keywords: as you can imagine, this feature allows you to know the monthly popularity level of the keywords you use on your website; 
  • SEO Trends Analysis: This is the feature that allows you to get an idea of ​​the trends in search volumes related to your keywords over a year. Thanks to this, you will be able to determine the keywords to optimize throughout the year.

How much do SEO lighting services cost? 

As you can see, the Lighting SEO tool is not a free tool. In other words, to take advantage of it you need to subscribe to one of the subscriptions offered on the SEO lighting platform.  The plans offered in this respect can be classified into two groups, namely:  The group of pre-established subscriptions and that of tailor-made subscriptions. The advantage of a tailor-made subscription is that the functionalities to which it gives you access are entirely personalized according to your expectations and your needs and you have the possibility of negotiating the price of the subscription.  For predefined subscriptions, the features and prices are already fixed in advance.  You thus have: 
  • The expert plan, the value of which is €7.9 per month. This plan offers you a study of keywords limited to 20, one (1) domain and the analysis of the position of up to 4 competitors; 
  • The premium plan for him is estimated at € 19.9 per month. Apart from the basic functionalities, it allows you to carry out studies of 100 keywords, to have 3 domains and to obtain information on 8 of your competitors; 
  • Then you have the pro plan which has a value of €49.9 per month and which allows you to have access to unlimited domains, unlimited user access, has the possibility of branding certain studies with your logo and reports; 
  • Finally, there is the guru plan. This plan is estimated at €129.9 per month and allows you to have almost unlimited access to the various functionalities of the lighting SEO tool.
  Remember, however, that the lighting SEO software offers you the possibility of using the tool for a period of 30 days as a free trial. 

How to use the lighting SEO tool? 

If you want to use the lighting SEO tool, nothing could be simpler.  All you have to do is go to the tool’s platform and fill in the three fields that appear in the above the fold section.  Namely: 
  • The address of your website
  • The search engine on which you want to view the performance of the site 
And validate the captcha code to get an idea of ​​your best keywords. Once the search has been launched, you can then discover: 
  • The traffic on your site 
  • The keywords positioned
  • The keywords which occupy position 3
  • As well as what is in positions 4 to 10. 
A summary table of the best keywords- keys showing you search volume, estimated traffic, and position. Keywords in search engine SERPs.  If you want to go further, with the tool you must create an account and subscribe to a subscription or first take advantage of the 30-day free trial by registering your credit card information.  That’s it, you now know everything about the lighting SEO tool.   See you soon !

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Lighting SEO is developed by K GROUP, a simplified joint stock company. It was founded in December 2018 by Julien Klaine. The said company specializes in the computer programming sector. K GROUP has its head office in France and more precisely in Saint-Raphaël. She developed Lighting SEO to support website owners, SEOs, web agencies and even marketers in their SEO strategies. Lighting SEO is precisely a comprehensive SEO software that is quite easy to use. Indeed, its platform is ergonomic providing an easy grip.  The tool allows you to follow the evolution of your ranking in the SERP of Google. However, it is not limited to that.  It actually improves your SEO by offering a suite of tools that can help you compete in any industry.

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